Z-I-v Battle Royale 2024

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Z-I-v Battle Royale 2024

Round 1

39 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Agnus Dei [V] 3.9 months ago471316--------Pad
Blows Up Everything3.9 months ago591316--------Pad
Bluey Theme Tune (Instrument Parade)3.9 months ago--91114-------Pad
Boundary3.9 months ago481114--------Pad
CODE1 [revision 0.9.8]3.9 months ago5811141616------Pad
Crash3.9 months ago4710121617----16-Pad
DROPS (feat. Such)4 months ago3581113-------Pad
fairy tale story4 months ago--914--------Pad
Feel Again3.9 months ago37101315-------Pad
Fiesta!3.9 months ago--1214--------Pad
GAME ON [V] 4 months ago491317---91316--Pad
H2hoe4 months ago---1114-------Pad
how to make otoge music [V] 4.1 months ago481215--------Pad
i like you (game edit)3.9 months ago48121416-------Pad
Intersection3.9 months ago591215---91215--Pad
Inu ni amagasa [V] 4 months ago471114-----14--Pad
Lover (BS Style) [V] 3.9 months ago3691316-------Pad
Majoram Therapie3.9 months ago-61114-----14--Pad
Move UR Body4.1 months ago49121517--71215--Pad
Murder On The Dancefloor4 months ago471014--------Pad
NO ONE YES MAN3.9 months ago-91216--------Pad
Odo4.1 months ago---1215-------Pad
One For All3.9 months ago19121517-----17-Pad
Oniyuri3.9 months ago--131618-------Pad
Orbit4 months ago147111315-37111315Pad
Patakha Guddi3.9 months ago---1114-------Pad
Queen's Paradise4.1 months ago361013---61013--Pad
Sakura apparition4.1 months ago2691215-------Pad
Santa Maria (2002 Trance Remix)3.9 months ago3571113-------Pad
Sayonara Heaven -GITADOROCK ver.- [V] 4.1 months ago48121517--8121517-Pad
Setsujou danka3.9 months ago5101317--------Pad
Shanti Shanti Shanti [V] 4.1 months ago25101215-------Pad
SYMPHONY SAGA [V] 4 months ago47111417--7111417-Pad
The Box3.9 months ago261215--------Pad
TRICKL4SH 2204.1 months ago7111417--------Pad
Twelfth Style [V] 3.2 months ago371317---71317--Pad
Voidwalker3.9 months ago---1315-------Pad
WATER HORIZON3.9 months ago-81316--------Pad
Xetta [V] 3.9 months ago711141718--11141718-Pad

Round 2

36 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
(This Is Not) The Angels [V] 3.7 months ago361216---71216--Pad
Analogy3.6 months ago-61014-----14--Pad
Be My Parachute3.7 months ago---1215-------Pad
Brainfog3.8 months ago491316---91417--Pad
But It's Better If You Do3.6 months ago481215--------Pad
Chicken Wing [V] 3.8 months ago69131618-------Pad
EVERBLUE3.6 months ago-7913--------Pad
Fly Above -Band ver- [V] 3.7 months ago25912---5912--Pad
Fly Away [V] 3.8 months ago371114--------Pad
GASHATT3.7 months ago481216--------Pad
GIMME DA BLOOD3.9 months ago2581114-------Pad
Have Mercy3.7 months ago3581114-----14-Pad
Hibiscus ft. Kanae Asaba [V] 3.8 months ago151115---61215--Pad
Horse [V] 3.7 months ago51214171818------Pad
Karl with a K's Advanced Tutorial on Making Djent Breakdowns3.6 months ago--81316-------Pad
Live Fast Die Young3.6 months ago--121416-------Pad
Mezase Pokemon Master3.6 months ago391215-----15--Pad
Mushi-Miko-Unya -Happy py-3.6 months ago---1317-------Pad
N1ghtmare3.7 months ago---1317-------Pad
ONE WAY TICKET3.6 months ago281316---81316--Pad
PARTY-JYAN'D GRASS LAND [V] 3.7 months ago471316--------Pad
Poison3.7 months ago36914--------Pad
polygon3.7 months ago1101317---101417--Pad
Pop music ron3.9 months ago351015---51115--Pad
Prelude [V] 3.6 months ago2681214-------Pad
Rain [Nhato Remix]3.7 months ago3691215--491115-Pad
Rush3.7 months ago---12--------Pad
See The Light3.7 months ago--1114-----14--Pad
Sledger (Lockout Sledgehammer Remix)3.7 months ago--1115--------Pad
Spin Cycle3.8 months ago---1316-------Pad
Stone Fingers3.6 months ago3581214----1416-Pad
The Neon Lightning Bug3.6 months ago--1315--------Pad
Time to POKÉDANCE!3.8 months ago---1314-------Pad
ToyMachineBlitz3.7 months ago37111416-------Pad
TWIINBLADE3.7 months ago--1014--------Pad
VILE RUSH3.6 months ago--1316--------Pad

Round 3

20 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Aura3.2 months ago--131617-------Pad
Batida3.2 months ago--121316-------Pad
CLOSED CIRCUIT3.2 months ago--121518-------Pad
Crow's Eye3.2 months ago471215----1215--Pad
dica dica3.2 months ago481417---81417--Pad
DM STAR ~Kansai energy style~3.3 months ago-81215----1316--Pad
ETERNAL DRAIN [V] 3.2 months ago2481214-------Pad
Exhaust Hype [V] 3.4 months ago3581115-------Pad
Fog in 55°F3.2 months ago37121416-------Pad
GAS GAS GAS3.2 months ago36101214-------Pad
Get There3.2 months ago381115--------Pad
Happy Trails3.4 months ago---1114-------Pad
Hoshiyadoru sora no shita de [V] 3.4 months ago371114---71114--Pad
Kareinaru ooinu enbukyoku3.2 months ago-101417-18--1317--Pad
L.F.O3.3 months ago491315-----15--Pad
Light and Cyber [V] 3.3 months ago49121517--9121617-Pad
Rock-a-doodle-doo3.2 months ago361015--------Pad
SAVE THIS WRLD3.2 months ago---1316-------Pad
venomblack3.2 months ago481317--------Pad
Where Is Smiley?3.2 months ago3581113--691213-Pad

Round 3 (Retry)

13 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
AM-3P3.4 months ago---1316-------Pad
ASDF3.2 months ago457101418----14-Pad
Bingo Highway3.2 months ago-91316--------Pad
Deep in Abyss3.4 months ago471014--------Pad
Electric [V] 3.4 months ago3591317----1317-Pad
Far East Nightbird (GITADORA Remix)3.2 months ago59121518-------Pad
Irokousui3.2 months ago46913--------Pad
Magical electrica3.4 months ago---1316-------Pad
MAKE IT FUNKY NOW3.3 months ago---1316-------Pad
Mellann3.3 months ago361116-----15--Pad
NegaPosi* Continues3.2 months ago613151718-------Pad
On My Wings (HardstyleIIDX)3.2 months ago5101316--------Pad
witchcraft3.3 months ago481215--------Pad

Round 4

21 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Acquire [V] 2.9 months ago581215--------Pad
Bring Me Joy3.1 months ago36101216--6101216-Pad
Choe choe magica [V] 3.2 months ago47101417--8111517-Pad
FIREBALL [V] 3.2 months ago481114---81114--Pad
GALAXY bREAkER [V] 3 months ago371215---71215--Pad
heaven above [V] 3 months ago261115---71215--Pad
HELL SCAPER [V] 2.9 months ago47111316-------Pad
Hitoribocchi no maou3 months ago3691215-------Pad
HYPER JET WIND3 months ago481316--------Pad
KAMAITACHI2.9 months ago1101517--------Pad
Makasete Splash Star [V] 2.9 months ago---13--------Pad
Mirrors3 months ago---1215-------Pad
Nídhögg3 months ago---1316-------Pad
Playing With Fire (Sota Fujimori Remix)3.1 months ago591316---91316--Pad
Pop It Off 2.9 months ago--1214--------Pad
Rota Fortunae3 months ago26101314-------Pad
Tenkaranbu3.2 months ago2581115-------Pad
Th7rt13th Ave2.9 months ago--1317--------Pad
The Sky of Sadness3.1 months ago-81216---81216--Pad
TIERRA BUENA [V] 3 months ago361014--------Pad
VORACITY2.9 months ago-61013-----13--Pad

Round 4 (Retry)

12 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Alba3.2 months ago---1114-------Pad
BLUE MIRAGE [V] 3 months ago71214161818------Pad
DISCO NIGHT2.9 months ago14711--------Pad
Feather3 months ago----13-------Pad
Freedom Dive3.1 months ago611141719-------Pad
Northern Wind2.9 months ago-71216-----16--Pad
Procrastination3 months ago-12151718-------Pad
Punk (Joey Riot Remix)3.2 months ago48121417----14--Pad
Silver Bullet2.9 months ago481417--------Pad
The One3 months ago---1214-------Pad
Too High ft. Boy Matthews2.9 months ago---11--------Pad
Vigilante3.1 months ago5101417---101417--Pad

Round 5

12 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
CYBERPUNK DEAD BOY [V] 2.5 months ago481215--------Pad
Daikenkai no shinkenkai2.5 months ago371215---71315--Pad
EVERGREEN [V] 2.5 months ago2581214-------Pad
Flechette2.7 months ago---131718------Pad
Gokuraku Jodo2.5 months ago-61014-----14--Pad
La La La (Hot Girls)2.5 months ago--1213--------Pad
Red. by Jack Trance2.5 months ago59121517--9121518-Pad
Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)2.7 months ago2571114-------Pad
Sky Fracture VIP2.7 months ago--131517-------Pad
snow prism (GFDM ver.) [V] 2.7 months ago47101316--7101316-Pad
Vanity shadow2.5 months ago6101315---101316--Pad
WORD@RT [V] 2.5 months ago381316---81316--Pad

Round 5 (Retry)

14 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
A.U.T.I.S.M.2.6 months ago--1215-15------Pad
Colourful Mane2.6 months ago2691317-------Pad
Daydreama2.6 months ago510131518--10131518-Pad
Denjin, dead at dawn.2.5 months ago4101417--------Pad
GAYCORE2.6 months ago---1317-------Pad
Independence Bay2.6 months ago481216-----1416-Pad
Mama Used To Say2.5 months ago2481215-------Pad
PARTY TIME!2.5 months ago5101417--------Pad
Ratchet [V] 2.5 months ago--121416-------Pad
The Nerve!2.5 months ago371114--------Pad
Under Pressure [V] 2.7 months ago2591214--591214-Pad
Versailles2.6 months ago--131517-------Pad
What Kind of Future [V] 2.5 months ago471113--------Pad
ネ土会ェ貝南犬☆カゞんIよ″るノDA!!。 [V] 2.5 months ago--1214--------Pad

Round 6

11 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
BIBBIDIBA2.4 months ago---1115-------Pad
Endless Night2.2 months ago--1317-----16--Pad
Hatasenu yakusoku ft. Kobayashi Mana2.3 months ago371115---71115--Pad
LINN 1999 [V] 2.2 months ago137119-------Pad
MU-DAI [V] 2.5 months ago36101316--6101316-Pad
Shapeshifter2.4 months ago---1315-------Pad
Shuumatsu wo ou mono2.2 months ago371316---71316--Pad
Skyfall2.5 months ago481216--------Pad
The Biggest Dreamer [V] 2.3 months ago15913---5914--Pad
Todestrieb2.3 months ago-81316--------Pad
VOID [V] 2.5 months ago46111417-------Pad

Round 6 (Retry)

13 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
1,2,3,4!2.3 months ago-9131618-------Pad
Arrogance2.2 months ago291316--------Pad
CRAZY NOISY BIZARRE TOWN2.2 months ago---1315-------Pad
Forged In Darkest Abyss2.3 months ago812151718---141719-Pad
Friction[!]Function [V] 2.4 months ago47121517--8121517-Pad
HOT [V] 2.4 months ago35101315--591315-Pad
Judge's Paradox2.3 months ago49121416-------Pad
Katharsis2.2 months ago--101316-------Pad
KIGURUMI [V] 2.3 months ago--1214--------Pad
MY DJ2.2 months ago2591215-------Pad
My Hitomi [V] 2.2 months ago---1316-------Pad
Qliphothgear2.3 months ago710141618-------Pad
tiny tales continue2.3 months ago461216--------Pad

Round 7

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Advent Infamous1.8 months ago--121517-------Pad
Bleep Bloop1.9 months ago---1317-------Pad
Bling-Bang-Bang-Born1.8 months ago---1317-------Pad
croiX1.9 months ago5101417---111517--Pad
GloriosA [V] 1.9 months ago610131518--11141618-Pad
Insane Techniques1.9 months ago--121416-------Pad
LegenD2 months ago69131517-------Pad
Multiverse1.8 months ago6101417--------Pad
NaHaNaHa vs. Gattchoon Battle [V] 1.8 months ago4591214-------Pad
nightcore nightmare [V] 1.8 months ago36101417--6101417-Pad
Technician's High1.8 months ago37111417-----15-Pad
Toadstool's Groove1.8 months ago2571215-------Pad
Truth behind U [V] 2 months ago3581214--581214-Pad
UNBOUND MIND1.9 months ago361013---61013--Pad
Usanuko nun nun fantasy!1.8 months ago171215---71315--Pad

Round 8

15 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Astrum [V] 1.8 months ago591317---91317--Pad
Curtain call memories [V] 1.6 months ago381316---81316--Pad
Easy, Like1.6 months ago---1316-------Pad
FUNKY BINGO PARADISE1.7 months ago---13--------Pad
KAIKAI KITAN [V] 1.5 months ago3691215-------Pad
Meng xiang ni1.6 months ago---11--------Pad
Night Night Burn1.5 months ago-7111316-----16-Pad
P.P.R. [V] 1.5 months ago37101216-------Pad
QuoN1.8 months ago711141718--11141718-Pad
Rin to shite saku hana no gotoku [V] 1.6 months ago161114---61114--Pad
Somnidiscotheque [V] 1.8 months ago510141618--11141618-Pad
Stylus1.6 months ago--121417-------Pad
To the Milky Way1.6 months ago36101417-------Pad
[E]1.8 months ago3710131616------Pad
1.5 months ago--131718-------Pad
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