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"BEMANI Sound Team"

Changes to be made:
  • Integration of forums to the main site, ultimately removing the forums.zenius-i-vanisher.com subdomain - REMOVED!. -done-
    1. Edit all pages to have navigational bar. -done-
    2. Move all pages to main domain. -done-
    3. Testing and debugging. -done-
  • Table widths to be dependent on clients' browser window sizes, 1024x768 or higher still recommended. -done-
    1. Adjust all tables in ALL pages to have relative widths. -done-
    2. Testing and debugging. -done-
  • Database changes to various tables. -done-
    1. beatmaniaIIDX videos, beatmaniaIIDX songs. -done-
    2. DanceDanceRevolution songs. -done-
  • ALL pages to be XHTML1.0 Transitional standard. -done most-
    1. Main site. -done-
    2. Forums. -done most-
  • Code optimisations -done most-


Additions to be made:
  • DanceDanceRevolution game database -done-
    1. Add DanceDanceRevolution games to database. -almost done-
  • beatmaniaIIDX song database. -done-
    1. Add beatmaniaIIDX games to database. -done-
    2. Add beatmaniaIIDX songs to database. -done-
    3. Link songs and games together. -done-
    4. Create pages. -done-
    5. Testing and debugging. -done-

Changes to be made:
  • Fix all foot ratings in DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA to match voiddd.com's ratings to correspond to KONAMIs new patched SuperNOVA systems. -incomplete-

ALL UPDATES DONE - song lists for DDR and IIDX is an personal ongoing project and will probably take a long time to get done.

Opinions on this website are appreciated, post on this thread in the forums on what you would like to see done.

Viewing the site with Firefox or anything better than Internet Explorer is recommended as table widths are not being displayed properly on IE.

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