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News Clips (Last Update: 2009-02-06 21:32 GMT)

2009.02.05 - DanceDanceRevolution X (AC) (Europe) (Thread)
The ATEI cabinet is now located in Funland, Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus. The volume is much louder than it was when it was at the ATEI. One of the ATEI Guitar Hero ARCADE cabinets is also at Funland. Thanks for the confirmation from Rwr4539.

2009.02.05 - Zektbach First Album "The Epic of Zektbach -Ristaccia-" (Thread)
Orchestra version medley published and track listing updated. Pre-order the album or the deluxe edition.

2009.02.05 - DanceDanceRevolution X (PS2) (Japan) (Thread)
Site updated. Artist Comments and SPECIAL sections updated. Order game only, special edition, complete edition or the soundtrack.

2009.02.05 - DanceDanceRevolution X (AC) (Japan) (Thread)
Site Updated. MUSIC LIST and SPECIAL sections updated. DANCE DRILL Lv.9 unlocked.

2009.02.04 - DanceDanceRevolution Disney Grooves (Wii) (North America) (Thread)
KONAMI has published the trailer on their press and media site.
2009.02.04 - DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 (AC) (Japan) (Thread)
e-AMUSEMENT service will end for DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 (AC) (Japan) at 2009-02-28, 23:59. PDF document.
2009.02.02 - DanceDanceRevolution X (AC) (Asia) (Thread)
Product page (Traditional Chinese) published. Ignore the stuff about e-AMUSEMENT pass as that is copied from the GuitarFreaks&DrumManiaV5 pages and they forgot to change it.
2009.02.02 - Zenius -I- vanisher.com -5th style- II (Thread)
Officially launched today.

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beatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS (PS2) (Japan)
Order game only, special edition or complete edition.
DanceDanceRevolution フルフル♪パーティー (Wii) (Japan)
Order game only or the bundle.
Keiichi Ueno First Album "Rewind" (CD) (Japan)
Order now.
DanceDanceRevolution X (PS2) (Japan)
Order game only, special edition, complete edition or the soundtrack.

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