Does anybody play Songs on Music Rate x1.1+ in SM?

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-04-21 08:15:53am 6 years ago

Offline XeneSyS 87
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I found yet another topic nobody has spoken of. Who here enjoys playing songs faster than normal? I'm surely not the only one, am I?

I recently started what I call the "Compressed Gameplay" regimen. Since songs that play faster use up less time, more songs can be played in a shorter amount of time than at normal rate.

Another reason I started playing at faster music rates is because not very many songs go above 200BPM, and speeding up songs that are normally in the mid-upper 100's BPM can result in speeds of like 210, 220, etc. (depending on the song's BPM and Music Rate setting) (i.e. 170BPM song @ x1.2 Music Rate = 204BPM).

Lastly, 10+ footers are extremely draining for me, and therefore, not that fun. So I just decided to speed up 8-9 footers to make them slightly more difficult rather than jumping into 10 footers @ 300+ BPM.

Here is a list of songs I play at faster rates: (they're all singles)

A-Heavy @ x1.1-x1.2
B4U-Heavy @ x1.3-x1.4
B4U (B4ZA beat Mix)-Challenge @ x1.3
COME BACK TO MY HEART-Heavy @ x1.3-x1.4
EternuS-Heavy @ x1.1
Everytime we Touch-Heavy @ x1.3
Memeshikute-Challenge @ x1.3-x1.5
Nothing Gonna Stop (Dance Mania Mix)-Heavy @ x1.5
Shiny World-Standard @ x1.2-x1.3
Still in my Heart (MOMO Mix)-Challenge @ x1.1-x1.2
The Flower in your Smile-Heavy @ x1.3
Valkyrie Dimension-Light @ x1.1-x1.2

Some other 180BPM songs @ x1.1-x1.2

Lastly, speeding up certain songs can cause horrifying, ear-raping noise; so don't play too loud if others are nearby. Wink


Post #2 · Posted at 2012-04-21 07:15:02pm 6 years ago

Offline NXCProduction
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I use SM5 so the tone don't change.

recently I played 400 BPM songs in 1.3x rate. pretty much killing, really. Dead
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thanks a lot Lord Toon! Very Happy

Post #3 · Posted at 2012-04-21 08:34:58pm 6 years ago

Offline 8ftmetalhead
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I tried playing streamline 1.2x rate a couple times on the local ITG cabinet. It made a simple stamina 10 into quite the deathmatch. I failed the second time because it was just so damn tiring.

Post #4 · Posted at 2012-04-22 03:35:19am 6 years ago

Offline KNS-17
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If i'm used to playing a song, i'll try playing on 1.1x - 1.3x depending on the BPM.
For the most part, I typically avoid it.

Post #5 · Posted at 2012-04-22 03:44:02am 6 years ago

Offline xin
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Last updated: 2012-04-22 03:48am
As for me, it depends on the theme.

4-5x on Default
6-7x on CyberiaStyle

But now I'm sticking with either c1000 or c1100.

Post #6 · Posted at 2012-04-22 04:01:23am 6 years ago

Offline Nightime
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I once made an ONI course based on 1.1x rates, using Standard charts with turn and insert mods (like wide, skippy, big, big + mines). It was surprisingly fun, like an auto-remixer course. I made a second one for .9x rates using Heavy charts and the heavier insert mods (quick, echo, twisted, twisted + mines), too; although boss songs like that?! XD Let's just say that "training speed" doesn't do much for those. Most of the charts, I'd put on left or right, because it actually makes the insert mods work and make more sense than doing them raw, especially with "big" or "quick." Skippy and echo work vanilla alright, and mirror makes for some interesting twisted combos.

I kinda wish "insert mines" had different ways of inserting them, that alternated with the musical structure.
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