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Past Events
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2022-06-22ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A3 releasedJapan4.2 days ago
2022-03-17ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A3 released (Gold Cabinets only)Japan3.3 months ago
2022-03-16CDbeatmania IIDX 29 CastHour Original Soundtrack releasedJapan3.4 months ago
2022-03-03ArcadeDANCE aROUND releasedJapan3.8 months ago
2021-12-15CDpop'n music peace original soundtrack releasedJapan6.4 months ago
2021-11-17CDDANCERUSH STARDOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK vol.1 releasedJapan7.3 months ago
2021-11-08PCDanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX releasedJapan7.6 months ago
2021-10-13Arcadebeatmania IIDX 29 CastHour releasedJapan8.5 months ago
2021-09-15CDBEMANI SYMPHONY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan9.4 months ago
2021-09-08CDGITADORA NEX+AGE Original Soundtrack releasedJapan9.7 months ago
2021-04-21ArcadeGITADORA HIGH-VOLTAGE releasedJapan1.1 years ago
2021-03-17CDbeatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER Original Soundtrack releasedJapan1.2 years ago
2021-03-17CDEDP presents Premium Music CollectionJapan1.2 years ago
2021-02-17ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR released (Valkyrie model)Japan1.3 years ago
2020-12-09Arcadepop'n music 解明リドルズ releasedJapan1.5 years ago
2020-11-05PCpop'n music Lively releasedJapan1.6 years ago
2020-10-28Arcadebeatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER releasedJapan1.6 years ago
2020-08-19CDNOSTALGIA Music Collection ~Op.1 & Op.2~ releasedJapan1.8 years ago
2020-07-29CDjubeat festo Original Soundtrack releasedJapan1.9 years ago
2020-07-15CDGITADORA Matixx & EXCHAIN Original Soundtrack releasedJapan1.9 years ago
2020-07-01ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS releasedJapan1.9 years ago
2020-03-18CDbeatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE Original Soundtrack releasedJapan2.2 years ago
2020-03-04CDbeatmania IIDX 20th Anniversary Tribute BEST releasedJapan2.3 years ago
2019-12-09Mobilebeatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE releasedJapan2.5 years ago
2019-12-02Arcadeノスタルジア Op.3 releasedJapan2.5 years ago
2019-10-16Arcadebeatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE releasedJapan2.6 years ago
2019-10-02ArcadeGITADORA NEX+AGE releasedJapan2.7 years ago
2019-08-31PCSOUND VOLTEX CONSOLE -NEMSYS- Entry Model Controller releasedJapan2.8 years ago
2019-08-31PCbeatmania IIDX Entry Model Controller releasedJapan2.8 years ago
2019-07-24ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A20 released (Non-Gold Cabinets)Japan2.9 years ago
2019-06-05CDbeatmania IIDX 26 Rootage ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 20th Anniversary Edition releasedJapan3 years ago
2019-03-20ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A20 released (Gold Cabinets only)Japan3.2 years ago
2019-03-20CDDanceDanceRevolution A Original Soundtrack releasedJapan3.2 years ago
2019-03-20CDDanceDanceRevolution 20th Anniversary Non Stop Mix Mixed by DJ KOO releasedJapan3.2 years ago
2019-02-28ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE releasedJapan3.3 years ago
2018-12-12CDときめきアイドル project「Smiling Passion」 releasedJapan3.5 years ago
2018-11-07Arcadebeatmania IIDX 26 Rootage releasedJapan3.6 years ago
2018-11-07Blu-rayEDP presents ここなつワンマンライブ2018 ミライコウシン ライブBlu-ray releasedJapan3.6 years ago
2018-11-02Nintendo SwitchTaiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun!North America3.6 years ago
2018-11-02Sony PlayStation 4Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!North America3.6 years ago
2018-11-02Nintendo SwitchTaiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun!Europe3.6 years ago
2018-11-02Sony PlayStation 4Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!Europe3.6 years ago
2018-10-17Arcadepop'n music peace releasedJapan3.6 years ago
2018-10-10CDpop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition releasedJapan3.7 years ago
2018-09-26Arcadeノスタルジア Op.2 releasedJapan3.7 years ago
2018-09-12ArcadeGITADORA EXCHAIN releasedJapan3.7 years ago
2018-09-05CDときめきアイドル project「ときめきアイドル Song Collection」 releasedJapan3.8 years ago
2018-09-05Arcadejubeat festo releasedJapan3.8 years ago
2018-07-19Nintendo Switch太鼓の達人 Nintendo Switchば~じょん! releasedJapan3.9 years ago
2018-05-09CD日向美ビタースイーツ♪ BEST releasedJapan4.1 years ago
2018-03-27ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A releasedEurope4.2 years ago
2018-03-23ArcadeDANCERUSH STARDOM releasedJapan4.2 years ago
2018-03-07CDbeatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-03-07CDRyu☆ / Ryu☆BEST -SUNLiGHT- releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-02-14CDjubeat clan ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-02-14CDGITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE Original Soundtrack releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-02-14CDGITADORA Tri-Boost Original Soundtrack Volume.03 releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-02-08CDXceon / 冬椿 releasedJapan4.3 years ago
2018-01-17CDY&Co. / No No No limits 2 dAnce releasedJapan4.4 years ago
2017-12-29CDかめりあ feat. ななひら / ふぉーす! releasedJapan4.4 years ago
2017-12-21Arcadebeatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS releasedJapan4.5 years ago
2017-11-30Nintendo SwitchSUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedEurope4.5 years ago
2017-11-29PCSOUND VOLTEX CONSOLE -NEMSYS- Ultimate Model releasedJapan4.5 years ago
2017-11-21Nintendo SwitchSUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedNorth America4.5 years ago
2017-11-15CD日向美ビタースイーツ♪ / SWEET SMILE♡HEROES releasedJapan4.6 years ago
2017-11-10Blu-rayEDP×beatnation summit 2017 -beatnation 10th Anniversary- releasedJapan4.6 years ago
2017-11-09Sony PlayStation 4DJMAX RESPECT releasedJapan4.6 years ago
2017-10-26Sony PlayStation 4太鼓の達人 セッションでドドンがドン! releasedJapan4.6 years ago
2017-10-04PCSOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS (e-AMUSEMENT CLOUD) releasedJapan4.7 years ago
2017-09-06ArcadeGITADORA Matixx releasedJapan4.8 years ago
2017-07-27Sony PlayStation 4DJMAX RESPECTInternational4.9 years ago
2017-07-26Arcadejubeat clan releasedJapan4.9 years ago
2017-04-11CDREFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア+VOLZZA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKJapan5.2 years ago
2017-03-14CD日向美ビタースイーツ♪ / Home Sweet Home releasedJapan5.2 years ago
2017-03-14CDここなつ / バイナリスター releasedJapan5.2 years ago
2017-03-14Arcade太鼓の達人イエローVer. releasedJapan5.2 years ago
2017-02-28CDbeatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan5.3 years ago
2017-02-28CD青龍 / AO-∞ releasedJapan5.3 years ago
2017-02-28Arcadeノスタルジア -NOSTALGIA- releasedJapan5.3 years ago
2017-01-11CDjubeat prop ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan5.4 years ago
2017-01-11CDjubeat Qubell ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan5.4 years ago
2017-01-09Sony PlayStation 4Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone releasedNorth America5.4 years ago
2017-01-09Sony PlayStation 4Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone releasedEurope5.4 years ago
2016-12-21CDSOUND HOLIC / 焔 -MAGMA- releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-12-21Blu-rayBEMANI ROCK FES’16 releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-12-20ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-12-13Arcadepop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-12-13ArcadeGITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-11-30ArcadeREFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-11-23CDSOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -東方妖々夢 & 輝針城 REMIX- releasedJapan5.5 years ago
2016-10-26Arcadebeatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ releasedJapan5.6 years ago
2016-10-21Nintendo 3DSRhythm Paradise Megamix releasedEurope5.6 years ago
2016-10-18CDbeatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 releasedJapan5.6 years ago
2016-10-18CDSota Fujimori / 今何度? What Temperature Is It? releasedJapan5.6 years ago
2016-08-30Sony PlayStation 4Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X releasedNorth America5.8 years ago
2016-08-30Sony PlayStation VitaHatsune Miku: Project DIVA X releasedNorth America5.8 years ago
2016-08-24Sony PlayStation 4初音ミク -Project DIVA- X releasedJapan5.8 years ago
2016-07-27ArcadeMÚSECA1+1/2 releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-07-19PCbeatmania IIDX Premium Controller releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-07-13Arcade太鼓の達人 レッドVer. update releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-07-06ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A releasedNorth America5.9 years ago
2016-07-06CDEDP presents ravemania 2016 summer releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-07-06CDかめりあ / MEGANTO METEOR releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-06-29CDpop’n music éclale Original Soundtrack releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-06-29CDGITADORA Tri-Boost Original Soundtrack Volume.02 releasedJapan5.9 years ago
2016-06-23Sony PlayStation 4初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone releasedJapan6 years ago
2016-06-16Nintendo 3DS太鼓の達人 ドコドン!ミステリーアドベンチャー releasedJapan6 years ago
2016-04-28Arcadecrossbeats REV. SUNRiSE releasedJapan6.1 years ago
2016-03-30ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution A releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-03-30Arcadejubeat Qubell releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-03-24Sony PlayStation Vita初音ミク -Project DIVA- X releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-03-24ArcadeREFLEC BEAT VOLZZA 2 releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-03-16CDここなつ / シンクロノーツ releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-03-10ArcadeGroove Coaster 3: LINK FEVER releasedJapan6.2 years ago
2016-02-24CDbeatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-02-24CDSOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -FLOOR ANTHEM- EP.01 releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-02-24CDRyu☆BEST / -STARLiGHT- & -MOONLiGHT- releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-02-17CDひなビタ♪ Five Drops 05 -bergamot mint- 霜月凛 releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-02-03ArcadeCHUNITHM PLUS releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-02-03CDひなビタ♪ Five Drops 04 -pure grape- 春日咲子 releasedJapan6.3 years ago
2016-01-13CDひなビタ♪ Five Drops 03 -strawberry milk- 芽兎めう releasedJapan6.4 years ago
2016-01-06CDひなビタ♪ Five Drops 02 -honey lemon- 和泉一舞 releasedJapan6.4 years ago
2016-01-04Multi-PlatformAmplitude releasedInternational6.4 years ago
2015-12-23CDひなビタ♪ Five Drops 01 -sunny orange- 山形まり花 releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-21ArcadeBeatStream アニムトライヴ releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-17Sony PlayStation VitaMIRACLE GIRLS FESTIVAL releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-17Sony PlayStation VitaSUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-10ArcadeMÚSECA releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-10Arcade太鼓の達人 ホワイトVer. UpdateJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-08Arcademaimai PiNK releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-12-01CDDanceDanceRevolution ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.2 releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-11-30PCbeatmania IIDX INFINITAS releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-11-26Nintendo Wii U太鼓の達人 あつめて★ともだち 大作戦! releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-11-26Arcadepop'n music éclale releasedJapan6.5 years ago
2015-11-20Sony PlayStation Vita SUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedEurope6.6 years ago
2015-11-10Arcadebeatmania IIDX 23 copula releasedJapan6.6 years ago
2015-11-10Sony PlayStation VitaSUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedNorth America6.6 years ago
2015-10-28ArcadeREFLEC BEAT VOLZZA releasedJapan6.6 years ago
2015-10-21Sony PlayStation VitaSUPERBEAT: XONiC releasedSouth Korea6.6 years ago
2015-10-21CDBEMANI SUMMER DIARY 2015 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan6.6 years ago
2015-10-07CDななひら 1st Major Album "Meltical sugar wave" releasedJapan6.7 years ago
2015-09-16DVDEXIT TUNES DANCE PARTY beatnation summit 2015Japan6.7 years ago
2015-09-16CDbeatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2Japan6.7 years ago
2015-09-11Nintendo 3DSHatsune Miku: Project MIRAI DX releasedEurope6.7 years ago
2015-09-08Nintendo 3DSHatsune Miku: Project MIRAI DX releasedNorth America6.8 years ago
2015-09-02CDcosMo@暴走P Album "For UltraPlayers" releasedJapan6.8 years ago
2015-07-30Sony PlayStation VitaIA/VT -COLORFUL- releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-29CDGITADORA Tri-Boost Original Soundtrack Vol.1 releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-29CDpop'n music ラピストリア original soundtrack Vol.2 releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-23Arcadecrossbeats REV. releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-22CDMaras K (marasy × kors k) Album "Beat Piano Music" releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-16ArcadeCHUNITHM releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-09Sony PlayStation Vita太鼓の達人 Vバージョン releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-01CDBEMANI×東方Project Ultimate MasterPiecesJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-01CDREFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-07-01CDVENUS 1st Album "DEUS" releasedJapan6.9 years ago
2015-06-24ArcadePump It Up PRIME releasedJapan7 years ago
2015-04-29MobileReRave Plus releasedWorldwide7.1 years ago
2015-04-23Arcade太鼓の達人 ムラサキVer. update releasedJapan7.1 years ago
2015-04-21ArcadeGITADORA Tri-Boost releasedJapan7.1 years ago
2015-04-20CDEXIT TUNES Dance Party -beatnation RHYZE music council- releasedJapan7.1 years ago
2015-03-25CD日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Album "Chocolate Smile Girls!!" releasedJapan7.2 years ago
2015-03-18CDkors k Album "Let's Do It Again!!" releasedJapan7.2 years ago
2015-03-11Arcade太鼓の達人 (ムラサキVer.) update releasedJapan7.2 years ago
2015-03-10Arcade太鼓の達人 ムラサキVer. UpdateJapan7.2 years ago
2015-03-04CDbeatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-03-04CDSOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -LEGEND OF KAC- releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-03-04CD猫叉Master 4th Album "follow slowly" releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-03-04CD発見!よみがえったBEMANI遺跡 releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-02-20Arcadejubeat prop releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-02-04CDXceon Album "罪と罰" releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-02-04CDRyu☆ 7th Album "Seventh Heaven" releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-02-04CDMayumi Morinaga 2nd Album "Din Don Dan" releasedJapan7.3 years ago
2015-01-28CDGITADORA OverDrive Original Soundtracks releasedJapan7.4 years ago
2015-01-28CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -7 Bros.- releasedJapan7.4 years ago
2015-01-21CDSOUND HOLIC Album "斬 -ZAN-" releasedJapan7.4 years ago
2014-12-30CDS2TB Files4: Eagle releasedJapan7.4 years ago
2014-12-24CDpop'n music ラピストリア original soundtrack Vol.1 releasedJapan7.5 years ago
2014-12-24CDPON 1st Album "Power Of Nature" releasedJapan7.5 years ago
2014-11-20ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS releasedJapan7.6 years ago
2014-11-20Nintendo Wii U太鼓の達人 特盛り! releasedJapan7.6 years ago
2014-11-18Sony PlayStation 3Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd releasedNorth America7.6 years ago
2014-11-18Sony PlayStation VitaHatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd releasedNorth America7.6 years ago
2014-10-11Nintendo 3DSNew Nintendo 3DS releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-10-08CDSota Fujimori 5th Album "SYNTHESIZED5" releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-10-08CDREFLEC BEAT groovin'!! + colette ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-09-18Arcademaimai ORANGE releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-09-17Arcadebeatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-09-17CDRyu☆ 6th Album "We're so Happy" releasedJapan7.7 years ago
2014-09-04Microsoft Xbox OneMicrosoft Xbox One releasedJapan7.8 years ago
2014-08-27CDbeatnation RHYZE vs HARDCORE TANO*C releasedJapan7.8 years ago
2014-08-27CDbeatmaniaIIDX21 SPADA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK vol.2 releasedJapan7.8 years ago
2014-08-27CDRemo-con 2nd Album "rhetoric" releasedJapan7.8 years ago
2014-07-30CDSOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS - 東方紅魔郷REMIX - releasedJapan7.9 years ago
2014-07-17ArcadeBeatStream releasedJapan7.9 years ago
2014-07-15Arcade太鼓の達人 キミドリVer. UpdateJapan7.9 years ago
2014-06-26Nintendo 3DS太鼓の達人 どんとかつの時空大冒険 releasedJapan8 years ago
2014-06-25Arcadepop'n music ラピストリア releasedJapan8 years ago
2014-06-25CDRAM Album "OTHERS - Disk 1" releasedJapan8 years ago
2014-06-04CDkors k Album "Let's Do It Now!!" releasedJapan8 years ago
2014-06-04ArcadeREFLEC BEAT groovin'!! releasedJapan8 years ago
2014-05-12ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution (2014 Update) releasedJapan8.1 years ago
2014-03-27Sony PlayStation 3初音ミク -Project DIVA- F 2nd releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-27Sony PlayStation Vita初音ミク -Project DIVA- F 2nd releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-26CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - Gourzaemon - releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-26CDGITADORA Original Soundtrack 3rd season releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-26CD泉 陸奥彦 Album "Third" releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-19CDひなビタ♪ 2nd Soundtrack "Bitter Sweet Girls!" releasedJapan8.2 years ago
2014-03-12Sony PlayStation VitaHatsune Miku: Project DIVA f releasedEurope8.2 years ago
2014-03-05CD熱闘!BEMANIスタジアム ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2014-03-05CDpop'n music Sunny Park original soundtrack vol.2 releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2014-03-05ArcadeGITADORA OverDrive releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2014-03-04Sony PlayStation VitaHatsune Miku: Project DIVA f releasedNorth America8.3 years ago
2014-03-03Arcadejubeat saucer fulfill releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2014-02-26Arcademaimai GreeN PLUS releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2014-02-22Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4 releasedJapan8.3 years ago
2013-12-25CDdj TAKA 2nd Album "True Blue..." releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-12-25CDbeatmaniaIIDX21 SPADA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-12-25CD青龍 1st Album "BLUE DRAGON" releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-12-10Arcade太鼓の達人 モモイロVer. UpdateJapan8.5 years ago
2013-12-02MobileCROSS×BEATS releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-11-29Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4 releasedEurope8.5 years ago
2013-11-27CD達見恵 featured by 佐野宏晃 First Album "Delicious love" releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-11-27CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -Cathy & Marron- releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-11-27CDGITADORA Original Soundtracks 2nd season releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-11-22Microsoft Xbox OneMicrosoft Xbox One releasedNorth America8.5 years ago
2013-11-22Microsoft Xbox OneMicrosoft Xbox One releasedEurope8.5 years ago
2013-11-21Nintendo Wii U太鼓の達人 Wii Uば~じょん releasedJapan8.5 years ago
2013-11-15Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4 releasedNorth America8.6 years ago
2013-11-13ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX21 SPADA releasedJapan8.6 years ago
2013-11-06CDHardcore Underground 6 releasedUK8.6 years ago
2013-10-23CDREFLEC BEAT colette ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 releasedJapan8.6 years ago
2013-10-23CDDanceDanceRevolution Original Soundtrack Vol.1 releasedJapan8.6 years ago
2013-09-18CDひなビタ♪ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan8.7 years ago
2013-09-04Sony PlayStation 3Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F releasedEurope8.8 years ago
2013-08-27Sony PlayStation 3Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F releasedNorth America8.8 years ago
2013-07-17CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - Sho & Hoshiko - releasedJapan8.9 years ago
2013-07-17CD私立BEMANI学園 (CD) releasedJapan8.9 years ago
2013-07-17CDpop'n music Sunny Park Original Soundtrack releasedJapan8.9 years ago
2013-07-11Arcademaimai GreeN releasedJapan8.9 years ago
2013-07-03CDRyu☆ 5th Album "Plan 8" releasedJapan8.9 years ago
2013-06-20Arcadeミライダガッキ releasedJapan9 years ago
2013-06-13ExpoE3 2013 Day 3Los Angeles, US9 years ago
2013-06-12ExpoE3 2013 Day 2Los Angeles, US9 years ago
2013-06-11ExpoE3 2013 Day 1Los Angeles, US9 years ago
2013-06-05ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- releasedJapan9 years ago
2013-05-01CD星野奏子 Album "Best Selection" releasedJapan9.1 years ago
2013-04-29CDDirty Androids 1st Album "Wanderlust" releasedJapan9.1 years ago
2013-04-02ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX BOOTH releasedAsia9.2 years ago
2013-03-27CD96 First Album "BLACK ALBUM" releasedJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-27CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -Kaori & Kotaro- releasedJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-27CDGITADORA Original Soundtrack 1st season releasedJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-14ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution releasedJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-13Arcade太鼓の達人 ソライロVer. releasedJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-12Arcade太鼓の達人 ソライロVer. UpdateJapan9.2 years ago
2013-03-07Sony PlayStation 3初音ミク -Project DIVA- F releasedJapan9.3 years ago
2013-02-28ArcadeGITADORA releasedAsia9.3 years ago
2013-02-28ArcadeDANCE EVOLUTION releasedAsia9.3 years ago
2013-02-27CDbeatmaniaIIDX20 tricoro ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.1 releasedJapan9.3 years ago
2013-02-27CDREFLEC BEAT colette ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.1 releasedJapan9.3 years ago
2013-02-27CD猫叉Master 3rd album "Crevice" releasedJapan9.3 years ago
2013-02-14MobileDanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars releasedNorth America9.3 years ago
2013-02-14ArcadeGITADORA releasedJapan9.3 years ago
2013-01-30CDあさき 2nd Album "天庭" releasedJapan9.4 years ago
2012-12-12Arcadepop'n music Sunny Park releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-12-08Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-12-05CDRyu☆'s 4th Album "Sakura Luminance" releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-12-05CDnouvo nude 2nd Album "NEW WORLD" releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-12-04Sony PlayStation VitaDJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE releasedNorth America9.5 years ago
2012-11-30Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U releasedEurope9.5 years ago
2012-11-29Nintendo Wii太鼓の達人 Wii 超ごうか版 releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-11-21CDjubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -Smith- releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-11-21ArcadeREFLEC BEAT colette releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-11-21CDSota Fujimori 4th Album "SYNTHESIZED4" releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-11-21CDGuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 Original Soundtracks 2nd season releasedJapan9.5 years ago
2012-11-18Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U releasedNorth America9.6 years ago
2012-11-14Mobilejubeat plus (XPERIA) releasedJapan9.6 years ago
2012-09-28MobileDJMax RAY releasedInternational9.7 years ago
2012-09-27ArcadeDJMAX TECHNIKA2 releasedJapan9.7 years ago
2012-09-27Sony PlayStation VitaDJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE releasedJapan9.7 years ago
2012-09-26CDPINK PONG 1st Album "PINK POPS" releasedJapan9.7 years ago
2012-09-25Arcadejubeat saucer releasedJapan9.7 years ago
2012-09-25ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX20 tricoro releasedJapan9.7 years ago
2012-09-20Sony PlayStation VitaDJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE releasedSouth Korea9.7 years ago
2012-08-30Sony PlayStation Vita初音ミク -Project DIVA- fJapan9.8 years ago
2012-08-08CDM-Project Album "HARDCORE ILLUSIONIST 3" releasedJapan9.8 years ago
2012-07-25CDpop'n music 20 fantasia original soundtrack releasedJapan9.9 years ago
2012-07-24Arcade太鼓の達人 KATSU-DON UpdateJapan9.9 years ago
2012-07-12Nintendo 3DS太鼓の達人 ちびドラゴンと不思議なオーブ releasedJapan9.9 years ago
2012-07-11Arcademaimai releasedJapan9.9 years ago
2012-07-06Nintendo 3DSTHEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY releasedEurope9.9 years ago
2012-07-03Nintendo 3DSTHEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY releasedNorth America9.9 years ago
2012-06-27CDDanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX 〜X3 SIDE〜 Original Soundtrack releasedJapan10 years ago
2012-06-26CDSLAKE Album "THE INVISIBLE FORCE REMIXES" releasedJapan10 years ago
2012-06-08ExpoE3 2012 Day 3Los Angeles10 years ago
2012-06-07ExpoE3 2012 Day 2Los Angeles10 years ago
2012-06-06CDMayumi Morinaga "Glitter / 神巫詞" releasedJapan10 years ago
2012-06-06ExpoE3 2012 Day 1Los Angeles10 years ago
2012-05-28CDFracus & Darwin "Point Of No Return"United Kingdom10 years ago
2012-03-30CDSLAKE Album "THE INVISIBLE FORCE" releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-28CDjubeat copious APPEND SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-27ArcadeDanceEvolution ARCADE releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-22Sony PlayStation PortableDJMAX BLACK SQUARE releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-21CDあさき Remastered First Album "神曲" releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-21CDGuitarFreaksXG3&DrumManiaXG3 Original Soundtrack 1st season releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-21CD太鼓の達人「フルコンボ!」 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-14Arcadejubeat copious APPEND releasedJapan10.2 years ago
2012-03-14ArcadeReRave releasedInternational10.2 years ago
2012-03-08Nintendo 3DS初音ミク and Future Stars Project miraiJapan10.3 years ago
2012-03-07CDSana Box Set "Sana Coffret" releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-29CDbeatmaniaIIDX19 Lincle ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-29CDREFLEC BEAT limelight ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-29CDY&Co. Album "BEST HITS YCO" releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-27CDnouvo nude Album "King Of Super Highway" releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-23ArcadeGuitarFreaksXG3&DrumManiaXG3 releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-22Sony PlayStation VitaSony PlayStation Vita releasedNorth America10.3 years ago
2012-02-22Sony PlayStation VitaSony PlayStation Vita releasedEurope10.3 years ago
2012-02-15CDwac Album "音楽" releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-15CDDormir Album "Petit March" releasedJapan10.3 years ago
2012-02-01Microsoft Xbox 360BOOM BOOM DANCE releasedJapan10.4 years ago
2012-02-01Microsoft Xbox 360Rhythm Party releasedEurope & North America10.4 years ago
2012-01-18ArcadeSOUND VOLTEX BOOTH releasedJapan10.4 years ago
2011-12-21CD太鼓の達人 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK "ドンダフル!" releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-17Sony PlayStation VitaPS Vita releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-16CDpop'n music SUPER BEST BOXJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-14Arcadepop'n music 20 fantasia releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-07CDnouvo nude First Album "FLASH CUBE" releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-07CDRyu☆ Album "Rainbow☆Rainbow" releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-12-07CDcyber beatnation 2 -Hi Speed conclusion-Japan10.5 years ago
2011-11-30CDDanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK + DVD releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-11-25Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution hottest party 5 releasedEurope10.5 years ago
2011-11-24MobileREFLEC BEAT plus releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-11-23Sony PlayStation Portablepop'n music portable 2Japan10.5 years ago
2011-11-23Nintendo Wii太鼓の達人Wii 決定版 releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-11-23CDALT produced by seiya-murai Album "0/1 ANGEL" releasedJapan10.5 years ago
2011-11-23CDEnergetic Trance Presents StripE CollectionJapan10.5 years ago
2011-11-19ArcadePERCUSSION MASTER 3 releasedTaiwan10.6 years ago
2011-11-16ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX releasedJapan10.6 years ago
2011-11-16ArcadeREFLEC BEAT limelight releasedJapan10.6 years ago
2011-11-16Arcade太鼓の達人 releasedJapan10.6 years ago
2011-10-27DVDbeatmaniaIIDX VISUAL EMOTIONS 9 releasedJapan10.6 years ago
2011-10-27CDTatsh First Album "MATERIAL" releasedJapan10.6 years ago
2011-10-13Mobilebeat gather releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-10-12CDGuitarFreaksXG2&DrumManiaXG2 Original Soundtracks 2nd season releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-10-11Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution II releasedNorth America10.7 years ago
2011-10-06Arcadejubeat copious releasedAsia10.7 years ago
2011-09-28CDjubeat copious ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-09-21CDSana Album "Miracle☆Sparkle" releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-09-15Arcadejubeat copious releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-09-15ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX19 Lincle releasedJapan10.7 years ago
2011-09-07CDTЁЯRA Second Album "ЁVOLUTIΦN" releasedJapan10.8 years ago
2011-08-10Mobilejukebeat releasedInternational10.8 years ago
2011-07-14Sony PlayStation Portable太鼓の達人ぽ~たぶるDX releasedJapan10.9 years ago
2011-06-29CD阿部靖広 First Album "RADIUS OF PLANETS" releasedJapan10.9 years ago
2011-06-29CDpop'n music 19 TUNE STREET original soundtrack releasedJapan10.9 years ago
2011-06-09CDSota Fujimori 3rd Album "SYNTHESIZED 3" releasedJapan11 years ago
2011-05-25CDGuitarFreaksXG2&DrumManiaXG2 Original Soundtrack 1st season releasedJapan11 years ago
2011-05-13ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X2 releasedEurope11.1 years ago
2011-05-06Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution hottest party 4 releasedEurope11.1 years ago
2011-04-20CDjubeat knit APPEND ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan11.1 years ago
2011-04-20CDREFLEC BEAT ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan11.1 years ago
2011-04-20CD泉陸奥彦 New Album 「ポン太と巡る世界の音楽」releasedJapan11.1 years ago
2011-04-12Microsoft Xbox 360DanceDanceRevolution releasedNorth America11.2 years ago
2011-03-28ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumManiaV8 releasedJapan11.2 years ago
2011-03-24CDGuitarFreaks&DrumMania SUPER BEST BOXJapan11.2 years ago
2011-03-23Arcadejubeat knit APPEND releasedJapan11.2 years ago
2011-03-23ArcadeHELLO! POP'N MUSIC releasedJapan11.2 years ago
2011-03-21CDZektbach Second Album "The Epic of Zektbach -Masinowa-" releasedJapan11.2 years ago
2011-03-18Sony PlayStation 3DanceDanceRevolution New Moves releasedEurope11.2 years ago
2011-03-09ArcadeGuitarFreaksXG2&DrumManiaXG2 Groove To Live releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-03-03CDpop'n music Cafe music EspressoJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-23CDSUPER STAR 満-MITSURU- First Album "ONLY ONE ACT" releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-23CDDanceDanceRevolution X2 Original Soundtrack releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-23CDbeatmania IIDXドラマCD ROOTS26 Vol.4 releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-23MerchandisebeatmaniaIIDX FREQUENCY HEADPHONES releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-23CDbeatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem Original Soundtrack releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-17Sony PlayStation PortableDJ MAX PORTABLE 3 releasedJapan11.3 years ago
2011-02-11MobileDanceDanceRevolution FREEDOM releasedNorth America11.3 years ago
2011-01-27CD星野奏子 Album "Articulation" releasedJapan11.4 years ago
2011-01-26CD猫叉Master 2nd Album 「さよなら世界」 releasedJapan11.4 years ago
2011-01-01ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X2 releasedNorth America11.4 years ago
2010-12-22DVDbeatmaniaIIDX VISUAL EMOTIONS -SUPER BEST BOX- releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-12-22CDDJ HICO meets beatmaniaIIDX -Nonstop Mix by DJ HICO- releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-12-21ArcadeDJ MAX TECHNIKA releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-12-17CDFracus & Darwin Album "balancing act" releasedUnited Kingdom11.5 years ago
2010-12-09Arcadepop'n music 19 TUNE STREET releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-12-02Nintendo Wii太鼓の達人Wii みんなでパーティ☆3代目 releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-12-02MerchandiseDanceEvolution Launch Commemoration Goods releasedJapan11.5 years ago
2010-11-20Microsoft Xbox 360DanceEvolution releasedJapan11.6 years ago
2010-11-16Sony PlayStation 3DanceDanceRevolution releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-11-16Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-11-10Microsoft Xbox 360DanceEvolution releasedEurope11.6 years ago
2010-11-10Microsoft Xbox 360Dance Central releasedEurope11.6 years ago
2010-11-08Mobilejubeat plus (iPad) releasedJapan11.6 years ago
2010-11-04Microsoft Xbox 360DanceMasters releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-11-04Microsoft Xbox 360Dance Central releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-11-04ArcadeREFLEC BEAT releasedJapan11.6 years ago
2010-11-03CDRyu☆ Second Album "AGEHA" releasedJapan11.6 years ago
2010-10-29Multi-PlatformRock Band 3 releasedEurope11.6 years ago
2010-10-27CDGuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG Original Soundtracks rising edition releasedJapan11.6 years ago
2010-10-26Multi-PlatformRock Band 3 releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-10-22Multi-PlatformDJ Hero 2 releasedEurope11.6 years ago
2010-10-19Multi-PlatformDJ Hero 2 releasedNorth America11.6 years ago
2010-09-28Multi-PlatformGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock releasedNorth America11.7 years ago
2010-09-24Multi-PlatformGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock releasedEurope11.7 years ago
2010-09-22CDjubeat knit ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan11.7 years ago
2010-09-19ExpoTOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 Public Day 2Japan11.7 years ago
2010-09-18ExpoTOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 Public Day 1Japan11.7 years ago
2010-09-17ExpoTOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 Business Day 2Japan11.7 years ago
2010-09-16ExpoTOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 Business Day 1Japan11.7 years ago
2010-09-15CDDJ Mass MAD Izm* First Album "I AM NOT A DJ" releasedJapan11.7 years ago
2010-09-15ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem releasedJapan11.7 years ago
2010-09-15CDS.S.D.FANTASICA First Album "FANTASCAPE - Act.1" releasedJapan11.7 years ago
2010-09-08Arcade太鼓の達人14 releasedJapan11.8 years ago
2010-08-27BEMANIBEMANI USTREAM EventInternet11.8 years ago
2010-08-13Community EventDanceDanceRevolution PS3 AnnouncementLos Angeles, US11.8 years ago
2010-07-29Arcadejubeat knit releasedJapan11.9 years ago
2010-07-29Sony PlayStation Portable初音ミク -Project DIVA- 2nd releasedJapan11.9 years ago
2010-07-21CDpop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 OST releasedJapan11.9 years ago
2010-07-07ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X2 releasedJapan11.9 years ago
2010-07-01Nintendo DS太鼓の達人DS ドロロン!ヨーカイ大決戦!! releasedJapan11.9 years ago
2010-06-25Arcade初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade releasedJapan12 years ago
2010-06-24Sony PlayStation 3初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター releasedJapan12 years ago
2010-06-18Trade ShowE3 2010 Day 3Los Angeles, US12 years ago
2010-06-17Trade ShowE3 2010 Day 2Los Angeles, US12 years ago
2010-06-16Trade ShowE3 2010 Day 1Los Angeles, US12 years ago
2010-06-04Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3 releasedEurope12 years ago
2010-04-21CDGuitarFreaksXG&DrumManiaXG ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK beginning edition releasedJapan12.1 years ago
2010-04-21CDjubeat ripples APPEND SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan12.1 years ago
2010-04-01Site EventMichael a la Mode invades Zenius -I- vanisher.comInternational12.2 years ago
2010-04-01Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.2 years ago
2010-03-28CDZektbach Second Album The Epic of Zektbach -FRAGMENTS OF ARIA TE'LARIA- releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-26Nintendo WiiStep to the Beat releasedEurope12.2 years ago
2010-03-25ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumManiaV7 releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-24CDbeatmaniaIIDX17 SIRIUS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-24CDZektbach Second Album The Epic of Zektbach -PIANO COLLECTION- releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-24CDkors k First Album "Ways For Liberation" releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-24CDbeatmaniaIIDX Spin-off Drama ROOTS26 S [suite] Vol.3 releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-18Arcadejubeat ripples APPEND releasedJapan12.2 years ago
2010-03-18Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.2 years ago
2010-03-11Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.3 years ago
2010-03-10ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumManiaXG releasedJapan12.3 years ago
2010-03-04Internet RadioDJ Nu Foundation on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.3 years ago
2010-02-25Nintendo DSうたっち releasedJapan12.3 years ago
2010-02-20Trade ShowAOU 2010 Public DayJapan12.3 years ago
2010-02-19Trade ShowAOU 2010 Business DayJapan12.3 years ago
2010-02-18Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.3 years ago
2010-02-11Nintendo Wiipop'n rhythm releasedEurope12.3 years ago
2010-02-04Sony PlayStation Portablepop'n music portableJapan12.3 years ago
2010-02-04CDSana Album "ボクをさがしに" releasedJapan12.3 years ago
2010-02-04Internet RadioDJ Fracus and Nu Foundation on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.3 years ago
2010-02-01Mobile太鼓の達人 releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-28Trade ShowLondon Expos Day 3United Kingdom12.4 years ago
2010-01-28Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution MUSIC FIT releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-28CDDanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE DANCE COLLECTION releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-28CDSota Fujimori Second Album "SYNTHESIZED2" releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-28CDCOMPOSERS releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-27Trade ShowLondon Expos Day 2United Kingdom12.4 years ago
2010-01-26Trade ShowLondon Expos Day 1United Kingdom12.4 years ago
2010-01-21Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.4 years ago
2010-01-20Arcadepop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 releasedJapan12.4 years ago
2010-01-14Internet RadioDJ Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.4 years ago
2010-01-07Internet RadioDJ Nu Foundation on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.4 years ago
2009-12-24CDbeatmaniaIIDX Spin-off Drama ROOTS26 S [suite] Vol.2 releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-24CDbeatmaniaIIDX -SUPER BEST BOX-Japan12.5 years ago
2009-12-17MobileDanceDanceRevolution S (Windows Mobile) releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-17Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.5 years ago
2009-12-11Merchandisepop'n music Badge Collection releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-11Merchandisepop'n music Badge Album releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-11Merchandisepop'n music 2010 Calendar releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-11Merchandisepop'n music Character Illustration Book releasedJapan12.5 years ago
2009-12-10Internet RadioDJ Darwin & Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm UTC)12.5 years ago
2009-11-26Internet RadioDJ Fracus & Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm UTC)12.5 years ago
2009-11-19Nintendo Wii太鼓の達人Wiiドドーンと2代目 releasedJapan12.6 years ago
2009-11-19Internet RadioDJ Darwin & Sharkey on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.6 years ago
2009-11-12Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.6 years ago
2009-11-10Nintendo Wiipop'n music releasedNorth America12.6 years ago
2009-11-05Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.6 years ago
2009-10-29Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)12.6 years ago
2009-10-27Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution X2 releasedNorth America12.6 years ago
2009-10-27Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3 releasedNorth America12.6 years ago
2009-10-23CDGuitarFreaks&DrumManiaV6 BLAZING!!!! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan12.6 years ago
2009-10-23CD肥塚良彦 First Album "DREAMS" releasedJapan12.6 years ago
2009-10-21ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX17 SIRIUS releasedJapan12.6 years ago
2009-10-19CDHardcore Underground 4 releasedUK12.6 years ago
2009-10-15Sony PlayStation 2beatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS & PREMIUM BEST releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-10-15DVDbeatmaniaIIDX VISUAL EMOTIONS 8 releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-10-15CDRyu☆ / starmine releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-10-15CDbeatmaniaIIDX Spin-off Drama ROOTS26 S [suite] Vol.1 releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-10-15Internet RadioDJ Cruze and Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (7pm BST)12.7 years ago
2009-10-08Internet RadioDJ Torpex on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.7 years ago
2009-10-05MobileDanceDanceRevolution S+ releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-10-01Internet RadioDJ Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.7 years ago
2009-09-25CDjubeat ripples ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-09-25CD猫叉Master+ First Album "Backdrops" releasedJapan12.7 years ago
2009-09-24Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.7 years ago
2009-09-20MobileDanceDanceRevolution S+ releasedNorth America12.7 years ago
2009-09-17Internet RadioDJ Darwin & Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.7 years ago
2009-09-03Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.8 years ago
2009-08-27Internet RadioDJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.8 years ago
2009-08-21CDdj TAKA / milestone -Re Edition- releasedJapan12.8 years ago
2009-08-21CDSota Fujimori / SYNTHESIZED -Re Edition- releasedJapan12.8 years ago
2009-08-21CDTOMOSUKE / marble -Re Edition- releasedJapan12.8 years ago
2009-08-20Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.8 years ago
2009-08-13Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.8 years ago
2009-08-06Nintendo Wiipop'n music releasedJapan12.8 years ago
2009-08-06Internet RadioDJ Nu Foundation on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.8 years ago
2009-08-05Arcadejubeat ripples releasedJapan12.8 years ago
2009-07-30Internet RadioDJ Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.9 years ago
2009-07-24CDpop'n music 17 THE MOVIE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan12.9 years ago
2009-07-24CDgood-cool 3rd album "crazy operation" releasedJapan12.9 years ago
2009-07-23Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.9 years ago
2009-07-16Internet RadioDJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.9 years ago
2009-07-09Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.9 years ago
2009-07-02Internet RadioDJ Skratchy & Kelsta on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)12.9 years ago
2009-06-25Internet RadioDJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13 years ago
2009-06-19Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 2 releasedEurope13 years ago
2009-06-18Internet RadioDJ Darwin & DJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13 years ago
2009-06-11Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13 years ago
2009-06-09ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X releasedEurope13 years ago
2009-06-09ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution X releasedNorth America13 years ago
2009-06-04Internet RadioDJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13 years ago
2009-06-02ExpoE3 2009North America13 years ago
2009-05-29Location TestbeatmaniaIIDX17 SIRIUSラウンドワン福岡天神店, Japan13 years ago
2009-05-28Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13 years ago
2009-05-27Location TestbeatmaniaIIDX17 SIRIUSキャッツアイ町田店, Japan13 years ago
2009-05-21Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.1 years ago
2009-05-14MobileDanceDanceRevolution S releasedEurope13.1 years ago
2009-05-14Multi-PlatformRock Revolution releasedEurope13.1 years ago
2009-05-14Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.1 years ago
2009-05-12Microsoft Xbox 360DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3 中文曲特別版 releasedAsia13.1 years ago
2009-05-07Internet RadioDJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.1 years ago
2009-04-30Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.1 years ago
2009-04-24CDbeatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan13.1 years ago
2009-04-23Internet RadioDJ Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.1 years ago
2009-04-16Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.2 years ago
2009-04-09ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumManiaV6 BLAZING!!!! releasedJapan13.2 years ago
2009-04-09Internet RadioDJ Fracus & DJ Skratchy on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.2 years ago
2009-04-06CDHardcore Underground 3 releasedhttp://www.hardcoreunderground.info13.2 years ago
2009-04-02Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution Disney Groove releasedNorth America13.2 years ago
2009-04-02Location Testjubeat ripplesディノス ノルベサ, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-04-02Internet RadioCLSM / Jon Doe on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm BST)13.2 years ago
2009-04-01Location Testjubeat ripplesパスカワールド グリーンランド, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-27CDHideyuki Ono First Album releasedJapan13.2 years ago
2009-03-26Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution Winx Club releasedEurope (excluding UK)13.2 years ago
2009-03-26Internet RadioCLSM / Jon Doe on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)13.2 years ago
2009-03-25Location Testjubeat ripplesAM サントロペ池袋店, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-25Location Testjubeat ripplesキングジョイ, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-21CDZektbach First Album The Epic of Zektbach -Ristaccia- releasedJapan13.2 years ago
2009-03-19Internet RadioDJ Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)13.2 years ago
2009-03-17Location Testjubeat ripplesラウンドワン横浜駅西口店, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-17Location Testjubeat ripplesエンターテインメントスクエア パスカ, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-14Location Testjubeat ripplesラウンドワン三宮店, Japan13.2 years ago
2009-03-12Internet RadioDJ Fracus on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)13.2 years ago
2009-03-05MobileDanceDanceRevolution S releasedNorth America13.3 years ago
2009-03-05Internet RadioDJ Thumpa on the Hardcore Underground Showkraftyradio.com (8pm GMT)13.3 years ago
2009-03-04Arcadepop'n music 17 THE MOVIE releasedJapan13.3 years ago
2009-03-01ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS releasedAsia13.3 years ago
2009-02-27CDjubeat ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan13.3 years ago
2009-02-27CD猫叉Master First Album releasedJapan13.3 years ago
2009-02-25MobileDanceDanceRevolution S releasedJapan13.3 years ago
2009-02-21Public ShowAOU2009 Public DayJapan13.3 years ago
2009-02-20Trade ShowAOU2009 Business DayJapan13.3 years ago
2009-02-14CDpop'n music Cafe music selection releasedJapan13.3 years ago
2009-01-29Trade ShowATEI 2009 Day 3Earl's Court, London13.4 years ago
2009-01-29Sony PlayStation 2PS2 - DanceDanceRevolution XJapan13.4 years ago
2009-01-29CDDDR X & DDR FFP Original Soundtracks releasedJapan13.4 years ago
2009-01-28Trade ShowATEI 2009 Day 2Earl's Court, London13.4 years ago
2009-01-27Trade ShowATEI 2009 Day 1Earl's Court, London13.4 years ago
2008-12-24ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution XJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-24CDSeiya Murai First Album plug+program releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-24CDpop'n music REQUEST BEST! Album releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-18Sony PlayStation 2beatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-18Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution フルフル♪パーティー releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-18CDKeiichi Ueno First Album releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-11Nintendo Wii太鼓の達人Wii (Taiko no Tatsujin Wii) releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-11Arcade太鼓の達人12 (Taiko no Tatsujin 12) releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-12-05CDGuitarFreaksV5 & DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan13.5 years ago
2008-11-20Arcadejubeat releasedHong Kong13.6 years ago
2008-11-19ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS releasedJapan13.6 years ago
2008-10-26Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London13.6 years ago
2008-10-25Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London13.6 years ago
2008-10-21Microsoft Xbox 360DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE 3 releasedNorth America13.6 years ago
2008-10-14Microsoft Xbox 360Rock Revolution releasedNorth America13.7 years ago
2008-10-08Microsoft Xbox 360beat'n groovy releasedNorth America/Europe13.7 years ago
2008-10-03Sony PlayStation 2Dancing Stage SuperNOVA2 releasedUnited Kingdom13.7 years ago
2008-10-03Microsoft Xbox 360Dancing Stage UNIVERSE 2 releasedEurope13.7 years ago
2008-09-16Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution X releasedNorth America13.7 years ago
2008-09-16Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 2 releasedNorth America13.7 years ago
2008-09-16Site EventZenius -I- vanisher.com -5th style- LaunchWorldwide13.7 years ago
2008-08-29CDpop'n music 16 PARTY♪ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK releasedJapan13.8 years ago
2008-08-29CDSota Fujimori First Album SYNTHESIZED releasedJapan13.8 years ago
2008-07-25Location TestDanceDanceRevolution XOsaka, Japan13.9 years ago
2008-07-24Arcadejubeat releasedJapan13.9 years ago
2008-07-17Location TestDanceDanceRevolution XJapan13.9 years ago
2008-07-11DVDBEMANI TOP RANKER 2008 releasedJapan13.9 years ago
2008-06-18ArcadeGuitarFreaksV5 & DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity releasedJapan14 years ago
2008-05-29Sony PlayStation 2beatmaniaIIDX14 GOLD releasedJapan14 years ago
2008-05-29CDbeatnation Records「電人 K」L.E.D. releasedJapan14 years ago
2008-05-29MerchandiseBEMANI ARTIST COLLECTION「puzzle MAYA TAKAMURA's Pieces」 releasedJapan14 years ago
2008-05-25Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London14 years ago
2008-05-24Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London14 years ago
2008-05-22PCpop'n music Be-Mouse releasedJapan14.1 years ago
2008-04-24Nintendo DSめっちゃ! 太鼓の達人DS 7つの島の大冒険 (Mecha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS 7 Tsu no Daibouken) releasedJapan14.1 years ago
2008-04-04CDbeatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS releasedJapan14.2 years ago
2008-03-28Nintendo WiiDancing Stage HOTTEST PARTY releasedEurope14.2 years ago
2008-03-24Arcadepop'n music 16 PARTY♪ releasedJapan14.2 years ago
2008-03-18Arcade太鼓の達人11 (Taiko no Tatsujin 11) releasedJapan14.2 years ago
2008-03-07CDSana-molle Collection releasedJapan14.3 years ago
2008-02-22CDGuitarFreaksV4 & DrumMania V4 Rock x Rock releasedJapan14.3 years ago
2008-02-22DVDTHE GITADO LIVE BEMANI 10th Anniversary memorial event Live DVD releasedJapan14.3 years ago
2008-02-21Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 releasedJapan14.3 years ago
2008-01-24Trade ShowATEI 2008 Day 3Earl's Court, London14.4 years ago
2008-01-23Trade ShowATEI 2008 Day 2Earl's Court, London14.4 years ago
2008-01-22Trade ShowATEI 2008 Day 1Earl's Court, London14.4 years ago
2008-01-17ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 releasedNorth America14.4 years ago
2008-01-09Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution Disney Channel releasedNorth America14.4 years ago
2007-12-19ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS releasedJapan14.5 years ago
2007-12-14CDBEMANI BEST for the 10th anniversary CD collection releasedJapan14.5 years ago
2007-12-07Microsoft Xbox 360Dancing Stage UNIVERSE releasedUnited Kingdom14.5 years ago
2007-12-05Microsoft Xbox 360DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE2 releasedNorth America14.5 years ago
2007-10-25Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY releasedJapan14.6 years ago
2007-10-21Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK14.6 years ago
2007-10-20Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK14.6 years ago
2007-10-04Sony PlayStation 2GuitarFreaks&DrumMania V3 releasedJapan14.7 years ago
2007-09-28CDpop'n music 15 ADVENTURE releasedJapan14.7 years ago
2007-09-26Nintendo WiiDanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY releasedNorth America14.7 years ago
2007-09-26Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 releasedNorth America14.7 years ago
2007-08-30Sony PlayStation 2beatmaniaIIDX13 DistorteD releasedJapan14.8 years ago
2007-08-22ArcadeDanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 releasedJapan14.8 years ago
2007-08-08ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumMania V4 Rock x Rock releasedJapan14.8 years ago
2007-07-26Nintendo DSTaiko no Tatsujin DS releasedJapan14.9 years ago
2007-07-26Arcade太鼓の達人10 (Taiko no Tatsujin 10) releasedJapan14.9 years ago
2007-07-22Community EventJapanEx (DDR:UK Attending)ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK14.9 years ago
2007-07-21Community EventJapanEx (DDR:UK Attending)ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK14.9 years ago
2007-07-12Sony PlayStation 2pop'n music 14 FEVER releasedJapan14.9 years ago
2007-07-12Location TestDanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 US Location TestBrunswick Zone, Naperville, Illinois, US14.9 years ago
2007-06-29CDbeatmaniaIIDX14 GOLD releasedJapan15 years ago
2007-06-29CDdj TAKA First Album「milestone」releasedJapan15 years ago
2007-05-27Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK15 years ago
2007-05-26Community EventLondon MCM ExpoExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK15 years ago
2007-05-04Nintendo WiiEledeesUnited Kingdom15.1 years ago
2007-04-27Sony PlayStation 2Dancing Stage SuperNOVA releasedEurope15.1 years ago
2007-04-25Arcadepop'n music 15 ADVENTURE releasedJapan15.1 years ago
2007-03-23Sony PlayStation 3Playstation 3 releasedEurope15.2 years ago
2007-03-14CDBeForUIII Album ReleasedJapan15.2 years ago
2007-03-08Sony PlayStation 2GuitarFreaks&DrumMania MASTERPIECE GOLD releasedJapan15.3 years ago
2007-03-08CDGuitarFreaks&DrumMania V3 releasedJapan15.3 years ago
2007-02-27Microsoft Xbox 360DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE Bundle releasedNorth America15.3 years ago
2007-02-24Community EventMidlands MCM Expo (DDRUK Expo)Telford, UK15.3 years ago
2007-02-21ArcadebeatmaniaIIDX14 GOLD releasedJapan15.3 years ago
2007-01-25Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA releasedJapan15.4 years ago
2007-01-25Trade ShowATEI 2007 Day 3Earl's Court, London15.4 years ago
2007-01-25CDDanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA releasedJapan15.4 years ago
2007-01-24Trade ShowATEI 2007 Day 2Earl's Court, London15.4 years ago
2007-01-23Trade ShowATEI 2007 Day 1Earl's Court, London15.4 years ago
2006-12-19Arcade太鼓の達人9 (Taiko no Tatsujin 9) releasedJapan15.5 years ago
2006-12-14Sony PlayStation 2beatmaniaIIDX12 HAPPY SKY releasedJapan15.5 years ago
2006-12-08Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii releasedEurope15.5 years ago
2006-12-07Sony PlayStation 2太鼓の達人7 (Taiko no Tatsujin 7) releasedJapan15.5 years ago
2006-12-02Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii releasedJapan15.5 years ago
2006-11-22Sony PlayStation 2GuitarFreaks&DrumMania V2 releasedJapan15.6 years ago
2006-11-19Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii releasedNorth America15.6 years ago
2006-11-17Sony PlayStation 3PlayStation 3 releasedNorth America15.6 years ago
2006-11-14Microsoft XboxDanceDanceRevolution Ultramix 4 releasedNorth America15.6 years ago
2006-11-11Sony PlayStation 3PlayStation 3 releasedJapan15.6 years ago
2006-10-29Community EventLondon MCM Expo (DDRUK Expo)ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK15.6 years ago
2006-10-28Community EventLondon MCM Expo (DDRUK Expo)ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands, London, UK15.6 years ago
2006-10-27CDpop'n music 14 FEVER releasedJapan15.6 years ago
2006-09-28Sony PlayStation 2pop'n music 13 CARNIVAL releasedJapan15.7 years ago
2006-09-26Sony PlayStation 2DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA releasedNorth America15.7 years ago
2006-09-13ArcadeGuitarFreaks&DrumMania V3 releasedJapan15.7 years ago
2006-09-07Sony PlayStation PortableTaiko no Tatsujin Portable 2 releasedJapan15.8 years ago
2006-08-31Sony PlayStation 2GuitarFreaks&DrumMania MASTERPIECE SILVER releasedJapan15.8 years ago
2006-08-26Community EventLondon Trocadero MeetupFunland, Piccadilly, London, UK15.8 years ago
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