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IIDX arcin board helpAquasun 1174
1.7 months ago
DDR players, what are some "quality-of-life" requests you would like to make?lymera 492,322
1.9 months ago
DDR Supernova 2 Hard Drive compatibility list?AxelWasHere 0175
2.1 months ago
DDR UNIVERSE 2 (and other games!): Song RankingAnonyWolf 11868
2.3 months ago
What are location tests for?CYSYS8993 3365
2.3 months ago
"Finger Lock Syndrome"CYSYS8993 12665
2.6 months ago
Was there any particular reason behind the handful of Chinese songs in older DDR mixes?lymera 0215
2.6 months ago
DDR Supernova2 to DDR Supernova?AxelWasHere 4479
2.8 months ago
So this is what happened when the Internet connection got wonky at the arcade...lymera 0322
2.9 months ago
BEMANI albums available on the US iTunes Music Store, Etc.OrangeRight 8122,168
2.9 months ago
DanceDanceRevolution S+ (iOS) (International)al2k4 37759,783
3.1 months ago
Dance Dance Revolution STR!KE: Dance Master Mode ~Walkthrough~ [in progress, Area B complete]AnonyWolf 111,110
3.2 months ago
Can someone point me to the right OST albums for these songs?lymera 3315
3.2 months ago
IIDX SIRIUS songs unlock?kevindragon 3374
3.6 months ago
Old player recently returned - DDR A has me leaving with mixed feelings...lymera 704,704
4.1 months ago
BEMANI Sample Discovery ThreadScrap Rabbit 101,435
4.3 months ago
Is the Marvelous window wider in DDR A compared to DDR 2014?utopicfuture 3737
4.4 months ago
Decentered: An endless sporadic series from Sigrev2AnonyWolf 643,867
4.6 months ago
jubeat Qubell (AC)Arrows&Beats 19426,276
5.2 months ago
I found a Dao for $50.Venny 131,151
5.2 months ago
Fixing a DDR soft pad (Wii) that ghost steps?Zowayix 4548
5.5 months ago
Advice needed: How to purchase and run DDR A in Europe? kralde 15929
5.9 months ago
Need help fixing up a DDR machineiidxzeus 0419
6 months ago
The DDR homepad building and softpad modding thread! (HUGE TOPIC)8ftmetalhead 235210,311
6 months ago
So, I finally got to try Mambo A Go Go and ParaParaParadise...midnightclubx 4731
6.1 months ago
In your experience, what boosts/hinders your performance in BEMANI arcades?CYSYS8993 381,995
6.2 months ago
Name of Pop 'n Music characterDaniel_BMS 4450
6.5 months ago
BeatStream アニムトライヴ (AC)al2k4 529,581
6.6 months ago
"Alternate Graphics Pack"AnonyWolf 2507
6.6 months ago
How would you compare PIU scale to DDRX scale?MissingUTAH 23939
6.7 months ago
Can you backup your E-amusement data?CYSYS8993 3488
6.8 months ago
Player to Player Feedback?Mike458 12797
6.8 months ago
Where to find a solid DDR Padtruegamenerd 6786
6.9 months ago
The 6th Konami Arcade ChampionshipSilver Spirit 655,026
7 months ago
Upgrading a Solo CabDarkeTobias 9555
7 months ago
Trying to get a KOC (first one) working on PC on the cheapaidenn 4443
7.1 months ago
DDR Home release (Xbox vs PS2) What do you guys think?truegamenerd 291,284
7.2 months ago
Easier charts more unbearable to play?CYSYS8993 21964
7.2 months ago
Songs where the chart rating of Difficult is higher than Expert or ChallengeHobbes 261,194
7.6 months ago
Good Rhythm Game discount threadGadgetJax 5441
7.8 months ago

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