April, 2021

2021-04-07 · Official DDR Simfile Overhaul
Alright, here's my current situation with handling official DDR simfiles as moderator on Zenius-I-vanisher... There needs to be an overhaul.

Right now, I've been handling various graphic updates for DDR A, A20, and A20 PLUS with new generic background concepts and adding newly created custom graphics made by other members. So far, they're looking solid.

The main issue right now is that the simfile categories from arcade mixes DDR 2014 and back are already out of date and style, with the following problems:

• Jackets are still 256x256 instead of 512x512
• Custom banners for X2-2014 need to be overhauled from 256x80 to 512x160
• Assorted subpar custom backgrounds from SN onwards need to be updated or replaced with new generic backgrounds
• Category banners need to be updated to match the current format found in A-A20 PLUS
• Background videos for X2 & X3 (as well as various EXTREME 2 videos) need to be included with individual files instead of having external downloads
• Various artist/title transliterations need to be fixed
• Background video syncs need to be checked over
• etc. and etc...

I've made a list of graphics that need to be updated in the Official Simfile To-Do List thread that I am periodically updating. Check it out here.

If anyone wants to help out with this overhaul project, contact me, and I can cue in other members who are involved with handling content for official DDR simfiles.

Other links:
DDR Custom Banners thread
DDR Custom Backgrounds thread
DDR Custom Jackets thread
Official Simfile Error Thread
Official Simfile To-Do List thread
- Song Pack vol.14 (25 CANNON BALLERS) released.
- "Starts Here" and "Groove Gauge Display" features added.
- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 22nd WEEKLY RANKING song is: Breakin' Rules / BEMANI Sound Team "Sota Fujimori"
"X-record" crossover event with SOUND VOLTEX will begin on Apr 7th.
8th COURSE TRIAL will begin on Apr 8th. Players that complete the course will unlock: 彼方のリフレシア / DJ TOTTO feat.Annabel & 日山尚
2021-04-01 · jubeat (Mobile)
Major update for jubeat plus coming soon.

March, 2021

- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 21st WEEKLY RANKING song is: Lovely Howdy Cowboy!! / まろん feat. キャサリン
2nd Online Battle in ARENA MODE will take place from Apr 1st to Apr 14th.
20th WEEKLY RANKING song is: 水鏡の異界 / BEMANI Sound Team "Coyaan"
On Mar 25th:
• 7th GOLDEN LEAGUE PLUS begins and will last until Apr 14th.
• GOLD CLASS achievers at the end of the GOLDEN LEAGUE PLUS will unlock:
- Yuni's Nocturnal Days / かめりあ
2021-03-17 · BEMANI Fan Site
• CHECK!SONGS 2021 Winter page now available.
• CHECK!SONGS 2020 November Monthly Ranking list now available.

- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 19th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Don't Stop The Music feat. Kanae Asaba / Nhato
- New song to be added on Mar 17th: Neo Heritage / kors k vs MAD CHILD
- 3rd area will be added to the "召しませ!BISTROVER" event on Mar 18th.
Two songs added:
- Seize The Day / 亜咲花
- 知りたい / 水野あつ
8 songs from "pop'n event archive" event from pop'n peace has been unlocked.
2 songs added to EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS:
7th COURSE TRIAL has begun. Players that complete the PARTY ANTHEMS course will unlock: PARTY ALL NIGHT (DJ KEN-BOW MIX) / HiBiKi
- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 18th WEEKLY RANKING song is: 霧幻メモリア / BEMANI Sound Team "劇団レコード" feat.Risa Yuzuki
New VR title announced for release on Mar 12th. Japan and Asia regions only.
3 songs added to EXTRA SAVIOR PLUS:
- DANCERUSH STARDOM ANTHEM / kors k feat.福島蘭世
- take me higher / KOTONOHOUSE
- Midnight Amaretto / かめりあ
- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 17th WEEKLY RANKING song is: GIGA RAID / Blacklolita
Location 3 will be added to "BISTRO LANDING" on Mar 4th.
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