FIESTA EX 1.20 UPGRADE PATCH! (Includes 2 new songs!)

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Post #1 · Posted at 2011-04-17 09:17:15am 7.1 years ago

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Download the patch here! - http://www.piugame.com/2011/fiestaex10.bin

SP - Single Performance, S - Single, DP - Double Performance, D - Double

Two new songs added as Fiesta EX's New Tunes!
[Pro 2]Zircon - Necromancy: S10, S18, D13, D19
[Fiesta EX (exclusive)](Remix) MAX - Everybody Got 2 Know

Also, new steps for other songs!
SHK - Take Out: S20
MAX - Overblow: S16, S20, DP3, D18
Crash - Crashday: S24
BanYa - Bee: D19
BanYa - Final Audition 2: DP3
BanYa - Emperor: SP3, DP3
BanYa - My Way: DP4
BanYa - Oy Oy Oy: SP2, DP3
BanYa Production - Arirang: DP2
Doin - Interference: SP2, DP3, D12
Norazo - Superman: SP1
Outsider - Like A Man: DP3
Sanxion7 - Gargoyle: SP2
DM Ashura - Allegro Con Fuoco: SP1
Yahpp - Final Audition Ep. 2-X: DP2
DJ DOC - Run to You: S13, D14
BanYa - Mission Possible: S19
Tashannie - Don't Bother Me: D13
Yahpp - Sorceress Elise: S15, S21
BanYa Production - (Remix) Caprice of DJ Otada: D25

This patch also enables all of the game's revivals which has been disabled in Latin American editions of the game due to licensing issues:
[NX2] BanYa Production - Money
[NX2] BanYa Production - Monkey Fingers 2
[NX2] BanYa Production - Guitar Man
[NX] Yahpp - Witch Doctor #1
[NX] Yahpp - Arch of Darkness
[NX] BanYa Production - 2006. Love Song
[NX] BanYa Production - Do You Know That -Old School-
[NX] BanYa Production - Gun Rock
[Zero] Louis - Chung Hwa Ban Jeom
[Exceed 2] Novasonic/Crash - (Remix) Novacrash Remix
[The Premiere 2] BanYa - Get Your Groove On
[The Premiere 2] BanYa - Mission Possible
[The Premiere 2] BanYa - Top City
[The Premiere 2] BanYa - We Will Meet Again
[Perfect Collection] BanYa - All I Want for X-Mas
[OBG S.E.] DJ DOC - Run to You
[1st Dance Floor] BanYa - (Remix) Techno Repeatorment [known as "Repeatorment Remix" in the Fiesta EX mix now]

Any thoughts about the Fiesta EX mix now?


Post #2 · Posted at 2011-04-17 10:22:29am 7.1 years ago

Offline Fruitegable
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"girl is very beautifu"
Thank you SOOOO much. Fiesta EX got better than it already wasBig Grin

Post #3 · Posted at 2011-04-17 07:25:24pm 7.1 years ago

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Yes! Been waiting for this.

Post #4 · Posted at 2011-04-17 09:10:22pm 7.1 years ago

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Necromancy, what
If those charts are the same as they were on Pro 2, then I've apparently passed a D19 haha.

I honestly thought Sorceress Elise couldn't get any more charts...but apparently I was wrong.

Pretty much excited for everything...now where's my local Fiesta EX Annoyed
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Post #5 · Posted at 2011-04-17 11:13:48pm 7.1 years ago

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Quote: Telperion
Necromancy, what
If those charts are the same as they were on Pro 2, then I've apparently passed a D19 haha.

They've redone all of the Pro charts

Post #6 · Posted at 2011-04-18 12:08:23am 7.1 years ago

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Andamiro has really outdone themselves with Fiesta EX. The Aeron is impressed. Need to see what NoCal is offering in the way of Pump these days...
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