Z-I-v Summer Contest 2022

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Week 1: Watch Your Pace

34 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
BAD LOVE1.9 years ago26111315-------Pad
BADTEK1.9 years ago581216--------Pad
Bangin' Breaks1.9 years ago481216--------Pad
Blue Tower [V] 1.9 years ago---14--------Pad
Buffalo Stance1.9 years ago26913--------Pad
Eternal Light1.9 years ago3691215--691215-Pad
Everyone1.9 years ago1591115-----15-Pad
Everything's Gonna Be Alright1.9 years ago591216--------Pad
Faster Z [V] 1.9 years ago69121518-------Pad
Fly High 1.9 years ago---15--------Pad
Gashapon Hardbass [V] 1.9 years ago361115---71115--Pad
Guilty [V] 1.9 years ago491214--------Pad
Hagoromo Nomai1.9 years ago26111516-------Pad
Head BONK ache [V] 1.9 years ago--12151819------Pad
I Swear (NRG Cupid Mix)1.9 years ago26101314--6912--Pad
Instant History [V] 1.9 years ago14711---4811--Pad
It Doesn't Add Up1.9 years ago710131618-------Pad
Lagtrain [V] 1.9 years ago36912--------Pad
Level Four1.9 years ago---14--------Pad
NEVER MET! (feat. Glitch Gum) [100 gecs r3mix]1.9 years ago---15--------Pad
Nexta1.9 years ago261015--------Pad
Play the Chiptek1.9 years ago---1214-------Pad
Pumpin'1.9 years ago-5914--------Pad
Pyramid1.9 years ago--1215--------Pad
SAMURAI-Scramble1.9 years ago481116-----1216-Pad
Steel Edge1.9 years ago2791215-------Pad
Sunflower1.9 years ago3691214-------Pad
Svesim Kaledas kartu1.9 years ago25813--------Pad
Thank You [V] 1.9 years ago14811--------Pad
Them Changes [V] 1.9 years ago-46911-------Pad
Unknown Mother-Goose [V] 1.9 years ago3581214-------Pad
Usa kame daisensou! [V] 1.9 years ago47101315--7101316-Pad
Whistle1.9 years ago-5911--------Pad
Work This Body [V] 1.9 years ago361013--------Pad

Week 2: Be Proud

35 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Brother, Brother1.9 years ago---1416-------Pad
Crying at the Discoteque [V] 1.9 years ago36811--------Pad
Excessive Sex1.9 years ago16101316-------Pad
Feel A Thing [V] 1.9 years ago591315--------Pad
Ganymede kamome mix1.9 years ago710141618-------Pad
I'm Still Standing1.9 years ago371012--------Key
interlinked1.9 years ago-51013--------Pad
Je ne sais quoi1.9 years ago47111416-------Pad
Kokuten1.9 years ago691317--------Pad
Liberty Walk1.9 years ago251013-----13--Pad
Logitical Blaster1.9 years ago271116--------Pad
Lose You (Chico Rose Remix)1.9 years ago----15-------Pad
Mathematic ma+ma=magic!1.9 years ago481316---81316--Pad
Migraine (JoeB Remix)1.9 years ago---13--------Pad
Militant1.9 years ago-61114--------Pad
My Agenda [V] 1.9 years ago251114--------Pad
My Life is a Lie1.9 years ago--111417-------Pad
new heaven 1.9 years ago---14--------Pad
Nonfiction1.9 years ago47101316--7101216-Pad
Overflowing Emotions1.9 years ago---1518-------Pad
PISTOL IN MY POCKET1.9 years ago-6811--------Pad
rainbow guitar weeps1.9 years ago37101216-------Pad
Recursive function1.9 years ago381215---81316--Pad
Rent [V] 1.9 years ago2471214-------Pad
Replay The Night1.9 years ago----14-------Pad
Run1.9 years ago471013--------Pad
Senkou hanabi SDVX edit1.9 years ago-5914--------Pad
Somebody Else1.9 years ago47101214-------Pad
Supermodel [V] 1.9 years ago25913---5913--Pad
Supermodel (You Better Work)1.9 years ago35811--------Pad
Synchronize1.9 years ago---1315-------Pad
THATS WHAT I WANT1.9 years ago---12-----13--Pad
This Was My House [V] 1.9 years ago25912--------Pad
wait, these aren't muffins1.9 years ago37111316-------Pad
XS [V] 1.9 years ago26812---6913--Pad

Week 3: Beyond BEMANI

37 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
00 HEAVEN1.9 years ago361014-16-61014--Pad
Ai kotoba IV [V] 1.9 years ago2571113-------Pad
Alien Jungle Dance Party1.9 years ago--1417--------Pad
All the Lovers [V] 1.9 years ago15811--------Pad
Bag It Up1.9 years ago-5810---5810--Pad
Bubble (TeddyLoid Remix) [V] 1.9 years ago2591113--591113-Pad
C.Q.C1.9 years ago--1316-----17--Pad
Climax1.9 years ago6101417--------Pad
Dance The Nation (Extended Mix) 1.9 years ago---1316-------Pad
EMERALD♡KISS -jun side-1.9 years ago---1316-------Pad
EPHMR1.9 years ago---1315-------Pad
Got hive of Ra1.9 years ago811131618-------Pad
Hiho1.9 years ago26811--------Pad
JACK DA FUNK1.9 years ago371214--------Pad
JULIA (short edit)1.9 years ago-81215--------Pad
Junkie [V] 1.9 years ago3681114-------Pad
KILL ME One More Time1.9 years ago--1013-----13--Pad
Let The Rhythm Flow1.9 years ago6111416--------Pad
Level Up1.9 years ago59141719-----18-Pad
Mazy Metroplex1.9 years ago---1316-------Pad
MEGALOMAN[i]A1.9 years ago711141718-------Pad
Murmurs from the Land Forbidden (kors k x sky_delta REMIX)1.9 years ago371115--------Pad
neoMAX1.9 years ago591315--------Pad
P! P!! P!!!1.9 years ago581113--------Pad
PECKERCORE1.9 years ago---1417-------Pad
Phantom Razor1.9 years ago471216--------Pad
Realm1.9 years ago---1415-------Pad
Rock the Party1.9 years ago---1517-------Pad
Scientification1.9 years ago-5812P-------Pad
Slapstick Parfait1.9 years ago---1317-------Pad
Swimsuit1.9 years ago36911---6911--Pad
Tech Alert1.9 years ago36111416-------Pad
TwisteD! XD1.9 years ago37121518-------Pad
UGLY1.9 years ago481215---71115--Pad
ultimer1.9 years ago913161819-------Key
Ultra B+K (RoughSketch Remix)1.9 years ago510131515-------Pad
Yoake Made Ato 3 Byou [V] 1.9 years ago36111518-------Pad

Week 4: 2D is Better?!

26 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
4041.8 years ago2481115-------Pad
Ai No Tenshi1.8 years ago---11--------Pad
Blooming Colors [V] 1.8 years ago471014---71114--Pad
Casino Fire Kotomi-chan1.9 years ago591315--------Pad
Catch the Wave1.9 years ago---1316-------Pad
Catch You Catch Me [V] 1.8 years ago---12--------Pad
Cinderella [V] 1.9 years ago15912---5912--Pad
Crazy crazy dancers1.8 years ago57101315-------Pad
Girly Cupid [V] 1.8 years ago36912--------Pad
God-ish [V] 1.8 years ago---1214-------Pad
Kakkowarui I love you! [V] 1.8 years ago1471113-------Pad
Kämpfe Sailor Moon1.8 years ago361013--------Pad
Kashokusei idol shoukougun [V] 1.8 years ago481316--------Pad
Kuruizake homura no hana1.9 years ago59131618-------Pad
Love is War1.9 years ago471114-----14--Pad
Magical Girl and Chocolate [V] 1.9 years ago4681214-------Pad
Missing Promise [V] 1.8 years ago271012-----13--Pad
never stop my beat1.8 years ago381215--------Pad
ONOMATO Pairing!!!1.9 years ago------------Key
Pleiades1.9 years ago---151712------Pad
Push on Beats ~Otoge no kuni no eX-streamer~1.8 years ago49121517-------Pad
roUwUlette1.8 years ago47111518-------Pad
Sweet Memories1.8 years ago-469--------Pad
Take On Miku1.8 years ago---10--------Pad
TELL ME ANSWER [V] 1.9 years ago471013------14-Pad
Yona Yona Journey [V] 1.9 years ago24711---4811--Pad

Week 5: Simfile Buffet Reborn

33 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
(They Long To Be) Close To You (Spike Jones Spoof)1.8 years ago48121417-------Pad
All That She Wants1.8 years ago24811-----12--Pad
BELLUM1.8 years ago812151718-------Pad
Biology [V] 1.8 years ago2581111-------Pad
CAUTION! small but deadly1.8 years ago1111417---101417--Pad
Crystalia1.8 years ago5811141516------Pad
Dancing is Over1.8 years ago381215--------Pad
Decoboco Speed Star1.8 years ago47101417--7101517-Pad
Douwa kairou [V] 1.8 years ago381315-16------Pad
ELECTRIC MASSIVE DIVER1.8 years ago710121416--10121517-Pad
EZ DO DANCE [V] 1.8 years ago3691112-------Pad
Freeway Shuffle feat. Peter Griffin [V] 1.8 years ago---9--------Pad
Funky Beats1.8 years ago361012--------Pad
I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore [V] 1.8 years ago36912-12-6912-11Pad
Jogging1.8 years ago13610--------Pad
KIKO1.8 years ago---1315-------Pad
La Chona (REMIX)1.8 years ago---15--------Pad
Mew (Saegusa Akina cover)1.8 years ago---1416-------Pad
My Sharona1.8 years ago57101214-------Key
Pandemonium^21.8 years ago813151718-------Pad
Reach Out To The Truth [V] 1.8 years ago2581113-------Pad
RENZOKUTAI1.8 years ago36101315-------Pad
Ring1.8 years ago691315--------Pad
Scatman's World (Tr!xy Hardstyle Bootleg)1.8 years ago59111315-------Pad
Skyrocketing1.8 years ago27121517-------Pad
Sorcerer's Swing1.8 years ago56111314-------Pad
Standing Stone1.8 years ago2571214-------Pad
The Lady with a Monocle1.8 years ago---1416-------Pad
The Zoo Zone1.8 years ago3691314-------Pad
Tokoshie1.8 years ago6111518--------Pad
Vesnyanka [V] 1.8 years ago47111416-------Pad
Video Killed The Radio Star [V] 1.8 years ago2471011-------Pad
World Identity1.8 years ago2581011-------Pad

Week 6: I Love Video Games

30 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit)1.8 years ago25101516-------Pad
Captain Falcon1.8 years ago371013--------Pad
Chaos King1.8 years ago---1416-------Pad
DADDY MULK1.8 years ago471013--------Pad
Death Match With Torna1.8 years ago2591114-------Pad
Desert Replay1.8 years ago-6101315-------Pad
Devil Trigger [V] 1.8 years ago461013---61013--Pad
Drive-Thru Danger1.8 years ago271114--------Pad
Friends [Sonic Mania] [V] 1.8 years ago---12--------Pad
goldenslaughterer1.8 years ago2581114-------Pad
HAVOX1.8 years ago713141618-------Pad
Heart of Fire1.8 years ago27101315-----15-Pad
Inversion HD1.8 years ago461114--------Pad
Invisible Full Moon (alstroemeria carnivalize remix)1.8 years ago---13--------Pad
JEHANNEDARC1.8 years ago7101316---101316--Pad
Katamari on the Swing (SEXY-SYNTHESIZER ALL ABOUT namco MIX)1.8 years ago---14--------Pad
Ludens [V] 1.8 years ago2581215--581215-Pad
Mass Destruction1.8 years ago271114--------Pad
Open Your Heart1.8 years ago481114--------Pad
Pac Toy-Box1.8 years ago471315-----15--Pad
Pictionary1.8 years ago17101315-------Pad
Planet_Paralysis_in_T_minus_4831.8 years ago49131618-------Pad
Receive You The Hyperactive1.8 years ago----15-------Pad
Sealed Ground1.8 years ago271013--------Pad
Streamworks (Saliva Island)1.8 years ago3591215-------Pad
The Cyber Grind1.8 years ago---1417-------Pad
The Disaster of Passion1.8 years ago381215--------Pad
Track 21.8 years ago3611151718------Pad
Trident of Sadness1.8 years ago59131618-------Pad
Wasabi Body Blow1.8 years ago---1315-------Pad

Week 7: ZIv Academy VIII

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Celestial Horizon1.8 years ago36131517-------Pad
Cosmica1.8 years ago---141617------Pad
Crystal Toybox1.8 years ago491316-----16--Pad
Downpour1.8 years ago2681315-------Pad
Fairy Tale1.8 years ago29111315-------Pad
Impress(siqlo's Hi-Tech Veats)1.8 years ago38121517-------Pad
Kecak1.8 years ago591216--------Pad
Koisuru uchuu sensou!! (Y&Co. Remix)1.8 years ago581216---81316--Pad
Little Flipper1.8 years ago461114--------Pad
Nainai [V] 1.8 years ago24812---4812--Pad
NUCLEAR FUSION1.8 years ago59121517-------Pad
nuRaves1.8 years ago48121415-------Pad
Opaque Couche1.8 years ago711131517-------Pad
Pout [V] 1.8 years ago2691214--6101214-Pad
That Life [V] 1.8 years ago15914--------Pad

Week 8: New Decade

36 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Alb1.8 years ago361215--------Pad
Albireo1.8 years ago3691316-------Pad
Ashura-chan1.8 years ago---151612------Pad
At Atelier [V] 1.8 years ago471013--------Pad
Backspin1.8 years ago---1316-------Pad
Bad Habits1.8 years ago36912--------Key
Brutal [V] 1.8 years ago-81113--------Pad
Chimera1.8 years ago7111417---111517--Pad
Dana Dan1.8 years ago4711141720-610141720Pad
Dead Bae [V] 1.8 years ago25912--------Pad
enchanted love [V] 1.8 years ago2571316-------Pad
Future Downloader1.8 years ago49141719-------Pad
Inner Journey1.8 years ago-81113--------Pad
ISOGA♡PEACH1.8 years ago491216--------Pad
JIMO-AI Dash!1.8 years ago36111316-------Pad
Jurassic Park1.8 years ago15913--------Pad
Love Again1.8 years ago25810--------Pad
Melonaid [V] 1.8 years ago2581216--581216-Pad
N3V3R G3T OV3R [V] 1.8 years ago2591315-------Pad
OMG1.8 years ago4812151818------Pad
Only You1.8 years ago--1114--------Pad
Papipo1.8 years ago--121517-------Pad
POP [V] 1.8 years ago14913--------Key
rommmo [V] 1.8 years ago711131618-------Pad
Ruff Loud1.8 years ago581316--------Pad
SCHIZOPHRENIA1.8 years ago--1114--------Pad
Snowmelt1.8 years ago48111517-------Pad
Something Cool To Happen To Me (Cosmic Condiment Mix)1.8 years ago-581013-------Pad
Strawberry Moon1.8 years ago361013-----13--Pad
The Dying Song (Time To Sing) [V] 1.8 years ago5111417---111417--Pad
TWERKPROMISES281.8 years ago---1215-------Pad
UCHU 1.8 years ago---13--------Pad
VALKYRIE ASSAULT1.8 years ago6111416--------Pad
Vivid Theory1.8 years ago----15-------Pad
War in the Mirrorworld1.8 years ago36101317-------Pad
XXanadu#climaXX1.8 years ago811131618--12141618-Pad

Week 9: You Won't See This In DDR VII

34 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Annoyed Grunt1.8 years ago----12-------Pad
BABY, SHOW ME YOUR BUTT1.8 years ago361112--------Pad
Bereavement [V] 1.7 years ago--1316--------Pad
Bread (CCMan Remix)1.8 years ago--12151718------Pad
Caleb1.8 years ago47101315-------Pad
Candy Store1.7 years ago25712--------Pad
Deep Thoughts 0021.8 years ago---1417-------Pad
DOV [V] 1.7 years ago38111415-------Pad
Gourmet Race Fusion Collab [V] 1.8 years ago591217--------Pad
Harden Soul [V] 1.8 years ago1468---479--Pad
I Love Crowdsourcing1.8 years ago---1316-------Pad
Ievan Polkka (CupcakKe Remix)1.7 years ago--1115--------Pad
Karaoke Fiesta [V] 1.7 years ago----14-------Pad
Lawn Wake IV (Black)1.7 years ago1013141718-------Pad
Lipgloss feat. cupcakKe1.8 years ago1591413-------Pad
Mama o non Mama1.8 years ago---1418-------Pad
NOTHING LEFT1.7 years ago461115--------Pad
OBEY1.8 years ago---13--------Pad
On The Floor (CupcakKe Remix)1.7 years ago---13--------Pad
Pompa [V] 1.8 years ago13710---4710--Pad
Pressure Zone [V] 1.8 years ago15911--------Pad
Prison Song1.7 years ago28111316-------Pad
PUNANI1.8 years ago15813--------Pad
RUSH E1.7 years ago813151820-------Pad
S.N.U.F.F.Y (CupcakKe Remix)1.8 years ago---1214-------Pad
Saucemaster1.7 years ago--1013--------Pad
Sexo Sucio1.8 years ago--1013--------Pad
Sippy Cup [V] 1.7 years ago5812131620------Pad
Someone Stole My Beer [V] 1.8 years ago471114--------Pad
Sorry Voor De Overlast [V] 1.8 years ago25812---5812-11Pad
Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002)1.7 years ago471216--------Pad
Tentaclar Aliens' Epic Extraterretterrestrial Jungle Dance Party Inside Of A Super-Ultra-Mega-Gigantic U.F.O. (It Maybe U.U.F.O.) Silently Flying Over Illinois St.1.7 years ago--15-18-------Pad
undertale temmie get money for colege [V] 1.7 years ago24912--------Pad
VERY NOISE1.8 years ago610151718-------Pad

Week 10: Tech Savvy II

28 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
$1.781.7 years ago---1517-------Pad
ALTERNATOR [V] 1.7 years ago6111417--------Pad
BAM!1.7 years ago---15--------Pad
Binary Black Hole [V] 1.7 years ago9131618---131618--Pad
Body1.7 years ago---13--------Pad
DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!1.7 years ago2691316-------Pad
De Flore Sonos1.7 years ago---15--------Pad
Defection1.7 years ago--101315-------Pad
examination leave1.7 years ago7101317--------Key
Holdin On (Skrillex and Nero Remix)1.7 years ago----13-------Pad
Knickknack Kingdom [V] 1.7 years ago471315--------Pad
Memory Garden (Synthion Remix)1.7 years ago---1315-------Pad
Mopemope [V] 1.7 years ago--12151715------Pad
Oh La La La1.7 years ago14711--------Pad
Painful Fate [V] 1.7 years ago36101315-------Pad
Pickaxe Prince1.7 years ago491115--------Pad
Pixel Perfect1.7 years ago---1215-------Pad
Play Dice1.7 years ago---1518-------Pad
POLꞰAMAИIA [V] 1.7 years ago1013161819-------Pad
Powder Snow Rendezvous1.7 years ago--121414-----15-Pad
Round & Round1.7 years ago47111315-------Key
rudimentary methods of overkill1.7 years ago38131719-------Pad
Sadistic Music Factory (Remake The second phase) [V] 1.7 years ago912151719--12151719-Pad
Shooting Star1.7 years ago38111417-------Pad
SKIBIDI (Romantic Version) [V] 1.7 years ago2591316--591316-Pad
Tight Pants Body Rolls [V] 1.7 years ago25810--------Pad
Victory of the Century1.7 years ago-71317--------Pad
Youthful1.7 years ago38111416-------Pad

Week VIP1: Duplication System

16 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Blah Dha1.7 years ago---1317-------Pad
Can U Feel It1.7 years ago37111517-------Pad
Deep Resonance1.7 years ago471013--------Key
DOMINION [V] 1.7 years ago591316---91317--Pad
Endless Journey1.7 years ago261113--------Pad
JAVELIN1.7 years ago271115--------Pad
Kruel Kreator [V] 1.7 years ago6111317--------Pad
RAD DOGS [V] 1.7 years ago--1315--------Key
Reincarnation Apple [V] 1.7 years ago2581216-------Pad
Sanagi sai1.7 years ago691316--------Pad
Slime Molds1.7 years ago5101416---101416--Pad
Taste The Rainbow1.7 years ago481215--------Pad
TONDEMO-WONDERZ [V] 1.7 years ago---1315-------Pad
UZA [V] 1.7 years ago1471213-------Pad
Yoru no Pierrot (TeddyLoid Remix) [V] 1.7 years ago14712158-4712158Pad
Zetsubousei hero chiryouyaku1.7 years ago591316--------Pad

Week VIP2: Small But Deadly

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
All Clear!!1.7 years ago---1416-------Pad
Bad Boy Birdwatch1.7 years ago481216--------Pad
being torn the sky1.7 years ago26914--------Pad
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- [V] 1.7 years ago9131618---131618--Pad
Fly On The Wings Of Love (XTM Remix)1.7 years ago371114--------Pad
Gold Dust (Fox Stevenson Remix)1.7 years ago371215--------Pad
Jousou dystopia1.7 years ago371115--------Pad
Make it Critical1.7 years ago271013--------Pad
No Day But Today! [V] 1.7 years ago261115---61115--Pad
PHOENIX [V] 1.7 years ago1581114-------Pad
Rakki1.7 years ago---1315-------Pad
Revontulet1.7 years ago4101316--------Pad
Salamander1.7 years ago2681113-------Pad
Seishun wa Hanabi no you ni [V] 1.7 years ago381315---81315--Pad
So In Love1.7 years ago151215--------Pad

Week VIP3: SHOWDOWN ~Unforgettable Experience~

14 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Captain Cowbell1.7 years ago491216--------Pad
GRAVITON [V] 1.7 years ago610131618-------Pad
JUDGEMENT ARROWS [V] 1.7 years ago46101315-------Pad
Liar x Girl1.7 years ago581316---91316--Pad
MUKISHITSU SEKAI NI AYA WO [V] 1.7 years ago35111416-------Pad
Music1.7 years ago---15--------Pad
Myths You Forgot1.7 years ago59121618-------Pad
NINA [V] 1.7 years ago--1316--------Pad
pique1.7 years ago58121517-------Pad
ra'am [V] 1.7 years ago9131618---131618--Pad
Skreaming for Salvation1.7 years ago49131517--9131517-Pad
splitstream1.7 years ago1014171717-------Pad
TECHNOPOLIS 20851.7 years ago---1317-------Pad
Together forever, my lovely lovely video game cartridges1.6 years ago---1416-------Pad
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