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ZIP (Custom)ZIP (26.93MB) 3.2 years ago
SMSM (46.93KB) 3.2 years ago
MP3MP3 (1.44MB) 3.2 years ago
BannerBanner (13.26KB) 3.2 years ago
BackgroundBackground (588.37KB) 3.2 years ago
CD TitleCD Title (0.79KB) 3.2 years ago
Simfile Progress Information
Single BeginnerDone - Level 2Double BeginnerDone - Level 2
Single BasicDone - Level 4Double BasicDone - Level 4
Single DifficultDone - Level 5Double DifficultDone - Level 6
Single ExpertDone - Level 8Double ExpertDone - Level 9
Single ChallengeDone - Level 9Double ChallengeDone - Level 9
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityCustom Made
Background QualityCustom Made
Other Information
CommentsA "Dancemania SPEED" version with the steps from the original "CANDY" (DDR 6thMIX)
Banner: "DDR 6thMIX" with added custom subtitle
Background: "DDR X2" jacket to BG conversion and added custom subtitle
Audio: "Dancemania SPEED 10"
SM: With custom BG script and #LASTBEAT tag to prevent Stepmania from closing while the music is not finished yet.
CDTitle: "DDR Party Collection" (PS2 JAPAN)
ZIP: Includes DDR Series banner, AVI BGA of "CANDY" from "DDR Disney CHANNEL EDITION" (PS2 USA) & Extra Stage CRS files

For more details and other graphics variation check this thread:
DDR Graphics Variation & For Non-256x80 conversions

Single Beginner (2): "DDR EXTREME"
Single Basic (4): "DDR 6thMIX"
Single Difficult (5): "DDR 6thMIX"
Single Expert (8): "DDR 6thMIX"
Single Challenge (9): "DDR UNIVERSE" (XB360 USA) DLC
Double Beginner (2): "DDR Disney CHANNEL EDITION" (PS2 USA)
Double Basic (4): "DDR 6thMIX"
Double Difficult (6): "DDR 6thMIX"
Double Expert (9): "DDR 6thMIX"
Double Challenge (9): "DDR UNIVERSE" (XB360 USA) DLC
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