Final Fantasy XII

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Quote: FELMDemon

They all want to help Ashe.

Balthier had some other issues to deal with later on and helping her would led to the resolution of those issues. Plus, he is the leading man.

Fran tagged along with Balthier and had her own problem to deal with later on.

Basch promised to help Ashe early on and he confronts the person who put him in prison for 2 years later on.

Vaan wants to become a Sky Pirate and takes after Balthier to help Ashe. His problem with his brother is solved later on.

Penelo follows Vaan, who is kind of the voice of reason for Vaan.


Balthier is the only character I liked, and I didn't like him anymore than a 'like'. Because he was the only character that was interesting and humorous and had soul.

Fran, mostly a tag-along character, adds nothing to the story but to warn you about 'Mist' being around...

Basch does seem to have an interesting position in the storyline, and actually does, but the problem is his position is dropped all together very quickly and never elaborated on. Each character seems to have this sudden bang of story when they appear that quickly fades away.

Vaan wants to be a Sky Pirate indeed. He mentions airships for the first hour or so and then tell me how often he's even made a whisper on his dream. Why is he even the main character? I forgot after a few hours.

Penelo is NOTHING but a tack-on character. I can't think of one memorable line or story background for Penelo.

Ashe is nothing but a revenge freak. She hardly has reason to be 'freeing' any countries, as the people seem completely content under the ruler there, who actually seems to be doing a fine job.

In fact, rather than following the characters, this game is more following the politics at work. An RPG's main hook is its story, and without likable characters, the game cannot live to its fullest. Its battle system was an excellent idea on paper, but it wasn't pulled off to its potential. That's why it needed a story to still be a proper FF.

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XD What's funny is that I agree. Balthier seems to have a lot of history tacked on compared to the rest of them. What's funnier is that he's my favorite character from that game. (Still playing through Revenant Wings)
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You know... this is exactly like the arguments I normally see. You are entitled to your own opinion about the game. The thing I was addressing was a blatant insult to a credible game critiquing company that was made because the game wasn't what they wanted and they expected Famitsu to say the same thing. Include the fact they were insulting a great game and that pushed my jackass button.

The majority of the gaming websites and magazines gave it a great rating.

I could just post this gigantic essay spanning a good 2-3 feet in length on the computer screen for a defense to the story and its characters but I prefer not to as people will still disagree and I doubt anyone would want to read it.

I'm probably the only person here who likes FFXII so it would be pointless. You either like it or hate it.
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FFXII is alright, it's not the best FF Game by any means, but it's not completely horrible. Of course, I still haven't bothered to beat it yet Tongue.

The story is pretty good, like all FF Games are, but I've been playing it in large increments that are 1-2 months apart, so it's become pretty confusing by now >_<.
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