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Zenius -I- vanisher.com ~second style~ BETA has now launched!

Main Changes from v1:
• New layout
• New theme and colour schemes
• Navigational hierachy bar visible in all pages
• Fixed site width to 960 pixels so layout won't be affected whatever resolution you use
• Removed table cell borders (no black borders everywhere now)
• Changed font from Tahoma to Arial Unicode MS (Arial if you don't have the Unicode version)

16th June 2007
v0.05c - Site - Caching disabled on all pages, so Internet Explorer should reload every page on every click

15th June 2007
v0.05b - Site - Picture uploads are now named according to user ID and timestamps
v0.05a - Site - Picture gallery now has pages

12th June 2007
v0.05 - DDR - Score Tracker started

15th April 2007
v0.04 - IIDX - Score Tracker started

10th April 2007
v0.03f - DDR - DanceDanceRevolution game database now utilises AJAX

8th April 2007
v0.03e - Site - Donators will have their usernames underlined and friends remain to have their usernames in green
v0.03d - Site - Site left-aligned

6th April 2007
v0.03c - IIDX - beatmaniaIIDX game database now utilises AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

5th April 2007
v0.03b - Site - Latest posts visible in homepage

4th April 2007
v0.03a - Site - Hovering over name and artists in various databases will show English name
v0.03 - pop'n - Game database started
v0.02 - GF&DM - Game database started
v0.01a - DDR - Simfile bug fixed

2nd April 2007
v0.01 - Site - Launched
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