January, 2017

6th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Summer / banvox
• Two January exclusive songs added: Bloody Tears(IIDX EDITION) and PARADISE LOST
• Six unlockables added.
"BEMANI×東方Project PACK 2" released.
"BEMANI×東方Project pack 2" released.

December, 2016

2016-12-28 · jubeat Qubell (AC)
A time-limited QUBE will be available from tomorrow called: Fables of Akhuta
Track previews now available.
Site updated. MUSIC section updated.
5th WEEKLY RANKING song is: OTENAMI Hurricane / t+pazolite
"Yatsuzaki Hardcore PACK" released.
"Yatsuzaki Hardcore pack" released.
Site updated. MUSIC MOVIE section updated.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
"KONAMI music pack 64" released.
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 45" released.
"オトカドール PACK" released.
"オトカドール pack" released.
2016-12-21 · 青龍 / AO-∞
Announced for March 1st release.
Announced for March 1st release.
New EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song will be added tomorrow.
4th WEEKLY RANKING track is: shuriken / ヒゲドライバー
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