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Post #1 · Posted at 2009-06-04 01:08:03pm 9 years ago

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not bad, i guess. 3 songs- take me out, woman, and rock and roll all nite.

needless to say, as the resident KISS army member i was worried about RARAN being a master track. no master track of it has the solo, the one ace played for the ALIVE! recording that later became part of the song. its the original, 1975 studio version off of dressed to kill. but thats not important, its just one song out of an amazing track list, and being a "best of guitar hero" game, its obligated to be there. for the chart itself, no power chords this time. it makes use of the new GHWT hold notes where you have to press other notes while sustaining a note, the solo is cut so its stupid easy, but its rock and roll all nite. i was beyond pleased with hearing gene simmons' voice this time around, instead of some random dude covering the song.

woman is pretty much what you would expect, its more or less the GH2 chart set to the master track in the GHM engine(yes, this uses GHM and not GHWT, so it includes expert + drum difficulty and the hud shows your star rating progress). its a good chart as it was before, just a tad annoying with the chord switches, and a few power chords thrown in for good measure, but not over kill.

take me out is a COMPLETE rechart. it makes use of the new hold notes from GHWT, it is obviously the "trainer" song for power chords of this game(GH2 and GH3 both had one with really easy 3 note chord changes to teach you how to do them), and to be honest, despite it being pretty easy, its not a bad chart at all. i actually enjoyed it.

the engine is GHM like i said. expert + drums, shows the star rating during the song, fixed vocals, i'm assuming being GHM engine the fixed neck slider is in too, but none of the songs used it, full band play is available, and you can customize a character. no access to options, thus no cheat menu, thus no auto-kick for the drum pansies, and no hyper speed for those of use that use it, but what can you expect out of a demo? over all, if the rest of the song list is as solid as these for charts, i'll be happy.

note- if someone can tell me the code to change the size of the image so i can keep it the size it is now for later use, i'll edit my post with it.

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(img width=720)link[/img]

just replace the parentheses with brackets. 720 seems to work for me.
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