March, 2020

22nd WEEKLY RANKING song is: UNITE THE HEART / BEMANI Sound Team "T.Kakuta" feat. 709sec. / 花たん
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
Two new songs added:
• 開きたまえ!Next stAge! / librarians of Rootage (Ripnte, Stampa and Cleep)
• VIBRΛ / Nhato Vs. MK
21st WEEKLY RANKING song is: OUTER PLANETS / BEMANI Sound Team "劇団レコード"
Released today!
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
20th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Rainstorm / Maozon feat. Chica
New song to be added on Mar 12th: ヒッチコック / ヨルシカ
New event "pop'n Event Archive" starts on Mar 12th.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
19th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Volcanic Dragon / DJ Shimamura
Two songs will be added for LIGHTNING MODEL cabs on Mar 4th:
• Fly Above (Vicissitude Remix) / Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team "PHQUASE"
4th SHADOW REBELLION begins on Mar 5th.

February, 2020

FLOOR INFECTION will begin on Feb 27th.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
18th WEEKLY RANKING song is: NEWALONE / Masayoshi Iimori
2020-02-20 · BEMANI Fan Site
• CHECK!SONGS 2020 January page now available.
• CHECK!SONGS 2019 December Monthly Ranking list now available here.
17th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Ska-sh All Neurons!! / かめりあ feat. ななひら
Concentration Mode added for LIGHTNING MODEL cabs.
1st Online Battle in ARENA MODE will take place from Feb 20th and Mar 4th.
16th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Ohayo! / KSUKE
Two songs added:
• DIGITAL LUV / ハレトキドキ
• Mythomane / Hylen
Soundtrack jacket revealed. Full track list published.
Update released.
• Two February exclusive songs: "Zirkfied" and "Votum stellarum -Hommarju Remix-"
• Six songs added.
• Song Pack vol.10 (23 copula) released.
15th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Hold My Hand / BEMANI Sound Team "Sota Fujimori"

January, 2020

14th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Do What You Want / BEMANI Sound Team "SYUNN"
On Jan 30th:
• 10th GOLDEN LEAGUE begins and will last until Feb 12th.
• GOLD CLASS achievers at the end of the GOLDEN LEAGUE will unlock: Golden Arrow / Zekk
3rd SHADOW REBELLION begins on Jan 30th.
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