Requesting: Ma Boy by Sistar19

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Hello everyone,

I'm here to request another simfile. :s This time, it is the song "Ma Boy" performed by the K-Pop group named "Sistar19." I've recently been obsessed with the song, and I thought it might be fun to play on StepMania. I already did a search on this website, and google, but no luck finding it. :L

I just purchased the song on iTunes, and if you plan on helping out, I'll be more than glad to send it to you! ^^ I appreciate any help, and thank you in advance!

Some information you may/may not (xD) want to know about me:
- I play on a dance pad.
- I can't play anything above easy (LOL), so please do include (at least) the easy mode. xD

and I think that's all. xD If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank You,
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-Cave Johnson

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