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United States of Americacookiez26Uh-Oh AA9G 3CB 1NG3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Top The Charts AA13G 6CB 2NG3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26The History of the Future AA18G 5CB3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Six String Proof AA9G 2CB3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Rave Accelerator A102G 16CB3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26London EVOLVED Ver.B A38G 18CB 2NG3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Freeway Shuffle AA6G3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Afterimage d'automne AA19G3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez26Adularia AA4G3.7 hours ago
United States of Americacookiez261998 (Sparky 2006) AA12G3.7 hours ago
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1998 was almost a AAA, but I lost concentrationRankingsS-ExpEXTREME62899.05% PhotoAA305662010-06-26
5.1.1. AHAHAHA this score was on 5/11/10RankingsS-ExpEXTREME19996.6% PhotoAA96702010-06-26
AA Previous best was 35-2-0-1RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74696.13% PhotoAA3563022010-04-13
AFRONOVA RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA72698.1% PhotoAA3561402010-04-08
AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL Crossover farts. Will AAA soonRankingsS-ExpEXTREME83298.34% PhotoAA412802010-06-26
BE LOVIN RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA60498.05% PhotoAA2921242010-04-08
BREAK DOWN! RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA77094.36% PhotoA3623652010-04-08
Brilliant R.E.D RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71494.69% PhotoA30240352010-04-08
BROKEN MY HEART RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA70597.91% PhotoAA3461302010-04-08
Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) Crap.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74589.11% PhotoA3238952010-04-11
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (SPEED MIX) Repetitive arrows in same directions are are annoying.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA85296.16% PhotoAA4103202010-04-11
Club Tropicana FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200049899.2% PhotoAA248202010-04-09
CURUS Jeremiah beat me :/RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA61994.07% PhotoA25833352010-04-13
Dance Dance Revolution Crossovers are funky on this one.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66193.89% PhotoA3094302010-04-11
DEAD END Closer to AAA! Last score was 21 greatsRankingsS-ExpEXTREME81599.39% PhotoAA405502010-06-26
Destiny lovers RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71395.83% PhotoAA32829142010-04-11
DoLL RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA93296.68% PhotoAA40030512010-04-13
DREAM A DREAM (MIAMI BOOTY MIX) People always seem to be lurking behind me when I play this song >.> RankingsS-ExpSolo 200061099.02% PhotoAA302602010-04-09
DRILL INSTRUCTOR (C-Jah Happy Mix) FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200044396.72% PhotoAA2151302010-04-09
Drivin' RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA76794.45% PhotoA35239122010-04-08
DROP OUT Ew.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA76195.84% PhotoAA3643302010-04-11
DROP THE BOMB (SySF. Mix) so close. etc.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME56699.64% PhotoAA2702122010-06-26
DXY! RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA61686.76% PhotoA2707602010-04-08
DYNAMITE RAVE Blech.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74293.21% PhotoA3455202010-04-11
Electro Tuned(the SubS mix) I don't like this song.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA63490.83% PhotoA2876002010-04-11
END OF THE CENTURY I blame the sightread on killing the crossovers.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA63791.26% PhotoA3023302010-04-11
exotic ethnic hmmm... could be better?RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA88798.11% PhotoAA41417212010-04-11
Fascination MAXX I don't like this on reverse.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA20315.76% PhotoE863102010-04-11
Fascination ~eternal love mix~ RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA59149.74% PhotoE2509102010-04-08
Frozen Ray (for EXTREME) With spins. Joke score.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA75394.59% PhotoA3524332010-04-13
Healing Vision (Angelic mix) Could try to AAA...?RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA94798.85% PhotoAA4681102010-04-11
HIGH ENERGY (John 'OO' Fleming Remix) Will upload pic when internet isn't being stupid.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200039499.49%AA196202010-04-09
Holic CloserrrrrRankingsS-ExpEXTREME62099.04% PhotoAA307602010-06-26
HYSTERIA 2001 bad sightread (previous 2 plays were 2+ years ago, so I don't count them)RankingsS-ChaEXTREME59198.5% PhotoAA2717212010-06-26
KAKUMEI RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA69491.79% PhotoA3106072010-04-08
Kind Lady Almost AAA.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME53099.25% PhotoAA2274362010-06-26
KISEKI (DDR edit) RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA79297.53% PhotoAA36420222010-04-13
KISS ME (KCP REMIX) FAST. I really like this chart.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200048399.38% PhotoAA240302010-04-09
Knock Out Regrets First score for challenge entries.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA74294.88% PhotoA33038222010-04-11
Konoko no nanatsu no oiwaini RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA83089.82% PhotoA3659242010-04-08
Let the beat hit em! (CLASSIC R&B STYLE) grossRankingsS-ExpEXTREME37397.13% PhotoAA1811102010-06-26
MATSURI (J-SUMMER MIX) RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62093.09% PhotoA26646212010-04-08
MATSURI JAPAN Hmm.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA86897.09% PhotoAA4212602010-04-13
MAX 300 8th mix, pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME105594.7%A5034522010-04-08
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) This score makes me happy.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA122190.84% PhotoA50393612010-04-11
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) Terrible Run. Will get up to at least a AA, for sure.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA118992.02% PhotoA49777592010-04-08
MAXIMIZER Let's pretend this is a good score. Ew.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71697.01% PhotoAA3392092010-04-11
MAXX UNLIMITED Will improveRankingsS-ExpEXTREME114893.94% PhotoA49252562010-06-26
Monkey Punk This song is stupid and shall die.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66097.34% PhotoAA30418172010-04-11
MOON Set against Jeremiah.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62496.89% PhotoAA2952072010-04-11
MY BABY MAMA FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200049598.21% PhotoAA243902010-04-09
MY SUMMER LOVE Meh.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA50396.73% PhotoAA2451302010-04-13
No.13 RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA82496.03% PhotoAA3873292010-04-08
ORION.78 (civilization mix) :>RankingsS-ExpEXTREME78898.99% PhotoAA390802010-06-26
PARANOiA EVOLUTION 8th mix. Pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME71495.2%AA3423002010-04-08
PARANOiA survivor 8th mix. Pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME96594.05%A4495942010-04-08
PARANOIA survivor MAX First pass ever, will probably improve since it wasn't as hard as I always thought it was... going to try getting all those crossovers down.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA103083.46% PhotoA43116042010-04-11
PARANOiA-Respect- I *could* improve this score, but then again, I don't really like this song after all.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA93281.32% PhotoA379140172010-04-11
rainbow rainbow This is a lot easier than I remember.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62798.27% PhotoAA29611122010-04-11
RED ZONE Score updated.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA70597.1% PhotoAA3371962010-04-11
SO DEEP (PERFECT SPHERE REMIX) RankingsS-ExpEXTREME95595.69% PhotoAA4564112010-06-26
SP-TRIP MACHINE~JUNGLE MIX~ RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA42887.34% PhotoA1895002010-04-08
sync (EXTREME version) RankingsS-ExpEXTREME61298.39% PhotoAA296862010-06-26
TEMPLE OF LOVE FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200051199.41% PhotoAA254302010-04-09
THE SHINING POLARIS Dropped... hold...RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA60497.73% PhotoAA22212742010-04-11
think ya better D FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200046898.73% PhotoAA231602010-04-09
TOMORROW First try with 3x in a while.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA59098.33% PhotoAA2826102010-04-11
TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX Previous best on 8th mix was 40-1-0-0RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66396.92% PhotoAA3212102010-04-13
TRUE LOVE This score is WITH spins.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA69598.16% PhotoAA3401312010-04-11
TWILIGHT ZONE (R-C Extended Club MIX) so close ^^RankingsS-ExpEXTREME67998.12% PhotoAA3167202010-06-26
un deux trois 3x is odd. Too hard to read on a small screen.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA54497.84% PhotoAA25512112010-04-11
Under the Sky RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA42497.24% PhotoAA18610212010-04-13
xenon Extra Stage is a joke. Jeremiah failed this one on purpose.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA67787.69% PhotoA28977112010-04-13
Xepher Yellow notes on this are hard for me.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA99491.36% PhotoA44576142010-04-11
Xepher RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA86194.4% PhotoA39151142010-04-08
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