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News Clips (Last Update: 2008-10-21 03:28 GMT+1)

pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE (AC) (Japan) (Thread)
2008.10.17 - GuitarFreaksV5 & DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity (AC) (Japan) (Thread)
Site updated. EXTRA RUSH LEVEL 9 has started.
2008.10.17 - Ueno Keiichi First Album "Rewind"
konamistyle.jp page published! Pre-order now.
2008.10.17 - beatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS (PS2) (Japan) (Thread)
konamistyle.jp page published! Pre-order game only, special edition or complete edition.
2008.10.16 - DDR SuperNOVA2 (AC) (North America) (Thread)
BEMANI SPIRITS and BOSS RUSH(Ver.SN2) courses unlocked. INTERNET RANKING #5 starts. Pluto Relinquish can be played on FINAL STAGE.
2008.10.15 - Seiya Murai First Album plug+program
Track listing updated. Pre-order now.
2008.10.14 - Rock Revolution (Multi-Platform) (North America) (Thread)
Official site updated. Shipping from retailers now. Bundles and Wii version will not be available until November.
2008.10.14 - DDR UNIVERSE3 (Xbox 360) (North America) (Thread)
Delayed until October 21st.

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DanceDanceRevolution X (PS2) (North America) (Thread)
DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 2 (Wii) (North America) (Thread)
DanceDanceRevolution X (PS2) (North America) Information Page (Spoiler Warning/ネタバレ注意)

This Week's Releases

Rock Revolution (Multi-Platform) (North America) will be released this Tuesday.

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