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CommentsSong cut, graphics by Ebisu. Since the song was made by him as well, I asked him for some comments on it:

Hi, Ebisu here. Axel asked me to provide comments for this song much like a beatmania IIDX/pop'n music song... so here we go:

My Smile, Your Smile was born as one of my PIANO HOUSE songs, in fact it's the seventh one (if all my "PIANO HOUSE" songs were in pop'n music, its genre would be "PIANO HOUSE 7" xD). The piano is one of my favorite instruments, and one of the particularities that I have noticed of it is on its usage in electronic music is like a rhythmic basis, mixed and asyncopated rhythms, much like the House songs by DAISHI DANCE, noticeably his remixes, which tend to have these bases and be pretty melodical... that is how the idea of piano as basis is born, which is present on this song. Then, the rest was me playing with the melodies and sounds. It has a handful of different elements: one of the melodies reminds me of 90's Techno (like in "Better Off Alone"), and the background pads remind me a lot of the 90's Trance but with higher harmonics (so it would be happier), amongst other details.

I always like to convey something on my music, even if it's very basic, and this song (for me) conveys some sort of happiness sensation, like looking themselves with the beloved one... when those nervous laughters start... that mixture of shame and happiness that can't be contained. At least it makes me smile... hopefully it makes you smile... hahahaha.

I hope you enjoy it Smile

10/17/15: Changed audio to .ogg, re-rated S/D-Heavy 12→13.
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