Darkstorm091's BEMANI Simfiles

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Darkstorm091's BEMANI Simfiles

Hooooooh boy, haven't touched this thread in a long time. In fact, I kind of forgot it even existed.

That being said, it won't happen again, as I am going to attempt to hit 50 simfiles before the end of the year. In addition, most of my simfiles have been updated with OST quality audio so you may want to redownload them from my category.

New simfiles will be added onto this post and also posted in the thread as soon as they are released.


Comments, feedback, and thoughts are appreciated. Happy

MASSIVE UPDATE due to the abortion of my simfile pack. -_-
Starting my major in college caused me a lot of stress due to workload and I needed to kill a few side projects to relieve some of the pressure, and one of the things that had to go was regrettably the simfile pack I was planning.

Anyways, there's 14 new songs up for download, with a fair bit of Lincle stuff.

New Songs:
Ikareru Ooki na Shiroi Uma -S.S.D no Yaku-
Yellow Sunrise
Seijin no Tou (Aka Tower of Saints or Beridzebeth)
Round and Round
Magical Jet Tour
Right on Time (Ryu* Remix)
Empire State Glory
Electric Super Highway
BLACK.by X-Cross Fade

Enjoy Happy
We hope you enjoyed this journey through sound
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