Z-I-v Summer Contest 2021

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Chaos Theory

32 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
15162.8 years ago68111417-------Pad
All That feat. Channel Tres2.8 years ago---14--------Pad
Blossoms for Life2.8 years ago--1215--------Pad
BUZRA2.8 years ago26101316-------Pad
Canning Factory2.8 years ago361114--------Pad
CARTE BLANCHE -TISF mix- 2.8 years ago---13--------Pad
Ceyx2.8 years ago38121517-------Pad
Cynic2.8 years ago---1417-------Pad
CØDE2.8 years ago37101315-------Pad
Fancy Footwork (Guns 'N Bombs Remix)2.8 years ago----15-------Pad
FLOW (V.I.P. Mix)2.8 years ago--913--------Pad
Got noir forever.2.8 years ago511121518-------Pad
Hyper Techno Waros2.8 years ago-4913--------Pad
Ich Bin Wieder Hier [V] 2.8 years ago35814---6914--Pad
It's Gonna Be Alright2.8 years ago361215--------Pad
LASER CRUSTER [V] 2.8 years ago610131517--10131518-Pad
Level 2 [V] 2.8 years ago581115--------Pad
line-zeta2.8 years ago--111517-------Pad
Luna Clock2.8 years ago49131618-------Pad
Neuro Cafe2.8 years ago38111316-------Pad
No Substitute2.8 years ago161012-14------Pad
PRANK2.8 years ago249141515------Pad
Seifuku no Mannequin [V] 2.8 years ago2471013-------Pad
Sorry Not Sorry2.8 years ago-71013--------Pad
SPACE VILLAGE2.8 years ago471215--------Key
spooky2.8 years ago--101316-------Pad
Still Lonesome2.8 years ago---1517-------Pad
The Replicator2.8 years ago57111417-------Pad
The Supernatural2.8 years ago251015--------Pad
Touch n Go2.8 years ago37101316-------Pad
triangulum2.8 years ago7111518--------Pad
Wavetapper2.8 years ago49121416-------Pad

Combine Week

12 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Black Out [V] 2.7 years ago25913--------Pad
Dawn Saga [V] 2.7 years ago571216--------Pad
Future Raver [blarten 2]2.7 years ago610141618-------Pad
Hands Up [V] 2.7 years ago24714--------Pad
ISHINDENSHIN [V] 2.7 years ago2481316-------Pad
NANAIRO2.7 years ago4111516--------Pad
Ni paljaya2.7 years ago---121617------Pad
Queendom [V] 2.7 years ago35812--------Pad
Rub-a Dub-a2.7 years ago581216---81216--Pad
Sein2.7 years ago913151819-------Pad
Singularity2.7 years ago47111517-------Pad
Under The Moon2.7 years ago3581114-------Pad

Final Destination

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
11162.6 years ago--1517--------Pad
COSMIC RAY2.6 years ago6101517-18-101517-18Pad
Deus ex Machina2.6 years ago913161819-------Pad
Last Judgement2.6 years ago--151719-------Pad
MEGAERA [V] 2.6 years ago9121517---131518--Pad
Oceanus2.6 years ago611131618-------Pad
PANDORA PARADOXXX [V] 2.6 years ago29131719-------Pad
Prophesy One [V] 2.6 years ago57121618-------Pad
SOMEDAY -00.prologue- [V] 2.6 years ago1481214-----14-Pad
Spin Eternally2.6 years ago913151819--13151819-Pad
Strobe Action2.6 years ago--11151617------Pad
Thank You2.6 years ago591215--------Pad
Third Time UNLucky2.6 years ago--141718-------Pad
Turnstile Jumper2.6 years ago510131819-------Pad
WONDER $LOT 777 [V] 2.6 years ago58131518-------Pad

Groove Radar

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Aegleseeker2.6 years ago--151719-------Pad
BEcause2.6 years ago-71113--------Pad
Dads In Space2.6 years ago248111513------Pad
Dream2.6 years ago371215--------Pad
Egotistical Drug2.6 years ago381216--------Pad
FINALLY BLAZE2.6 years ago591316--------Pad
Indoor-kei nara Trackmaker2.6 years ago261115--------Pad
Off Da Heezie2.6 years ago--1215--------Pad
Reaching Dreams [V] 2.6 years ago481215--------Pad
Shuffle cats2.6 years ago371013--------Pad
Touch My Body2.6 years ago--1416--------Pad
TRASH CLAN2.6 years ago47111517--7121518-Pad
UNITE THE HEART2.7 years ago8111417---121518--Pad
Viyella's Tears2.6 years ago510131718-------Pad
YInMn Blue2.7 years ago--13161818------Pad

Long Distance

31 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
AFRO KNUCKLE [V] 2.8 years ago381013--------Pad
Alismonitos Lethaeus2.8 years ago--101315-------Pad
Blessed Be (Nightcore)2.8 years ago49111416-------Pad
Blindside [V] 2.8 years ago271114--------Pad
BOCA2.8 years ago-71113--------Pad
Butter2.8 years ago471113---81114--Pad
cobalt2.8 years ago47111511-------Pad
Cold Pulse2.8 years ago361114-16------Pad
Cruising Boy2.8 years ago3579--------Pad
Dark Line2.8 years ago----11-------Pad
Deserts of Mars [V] 2.8 years ago---1015-------Pad
Don't Sing2.8 years ago-3611--------Pad
EXOTICA2.8 years ago38101315-------Pad
Flunky Beats2.8 years ago361014--------Pad
Forestcall (Short Version)2.8 years ago14579-------Pad
Foundation of You (DJ Command mix)2.8 years ago3691215--691215-Pad
GO2.8 years ago---1417-------Pad
Lightyear2.8 years ago--914--------Pad
Love You Now2.8 years ago26811--------Pad
Machman no uta2.8 years ago26914---6914--Pad
Mahou no kakurenbo [V] 2.8 years ago46813--------Pad
Midsummer Madness2.8 years ago---1416-------Pad
Miles [V] 2.8 years ago35913--------Pad
Nihilism (Another ver.)2.8 years ago----15-------Pad
power plant2.8 years ago471114--------Pad
Pure Powerstomper2.8 years ago47121516-------Pad
Repentance2.8 years ago481014--------Pad
Sea Saw Game2.8 years ago---13--------Pad
Silver2.8 years ago36111315-------Pad
The Music Is Movin (Mars Plastic Mix)2.8 years ago6111315--------Pad
There Is A Star [V] 2.8 years ago471013---5913--Pad

Olympic Rings

28 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Ai wa fushichou no you ni2.9 years ago481216---81216--Pad
American Idiot2.9 years ago261013--------Pad
ARMAGEADON2.9 years ago--131517-------Pad
ARTEMiS2.9 years ago--121518-------Pad
Bang A Boomerang2.9 years ago36812---7912--Pad
Big Yellow Taxi2.9 years ago16912--------Key
Black Or White2.9 years ago-6913-----12--Pad
BLACK ROSES [V] 2.9 years ago481417--------Pad
BLACK SHOUT2.9 years ago410131618-------Pad
Blacksphere2.9 years ago--111517-------Pad
BLUE CLAPPER2.9 years ago371013--------Pad
BLUE FLAME2.9 years ago36913--------Pad
Blue Forest(NightBounce Remix)2.9 years ago----15-------Pad
Crna Jutra (Balkan S&M)2.9 years ago15711-17------Pad
Di Ve Nha [V] 2.9 years ago14913--------Pad
Everything Black2.9 years ago24711--------Pad
Fragments2.9 years ago--91315-------Pad
GIGA THRASH2.9 years ago---1516-------Pad
Green Eyes [djVERTICAI]2.9 years ago361115--------Pad
GREEN EYES [peterrw9000] [V] 2.9 years ago48111517-------Pad
Green Green Dance2.9 years ago----15-------Pad
Into The Blue [V] 2.9 years ago361013---3613--Pad
Patrimpas2.9 years ago37101416-------Pad
POMPEIUS2.9 years ago351013--------Pad
RED [V] 2.9 years ago241013--------Pad
Red Light and Sex2.9 years ago---1013-------Pad
RED ZONE (NeoClassical Party Remix)2.9 years ago481217--------Pad
Tokyo Blue Pipe (Kenji Sekiguchi Remix)2.9 years ago36812--------Pad


25 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
BaBan!! -Amai Wana- [V] 2.8 years ago371012--------Pad
BANG! (lapix Garage Remix)2.8 years ago----13-------Pad
BOOM BOOM DISCO NIGHT2.8 years ago26101316-------Pad
Boom Digi Da2.8 years ago---1113-------Pad
Chick Chick2.8 years ago----14-------Pad
Dolphin Click2.8 years ago35713--------Pad
DRUM GO DUM2.8 years ago36913--------Pad
High Tech Jazz2.8 years ago-6101314-------Pad
Howling2.8 years ago371115--------Pad
HYMN2.8 years ago9111518--------Pad
Kura Kura2.8 years ago-6912--------Pad
MA-TSU-RI2.8 years ago16111517-------Pad
MAGICAL VOICE SHOWER2.8 years ago371013--------Pad
Miaow (Sistema 3 Version) [V] 2.8 years ago581214---81113--Pad
Mogu Mogu YUMMY!2.8 years ago---12-----13--Pad
My Heart Beats Like A Drum2.8 years ago34911-11---11--Pad
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)2.8 years ago571012--------Pad
Nobody2.8 years ago47101314-------Pad
OOO [V] 2.8 years ago14710---4710--Pad
Random Scaternal Melmordy2.8 years ago48121518-------Pad
San Diego2.8 years ago57111314-------Pad
Scatman & Hatman2.8 years ago2791213-------Pad
Second Hand News2.8 years ago471215--------Key
Vroom Vroom [V] 2.8 years ago24711--------Pad
Work2.8 years ago--111416-------Pad

Retro Week 2021

25 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Acid Bomb2.8 years ago48121416-------Pad
Baraonda [V] 2.8 years ago7111416---91316--Pad
Case of the Ex [V] 2.8 years ago14811--------Pad
Cho no Hyohon2.8 years ago-61013--------Pad
Cool Cat2.8 years ago37911--------Pad
Electric Youth2.8 years ago36911--------Pad
Entertainment2.8 years ago---1217-------Pad
Hero [Club-MIX]2.8 years ago261013---61013--Pad
Hold On2.8 years ago-4812--------Pad
Hypnotica [V] 2.8 years ago361115--------Pad
I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES2.8 years ago-57911--6810--Pad
I'm on Fire2.8 years ago37914--------Pad
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)2.8 years ago----14-------Pad
Naissance2.8 years ago---1316-------Pad
Schlagwerk2.8 years ago261114-18------Pad
Schlagwerk [talkion]2.8 years ago--81215-------Pad
Sneakman2.8 years ago2591215-------Pad
Stand2.8 years ago-5813--------Pad
STOP SPINNING ME IN CIRCLES2.8 years ago-91214--------Pad
TetraQ [V] 2.8 years ago48121618-------Pad
Together Forever2.8 years ago14710--------Pad
TOTAL RECALL2.8 years ago3581113-------Pad
TOUMEI NINGEN2.8 years ago361014--------Pad
Voltage (feat. Hidemaru)2.8 years ago361014---61014--Pad
World In Motion2.8 years ago25911--------Pad

Reverse Scrabble

32 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Aoi2.8 years ago471016--------Pad
As I Told U2.8 years ago15711--------Pad
BAPTIZE2.9 years ago---13--------Pad
Better2.8 years ago-6914--------Pad
Black Swan [V] 2.8 years ago46111315-------Pad
Bliss2.9 years ago---1215-------Pad
Chelsea2.8 years ago25101315-------Pad
CRASH!2.9 years ago----13-----13-Key
fffff2.8 years ago48121518-------Pad
Fuego -GITADORA EDITION-2.8 years ago481416--------Pad
Hold On To Love [V] 2.8 years ago471113---71113--Pad
Honeypie [V] 2.9 years ago2491212-------Pad
Ieva's Polka 2.8 years ago-5811--------Pad
Iris2.9 years ago591215--------Pad
Jelly2.9 years ago--71113-------Pad
KIDDING ME2.8 years ago-61014--------Pad
Kiss Me More [V] 2.9 years ago25911--------Pad
Metro2.8 years ago69131618-------Pad
My Time2.9 years ago571013--------Pad
Natural (Almight Mix)2.8 years ago-3811--------Pad
NAVIGATOR [V] 1.7 years ago----13-------Pad
Neuron2.9 years ago591215---91215--Pad
Notice2.9 years ago381114--------Pad
Only You2.8 years ago471011---71011--Pad
Palpitation2.8 years ago-91417--------Pad
polyriddim2.9 years ago28121517-------Pad
REFLECT2.9 years ago361114---61115--Pad
Run Run2.9 years ago471115--------Pad
Servant2.8 years ago381114--------Pad
SHUM [V] 2.8 years ago36101215-------Pad
Snow Way Out2.8 years ago1271013-------Pad
U2.8 years ago481113--------Pad


30 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack Remix)2.9 years ago35912-----11--Pad
Dokkin summer aventure [V] 2.9 years ago47914---7913--Pad
Everlasting Resort2.9 years ago361013--------Pad
FIRE (REFLEC Version)2.9 years ago581116--------Pad
Halfmoon Beach de aimashou2.9 years ago471012--------Key
Hello summer2.9 years ago---15--------Pad
IT'S SUMMERTIME (5l1n65h07)2.9 years ago-4610--------Pad
IT'S SUMMERTIME [TonyAkita]2.9 years ago25710--------Pad
Jao Tee Rang [V] 2.9 years ago24812--------Pad
Logan Square2.9 years ago---1416-------Pad
Lure Module2.9 years ago481315--------Pad
MAGICAL SUMMER SMILE2.9 years ago3691114-------Pad
MY SUMMER LOVE2.9 years ago----13-------Pad
Natsu ni Kiss shite ii desu ka2.9 years ago4591315-------Pad
Para siempre [V] 2.9 years ago371215--------Pad
Playing In The Sun2.9 years ago15912--------Pad
Remember Summer Days (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)2.9 years ago471214--------Pad
Sakamoto Heat Up2.9 years ago---1216-------Pad
Summer (Album Mix)2.9 years ago25912--------Pad
SUMMER (awfuless remix)2.9 years ago691215--------Pad
Summer Comes Again2.9 years ago261013--------Pad
Summer Days (Haywyre Remix)2.9 years ago--91214-------Pad
Summer Holiday2.9 years ago----14-------Pad
Summer Idol2.9 years ago36912---6913--Pad
Summerlights(IIDX Edition)2.9 years ago---1316-------Pad
Summertime2.9 years ago261113------12-Pad
Summertime Sadness (Re-Con Remix)2.9 years ago-4812--------Pad
Sunglow (Happy Hardcore Style)2.9 years ago-101416--------Pad
The Summer [V] 2.9 years ago36911---5911--Pad
Tiempo Loco2.9 years ago571316--------Pad

World Tour

21 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
!CAUTION! small but deadly2.7 years ago213161819-------Pad
AMENOHOAKARI [V] 2.7 years ago59121617-------Pad
Celtic Trance2.7 years ago1358-----9--Pad
Crossing the Valley2.7 years ago25912--------Pad
Hengen jizai2.7 years ago371115--------Pad
Hyper Fiber World Spectrum2.7 years ago59131618-------Pad
Hyper Fiber World Travel [V] 2.7 years ago--1317--------Pad
Japoniji Fesu2.7 years ago-71215--------Pad
Johnny Techno Ska [V] 2.7 years ago591216---91215--Pad
Kikka-shura no mai-2.7 years ago812151819--12151819-Pad
MONONOKE2.7 years ago--121517-------Pad
No Hagas El Indio Haz El Cherokee [V] 2.7 years ago681113---61113--Pad
OTENAMI Hurricane2.7 years ago710141618-------Pad
Parvati [V] 2.7 years ago6111417-18------Pad
POLKAMANIA [V] 2.7 years ago691317--------Pad
Reflection Into the EDEN (JAKAZiD's Trance Mix)2.7 years ago---14--------Pad
Sukiyaki2.7 years ago14710---4810--Pad
TanTanMen2.7 years ago--131618-------Pad
tribe groove [V] 2.7 years ago---1114-------Pad
Tribe Tribe2.7 years ago3791216-------Pad
Uluwatu2.7 years ago----15-------Pad

You Won't See This In DDR VI

23 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
113% Cookie Tin2.7 years ago---1417-------Pad
Alice (Who The F..k Is Alice) [V] 2.7 years ago591113---71113--Pad
Ballade pour Adeline2.7 years ago2491115-------Key
Clockwork Genesis2.7 years ago581316--------Pad
Cut the Rope2.7 years ago26101415-------Pad
DaBaby VS Goku (CYPHER MIX)2.7 years ago58111216-------Pad
DX chouyasei! Survival Zundoko-chan2.7 years ago-1113161818------Pad
Gothique Resonance2.7 years ago---1418-------Pad
I Love It feat. Adele Givens [V] 2.7 years ago----12-------Pad
IIDX [V] 2.7 years ago35811---5812--Pad
Labyrinth in Kowloon - Walled World2.7 years ago79121517-------Pad
March Of The Pigs2.7 years ago89111418-------Pad
money2.7 years ago--71115-------Pad
Paint It Blue2.7 years ago-71013--------Pad
Reptilians2.7 years ago491316--------Pad
Rizamyn2.7 years ago----13-------Pad
Sloppy Pop2.7 years ago3479--------Pad
Stuck In The Suburbs2.7 years ago--121517-------Pad
Tamam Tamam [V] 2.7 years ago1468-8------Pad
The Terrorist2.7 years ago-5101314-------Pad
Tight Pants (Body Rolls) [V] 2.7 years ago---12--------Pad
Vagina (A THOUSAND MILES REMIX)2.7 years ago---13--------Pad
War Criminal2.7 years ago37101314-------Pad

ZIv Academy VII

10 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Blooming Day [V] 2.8 years ago2591214-------Pad
FREEZER BURN2.8 years ago68131516-------Pad
Future Raver [blarten]2.7 years ago48121617-------Pad
Let Me Think About It (MAFFALDA Remix)2.8 years ago---1316-------Pad
Origamical sweet love2.8 years ago36101315--6101315-Pad
PLAYBALL2.8 years ago5791215-------Pad
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) [V] 2.8 years ago471315--------Pad
Snowfall2.8 years ago1691214-------Pad
Visnu2.8 years ago381215--------Pad
Vitrum1.6 years ago510151719-------Pad
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