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DigiMindAxel's original simfiles gamma style

My current simfile category, containing new/updated simfiles from March 19th, 2015 to July 9th, 2016.

Now with Double charts!

111 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
2 tribe 4 K [V] 7.6 years ago2581214--581214-Pad MP3 BNBG
5-10 [V] 7.6 years ago2371013--481013-Pad MP3 BNBG
5.1.1. (ANOTHER) [V] 7.6 years ago135812--36811-Pad MP3 BNBG
7 Colors7.6 years ago1571114--581114-Pad MP3 BNBG
AFRO KNUCKLE [V] 7.5 years ago3591214--5101214-Pad MP3 BNBG
AMAI HIMITSU7.4 years ago13710---4710--Pad MP3 BNBG
Aqualight7.6 years ago2581012--581012-Pad MP3 BNBG
Aqualight (Remix Ver.)7.6 years ago3581113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
AVALON NO OKA7.6 years ago23813---5813--Pad MP3 BNBG
Badboy flygirl7.5 years ago136913--56913-Pad MP3 BNBG
Bangin' Burst7.6 years ago57101618--7121618-Pad MP3 BNBG
BASSDROP FREAKS7.5 years ago46101315--6101315-Pad MP3 BNBG
BATTLE XIII7.5 years ago251013---51013--Pad MP3 BNBG
Beat Machine6.9 years ago13711---3711--Pad MP3 BNBG
beatonic nation [V] 7.4 years ago36813---6913--Pad MP3 BNBG
Beethoven Virus [V] 7.6 years ago3581114--581114-Pad MP3 BNBG
birdman7.4 years ago136911--37911-Pad MP3 BNBG
Black Sheep [V] 7.6 years ago247911--371011-Pad MP3 BNBG
Bleeding Luv ~Immorality act~ [V] 7.2 years ago371014---71014--Pad MP3 BNBG
BLUST OF WIND [V] 7 years ago2371214--581214-Pad MP3 BNBG
BUBBLE RAVER7.5 years ago36101316--6101316-Pad MP3 BNBG
ByeBye PARA GIRL (9LoveJ REMIX)7.6 years ago2681215--781215-Pad MP3 BNBG
Celsus7.6 years ago147911--47911-Pad MP3 BNBG
Chaos7.6 years ago136913--47913-Pad MP3 BNBG
Chirality7.4 years ago2681115--681115-Pad MP3 BNBG
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- [V] 7.6 years ago57121618--8131617-Pad MP3 BNBG
CODENAME WA Lady-X (NEW LADY X & BEST HIT 80's MEGA-MIX) [V] 7.6 years ago25813---5813--Pad MP3 BNBG
Cookie Bouquets [V] 7.6 years ago47121416--7121416-Pad MP3 BNBG
Cosmic Cat7.6 years ago3681113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
Dark Fall7.6 years ago361014---61015--Pad MP3 BNBG
Dead Music7.6 years ago3691315--691315-Pad MP3 BNBG
DELETED MOTION7.6 years ago2471316--581316-Pad MP3 BNBG
DOUWA KAIROU [V] 7.4 years ago36101416--6101416-Pad MP3 BNBG
Electron7.3 years ago257911--47911-Pad MP3 BNBG
Elektrick U-Phoria [V] 7.6 years ago2691215--691215-Pad MP3 BNBG
Far Away7.5 years ago25812---6812--Pad MP3 BNBG
Ferris wheel7.4 years ago2471012--471012-Pad MP3 BNBG
FETISH PAPER ~WAKI NO ASE KAITEN GIRL~7.2 years ago2371013--381013-Pad MP3 BNBG
FURE FURE MIRAI [V] 7.5 years ago35811---6810--Pad MP3 BNBG
Future MUSiC [V] 7.4 years ago2471012--471011-Pad MP3 BNBG
GAMELAN DE COUPLE (ANOTHER) [V] 7.6 years ago3571215--571315-Pad MP3 BNBG
GEKIRETSU DE KAREINARU HIBI7.6 years ago3681114--681214-Pad MP3 BNBG
GEO SONG7.2 years ago1268---368--Pad MP3 BNBG
Going Global7.5 years ago35811---6811--Pad MP3 BNBG
HARE HARE YUKAI (DJ Bouche J-HAPPY HARDCORE Mix) [V] 7.6 years ago24711---4711--Pad MP3 BNBG
Hatcha Metcha Party7.4 years ago36101315--6101315-Pad MP3 BNBG
HIMITSU SPARK [V] 7 years ago2481113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
I wish -tri.Version- [V] 7.4 years ago257912--58912-Pad MP3 BNBG
Ignis Danse7.6 years ago351014---61014--Pad MP3 BNBG
Ignition Break7.6 years ago2381214--381214-Pad MP3 BNBG
In The Breeze -80's Mix- [V] 7.5 years ago3581113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
INFINITE PRAYER -Ryu Remix-7.4 years ago361013---61014--Pad MP3 BNBG
JAZZY CAT [V] 7.6 years ago24711---4711--Pad MP3 BNBG
KANSAI EVOLVED -OSAKA STYLE-7.4 years ago571216---81216--Pad MP3 BNBG
KITO NI TSUGU [V] 7.4 years ago471114---71114--Pad MP3 BNBG
KODOMO LIVE7.2 years ago3581214--581214-Pad MP3 BNBG
L4TS7.6 years ago36811---6711--Pad MP3 BNBG
LE WAKA7.5 years ago256912--56911-Pad MP3 BNBG
licca7.6 years ago46101315--6101315-Pad MP3 BNBG
LONDON WA YORU 8JI (LON 8PM - TYO 4AM) [V] 7 years ago25811---5811--Pad MP3 BNBG
Look at me [V] 7.6 years ago13711---4711--Pad MP3 BNBG
Love Again Tonight -high speed mix- [V] 7.6 years ago4681213--681113-Pad MP3 BNBG
Lovergirl In Summer ~GUHROOVY HARD CORE MIX~7.6 years ago2681011--681012-Pad MP3 BNBG
LUV TO ME7.6 years ago3681113--381313-Pad MP3 BNBG
Magic Gun6.9 years ago36101417--7121417-Pad MP3 BNBG
MANA7.6 years ago25912---6912--Pad MP3 BNBG
MANATSU NO HANA MANATSU NO YUME7.4 years ago135811--46811-Pad MP3 BNBG
MARS WAR 3 (FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX)7.6 years ago3691215--691215-Pad MP3 BNBG
Metric7.6 years ago23710---4710--Pad MP3 BNBG
moon_child [V] 7.4 years ago257913--581013-Pad MP3 BNBG
My Smile, Your Smile7.6 years ago24713---5813--Pad MP3 BNBG
NACHEOREOM HAEBWAYO [V] 7.6 years ago24811---5811--Pad MP3 BNBG
New World [V] 7.6 years ago2471011--471012-Pad MP3 BNBG
Night Walker6.9 years ago25813---6913--Pad MP3 BNBG
ONNA NO KO OTOKO NO KO [V] 7.5 years ago46911---6811--Pad MP3 BNBG
PARADISE [V] 7.6 years ago13610---5610--Pad MP3 BNBG
penguin7.6 years ago1269---269--Pad MP3 BNBG
PentaCube Gt.(RX-Ver.S.P.L.) [V] 7.6 years ago35712---5712--Pad MP3 BNBG
PHANTOM [V] 7.4 years ago2581013--591114-Pad MP3 BNBG
Pine Nut7.3 years ago57121418--7121418-Pad MP3 BNBG
Plum7.6 years ago35813---6813--Pad MP3 BNBG
Poochie7.4 years ago3791215--7101215-Pad MP3 BNBG
PPALGAEYO [V] 7.6 years ago251013---61013--Pad MP3 BNBG
QuoN7.4 years ago47111417--7111417-Pad MP3 BNBG
Retention [V] 7.3 years ago15712---4812--Pad MP3 BNBG
Ribbon7.4 years ago3581214--581214-Pad MP3 BNBG
RUMBLE MEDLEY7.6 years ago25813---5913--Pad MP3 BNBG
SAMBA de ASPEL7.2 years ago3581214--691214-Pad MP3 BNBG
satfinal7.6 years ago25812---6812--Pad MP3 BNBG
Session X'mas [V] 7.4 years ago1369---359--Pad MP3 BNBG
Shake you [V] 7 years ago1371013--371012-Pad MP3 BNBG
SHIRATSUYU NO KAZE7.6 years ago1581113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
SHOUNEN WA SORA WO TADORU7 years ago3581215--681215-Pad MP3 BNBG
SOUND OF SOS [V] 7.6 years ago46101215--6101215-Pad MP3 BNBG
Southern Cross7.6 years ago36101317--5101317-Pad MP3 BNBG
SPICY PIECE (Ryu Remix)7.6 years ago3681114--791214-Pad MP3 BNBG
STALEMATE! [V] 7.6 years ago2471113--571113-Pad MP3 BNBG
STATISTIK7.6 years ago25812---5812--Pad MP3 BNBG
Symmetry7.6 years ago3691216--791216-Pad MP3 BNBG
SYSTEM7.3 years ago246911--47912-Pad MP3 BNBG
Tonight [V] 7.6 years ago146911--46911-Pad MP3 BNBG
Triple Journey -S-C-U EDITION-7.6 years ago57111314--7111415-Pad MP3 BNBG
USANUKO NUN NUN FANTASY!7.5 years ago25913---5913--Pad MP3 BNBG
Utopiosphere [V] 7.6 years ago13510---4610--Pad MP3 BNBG
vajra7.5 years ago36101418--6101418-Pad MP3 BNBG
Verflucht6.9 years ago36111618--6121618-Pad MP3 BNBG
Vermillion [V] 6.9 years ago2581113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
Virgin's high! [V] 7.4 years ago461012---61012--Pad MP3 BNBG
Voice 2 Voice7.6 years ago361015---71015--Pad MP3 BNBG
xenon (Piano Climax)7.3 years ago25812---5912--Pad MP3 BNBG
Y&Co. is dead or alive [V] 7.6 years ago3791214--791314-Pad MP3 BNBG
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