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Offline Kon
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I already know the score track has individual leaderboards based on song, course or amount of songs uploaded but I think there should also be a leaderboard showing Perfect scores as well based on several categories...
-Overall AAA
-Challenge AAA
-Heavy AAA
-Standard AAA
-Light AAA
-Version AAA (With % of the game AAA'd next to their name)

You might want to also include a option to turn on scores proofs or not. What do you think... A good idea?

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Offline PanStyle
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You mean a Top50 of players with most AAA by categories ? (like the top50 that we have in score count).
If it's this, yes that could be a good idea. Since a lot of players like to collecting AAA.

But my request would be to put the Heavy and Challenge together then, because a lot of players count their AAA this way and use a seperate count for Standard, Light and Beginner.

But when you said "Version AAA" it reminds me something that i alsmot asked to Al (but i already asked a bunch of things on the score tracker so i didn't).
It was to have something like this
Songs AAA'd : 22/351 - 6.27%
Next to the clear % and the overall % (that i have already asked).
But i don't know if it's too much because we have already a lot of things.

Anyway, we are not talking about that, i'm drifting, sorry.
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Offline Carlitos^^
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Whatever happened to this idea? It's a good idea. Most scoretrackers have this feature.
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Offline al2k4
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On to-do list, but very low priority, as I don't see many people using this apart from the best of the best players.
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