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I don`t have a Penis.... because I`m a girl Big Grin

I should mention, that I played doubles about 7 or 8 times overall... so lv. 8 max isn`t that bad Smile Could be better if I could play doubles regularly.
It`s still a fun game...you can always improve. no one will ever quad all existing songs. (the first 15 was quadded a few weeks ago)

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I don`t have a Penis.... because I`m a girl
Smartass. Tongue I haven't noticed many female elitists anyway. Wink

Well, it's fun if you ignore the elitists and go at your own pace. Smile Since I have the house to myself for a few days (at least during the day), I might just give my pads another chance and see if using baby powder makes a difference.

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Well, since I'm late to reading recent posts, I guess this reply might not mean anything now.

Quote: Lucie
I do`t get why you need ranks?
I mean... the songs have difficulties.
So if I say I can pass a few 11s, everyone knows what passing level I am at.
If I´d say I`m 6th rank... everyone would way what?? It would take a likg time till everyone would know what rank 6 or whatever is. And no beginner would understand it.
Just going by difficulties is way easier.

Block-ratings aren't the only classification we have -- there are the novice easy, medium, hard, expert modes. The ranking is pretty much between the numerous, small block-ratings and the broader difficulty mode divisions. Some people may not realize right off the differences among the many individual block-ratings, which may not even be completely accurate what with misrated songs and all. I guess I have to admit that I enjoy comparing people's stats -- I find people's individual strengths and weaknesses absolutely fascinating. The scale wasn't and isn't meant to put players in their place, it was more about marking milestones, the introduction of eighth notes in fives after advancing from fours is one example.

Quote: DancingNinja
Don't give me a reason to leave here damnit; the last thing I need is people looking down on me and waving their E-Penis because I'm rank 6 (would be 7 if I passed Uber Rave/Indulgence last year).

This may be preaching to the choir at this point, but you need to relax, dude. No one is infringing on your right to feel free to post here, and anyone who does can be banned if I'm not mistaken. Just do what pleases you with the game and don't pay attention to anyone else who has nothing good/constructive to say or do. Elitism is harassment and therefore an infringement on one's personal rights -- it's almost as bad as racism. The next time anyone makes any elitist comments or actions towards you, try something like saying, "You know, I wouldn't expect a kid half your age to act as immature as you're acting now. When are you elitists going to grow up and mind your own business? You're just as bad as a racist." I guess we need mental/psychological self-defense as much as we do physical.

And regarding the comment that In The Groove is elitist elitist revolution, I could be mistaken, but I doubt that was the intention of the wonderful people of RoXor who brought us this fun game that has no obligation to promote anything elitist or anything else unacceptable, and I see no reason why it has to be that way.
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