February, 2017

2017-02-17 · BEMANI Fan Site
CHECK! SONGS 2017 January page now available.
Site updated. MUSIC & CHARACTERS section updated.
"nora2r PACK" released.
"nora2r pack" released.
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 47" released.
5th track list update now live:
• 刃の如く ft. ネコメアリ / Iceon(Frost Fragment)
• ケムマキunderground / t+pazolite feat. リズナ
• 盗宝 / 猫大樹
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 12th WEEKLY RANKING track is: SINOBUZ Fantasy / Noria
New SPECIAL chart now available: SEED / DJ YOSHITAKA
Site updated. MUSIC section updated.
New licenses added:
• 一瞬のクオリア / 茶太・霜月はるか
• 捻子巻く時計が月の満ち欠けを刻む / 霜月はるか(tieLeaf)
• 星謳う民 / canoue
New song unlock will be added tomorrow: Catastrophic Dance / the wandering bard feat. 志方あきこ
New song will be added tomorrow: GO! GO! MANIAC / 放課後ティータイム
New castles will be added to the 攻城シノバズ伝 event tomorrow.
New EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song will be added tomorrow: Ishtar / 劇団レコード
• Navi-kun Choco-Choco Cooking event will begin on Feb 14th.
• Usaneko Score Challenge will begin on Feb 15th.
• Two songs will be added on Feb 15th:
> 取り残された美術(Arranged:HiZuMi) / 幽閉サテライト feat. senya
> ほおずき程度には赤い頭髪 / Akhuta
"幽閉サテライト 東方アレンジ PACK" released.
"幽閉サテライト 東方アレンジ pack" released.
Three new songs added:
• カルボナーラ泥棒 / FILTER SYSTEM
• Doo-Wah×Chu!Chu! / U-ske feat. すずしろ
• 懐色坂 / VALLEYSTONE feat. かなたん
Second set of song previews now up. Bonus Qpro parts revealed.
eAMUSEMENT CLOUD version announced.
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