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1998 was almost a AAA, but I lost concentrationRankingsS-ExpEXTREME62899.05% PhotoAA305662010-06-26
5.1.1. AHAHAHA this score was on 5/11/10RankingsS-ExpEXTREME19996.6% PhotoAA96702010-06-26
AA Previous best was 35-2-0-1RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74696.13% PhotoAA3563022010-04-13
AFRONOVA RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA72698.1% PhotoAA3561402010-04-08
AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL Crossover farts. Will AAA soonRankingsS-ExpEXTREME83298.34% PhotoAA412802010-06-26
BE LOVIN RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA60498.05% PhotoAA2921242010-04-08
BREAK DOWN! RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA77094.36% PhotoA3623652010-04-08
Brilliant R.E.D RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71494.69% PhotoA30240352010-04-08
BROKEN MY HEART RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA70597.91% PhotoAA3461302010-04-08
Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) Crap.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74589.11% PhotoA3238952010-04-11
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (SPEED MIX) Repetitive arrows in same directions are are annoying.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA85296.16% PhotoAA4103202010-04-11
Club Tropicana FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200049899.2% PhotoAA248202010-04-09
CURUS Jeremiah beat me :/RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA61994.07% PhotoA25833352010-04-13
Dance Dance Revolution Crossovers are funky on this one.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66193.89% PhotoA3094302010-04-11
DEAD END Closer to AAA! Last score was 21 greatsRankingsS-ExpEXTREME81599.39% PhotoAA405502010-06-26
Destiny lovers RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71395.83% PhotoAA32829142010-04-11
DoLL RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA93296.68% PhotoAA40030512010-04-13
DREAM A DREAM (MIAMI BOOTY MIX) People always seem to be lurking behind me when I play this song >.> RankingsS-ExpSolo 200061099.02% PhotoAA302602010-04-09
DRILL INSTRUCTOR (C-Jah Happy Mix) FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200044396.72% PhotoAA2151302010-04-09
Drivin' RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA76794.45% PhotoA35239122010-04-08
DROP OUT Ew.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA76195.84% PhotoAA3643302010-04-11
DROP THE BOMB (SySF. Mix) so close. etc.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME56699.64% PhotoAA2702122010-06-26
DXY! RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA61686.76% PhotoA2707602010-04-08
DYNAMITE RAVE Blech.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA74293.21% PhotoA3455202010-04-11
Electro Tuned(the SubS mix) I don't like this song.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA63490.83% PhotoA2876002010-04-11
END OF THE CENTURY I blame the sightread on killing the crossovers.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA63791.26% PhotoA3023302010-04-11
exotic ethnic hmmm... could be better?RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA88798.11% PhotoAA41417212010-04-11
Fascination MAXX I don't like this on reverse.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA20315.76% PhotoE863102010-04-11
Fascination ~eternal love mix~ RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA59149.74% PhotoE2509102010-04-08
Frozen Ray (for EXTREME) With spins. Joke score.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA75394.59% PhotoA3524332010-04-13
Healing Vision (Angelic mix) Could try to AAA...?RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA94798.85% PhotoAA4681102010-04-11
HIGH ENERGY (John 'OO' Fleming Remix) Will upload pic when internet isn't being stupid.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200039499.49%AA196202010-04-09
Holic CloserrrrrRankingsS-ExpEXTREME62099.04% PhotoAA307602010-06-26
HYSTERIA 2001 bad sightread (previous 2 plays were 2+ years ago, so I don't count them)RankingsS-ChaEXTREME59198.5% PhotoAA2717212010-06-26
KAKUMEI RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA69491.79% PhotoA3106072010-04-08
Kind Lady Almost AAA.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME53099.25% PhotoAA2274362010-06-26
KISEKI (DDR edit) RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA79297.53% PhotoAA36420222010-04-13
KISS ME (KCP REMIX) FAST. I really like this chart.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200048399.38% PhotoAA240302010-04-09
Knock Out Regrets First score for challenge entries.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA74294.88% PhotoA33038222010-04-11
Konoko no nanatsu no oiwaini RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA83089.82% PhotoA3659242010-04-08
Let the beat hit em! (CLASSIC R&B STYLE) grossRankingsS-ExpEXTREME37397.13% PhotoAA1811102010-06-26
MATSURI (J-SUMMER MIX) RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62093.09% PhotoA26646212010-04-08
MATSURI JAPAN Hmm.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA86897.09% PhotoAA4212602010-04-13
MAX 300 8th mix, pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME105594.7%A5034522010-04-08
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) This score makes me happy.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA122190.84% PhotoA50393612010-04-11
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) Terrible Run. Will get up to at least a AA, for sure.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA118992.02% PhotoA49777592010-04-08
MAXIMIZER Let's pretend this is a good score. Ew.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA71697.01% PhotoAA3392092010-04-11
MAXX UNLIMITED Will improveRankingsS-ExpEXTREME114893.94% PhotoA49252562010-06-26
Monkey Punk This song is stupid and shall die.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66097.34% PhotoAA30418172010-04-11
MOON Set against Jeremiah.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62496.89% PhotoAA2952072010-04-11
MY BABY MAMA FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200049598.21% PhotoAA243902010-04-09
MY SUMMER LOVE Meh.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA50396.73% PhotoAA2451302010-04-13
No.13 RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA82496.03% PhotoAA3873292010-04-08
ORION.78 (civilization mix) :>RankingsS-ExpEXTREME78898.99% PhotoAA390802010-06-26
PARANOiA EVOLUTION 8th mix. Pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME71495.2%AA3423002010-04-08
PARANOiA survivor 8th mix. Pic upload soon.RankingsS-ExpEXTREME96594.05%A4495942010-04-08
PARANOIA survivor MAX First pass ever, will probably improve since it wasn't as hard as I always thought it was... going to try getting all those crossovers down.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA103083.46% PhotoA43116042010-04-11
PARANOiA-Respect- I *could* improve this score, but then again, I don't really like this song after all.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA93281.32% PhotoA379140172010-04-11
rainbow rainbow This is a lot easier than I remember.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA62798.27% PhotoAA29611122010-04-11
RED ZONE Score updated.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA70597.1% PhotoAA3371962010-04-11
SO DEEP (PERFECT SPHERE REMIX) RankingsS-ExpEXTREME95595.69% PhotoAA4564112010-06-26
SP-TRIP MACHINE~JUNGLE MIX~ RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA42887.34% PhotoA1895002010-04-08
sync (EXTREME version) RankingsS-ExpEXTREME61298.39% PhotoAA296862010-06-26
TEMPLE OF LOVE FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200051199.41% PhotoAA254302010-04-09
THE SHINING POLARIS Dropped... hold...RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA60497.73% PhotoAA22212742010-04-11
think ya better D FAST.RankingsS-ExpSolo 200046898.73% PhotoAA231602010-04-09
TOMORROW First try with 3x in a while.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA59098.33% PhotoAA2826102010-04-11
TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX Previous best on 8th mix was 40-1-0-0RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA66396.92% PhotoAA3212102010-04-13
TRUE LOVE This score is WITH spins.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA69598.16% PhotoAA3401312010-04-11
TWILIGHT ZONE (R-C Extended Club MIX) so close ^^RankingsS-ExpEXTREME67998.12% PhotoAA3167202010-06-26
un deux trois 3x is odd. Too hard to read on a small screen.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA54497.84% PhotoAA25512112010-04-11
Under the Sky RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA42497.24% PhotoAA18610212010-04-13
xenon Extra Stage is a joke. Jeremiah failed this one on purpose.RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA67787.69% PhotoA28977112010-04-13
Xepher Yellow notes on this are hard for me.RankingsS-ChaSuperNOVA99491.36% PhotoA44576142010-04-11
Xepher RankingsS-ExpSuperNOVA86194.4% PhotoA39151142010-04-08
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