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NameCreatorRepliesViewsLast Reply
DanceDanceRevolution A (AC)Arrows&Beats 4,151337,248
58.4 minutes ago
REFLEC BEAT plus / + (iOS)Trip Machina 1,450164,344
8.1 hours ago
ノスタルジア -NOSTALGIA- (AC)Silver Spirit 15315,798
22.2 hours ago
jubeat plus / jukebeat (iOS/Android)al2k4 1,640230,225
3.8 days ago
beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ (AC)Arrows&Beats 45538,874
3.8 days ago
REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア - The Reflesia of Eternity (AC)LEDASTRAYTAY 11311,241
1.8 weeks ago
jubeat clan (AC)al2k4 303,475
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS (PC)methaniel 39251,842
2.4 weeks ago
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 (AC)Arrows&Beats 1059,547
1 month ago
jubeat Qubell (AC)Arrows&Beats 19420,479
1.2 months ago
BEMANI生放送 (仮) (BEMANI Livestream)SokDion 10515,317
1.2 months ago
1.3 months ago
MÚSECA 1+1/2 (AC)al2k4 24426,630
3.5 months ago
GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE (AC)Arrows&Beats 5615,244
4.1 months ago
Dance Dance Revolution STR!KE: Dance Master Mode ~Walkthrough~ [in progress, Area B complete]AnonyWolf 11579
1.2 days ago
DDR players, what are some "quality-of-life" requests you would like to make?lymera 421,394
1.8 days ago
Old player recently returned - DDR A has me leaving with mixed feelings...lymera 703,916
4.7 days ago
BEMANI Sample Discovery ThreadScrap Rabbit 10952
1.5 weeks ago
The Official DDR Accomplishments Thread (Read first post, NO STEPMANIA OR ITG)Kon 3,082234,156
1.6 weeks ago
Is the Marvelous window wider in DDR A compared to DDR 2014?utopicfuture 3361
2 weeks ago
Decentered: An endless sporadic series from Sigrev2AnonyWolf 643,433
2.6 weeks ago
The DDR Research Master Thread (UPDATED 5-10-2017)travelsonic 846,372
2.7 weeks ago
I found a Dao for $50.Venny 13862
1.2 months ago
BEMANI albums available on the US iTunes Music Store, Etc.OrangeRight 7920,721
1.5 months ago
Fixing a DDR soft pad (Wii) that ghost steps?Zowayix 4328
1.5 months ago
Advice needed: How to purchase and run DDR A in Europe? kralde 15692
1.9 months ago
Need help fixing up a DDR machineiidxzeus 0241
2 months ago
The DDR homepad building and softpad modding thread! (HUGE TOPIC)8ftmetalhead 235201,250
2 months ago
Looking for BEMANI OST albumsrapidemboar 20634
2 months ago
So, I finally got to try Mambo A Go Go and ParaParaParadise...midnightclubx 4503
2.1 months ago
In your experience, what boosts/hinders your performance in BEMANI arcades?CYSYS8993 381,720
2.2 months ago
Name of Pop 'n Music characterDaniel_BMS 4273
2.5 months ago
BeatStream アニムトライヴ (AC)al2k4 528,653
2.6 months ago
"Alternate Graphics Pack"AnonyWolf 2394
2.6 months ago
DDR UNIVERSE 2 (and other games!): Song RankingAnonyWolf 7443
2.7 months ago
How would you compare PIU scale to DDRX scale?MissingUTAH 23705
2.7 months ago
Can you backup your E-amusement data?CYSYS8993 3370
2.8 months ago
Player to Player Feedback?Mike458 12609
2.8 months ago
Where to find a solid DDR Padtruegamenerd 6629
2.9 months ago

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