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ZIP (Custom)ZIP (1.63 MiB) 6.7 years ago
SM SM (49.1 KiB) 6.7 years ago
MP3 MP3 (1.51 MiB) 6.7 years ago
Banner Banner (42.45 KiB) 6.7 years ago
Background Background (56.61 KiB) 6.7 years ago
CD Title CD Title (0.79 KiB) 6.7 years ago
Simfile Progress Information
Single BeginnerNoneDouble BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 3Double BasicDone - Level 3
Single DifficultDone - Level 5Double DifficultDone - Level 5
Single ExpertDone - Level 7Double ExpertDone - Level 8
Single ChallengeNoneDouble ChallengeNone
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityPerfect
Background QualityPerfect
Other Information
CommentsSeries: "Dance Dance Revolution Solo BASS MIX"
Banner: "DDR Solo BASS MIX" following "DDR EXTRA MIX" (PS JAPAN) ratio/proportion
Background: "DDR EXTRA MIX" (PS JAPAN)
Audio: Play this with your music players and you will see "GET UP'N MOVE [BASS MIX Edit]-cd" from "DDR EXTRA MIX" (PS JAPAN)
SM: With #LASTBEAT tag to prevent Stepmania from closing while the music is not finished yet.
CDTitle: "DDR Party Collection" (PS2 JAPAN)
ZIP: Includes DDR Genre Series banner & Extra Stage CRS Files

For more details and other graphics variation check this thread:
DDR Graphics Variation & For Non-256x80 conversions

Single Basic (3): "DDR Solo 2000"
Single Difficult (5): "DDR Solo 2000"
Single Expert (7): "DDR Solo 2000"
Double Basic (3): "DDR EXTRA MIX" (PS JAPAN)
Double Difficult (5): "DDR EXTRA MIX" (PS JAPAN)
Double Expert (8): "DDR 5thMIX" (PS JAPAN) DATA BANK "TOMOKAZU-N" (BLOCK 4)
6-Panels Beginner (3): 3-Panels from "DDR Solo 2000"
6-Panels Basic (3): "DDR Solo BASS MIX"
6-Panels Difficult (5): "DDR Solo BASS MIX"
6-Panels Expert (7): "DDR Solo BASS MIX"
6-Panels Challenge (7): Unplayable 3-Panels MANIAC from "DDR Solo 2000" system
6-Panels Edit [3P-TRICK] (5): Unplayable 3-Panels TRICK from "DDR Solo 2000" system
6-Panels Edit [MULTI-6B] (3): Multiplayer 6-Panels BASIC from "DDR Solo BASS MIX"
6-Panels Edit [MULTI-6T] (4): Multiplayer 6-Panels TRICK from "DDR Solo BASS MIX"
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TikalFan9000 Avatar
TikalFan9000 Odd.
Here's a .zip file with everything synced and fine.
However, some alterations were made (i changed the audio to .ogg (.ogg files have better quality), added a jacket file and added its cd as an individual file).
Expect me to do this with the rest of your files.

6.7 years ago · Comment #5

dancervic Avatar
dancervic I don't know 'cos in my simulator works fine and even other players in a stepmania cab with this song they are no complains and they manage to get AA results
6.7 years ago · Comment #4

TikalFan9000 Avatar
TikalFan9000 If it's not offsync then explain why the file drifts off +20ms late into the song

6.7 years ago · Comment #3

dancervic Avatar
dancervic No, it's not.
6.7 years ago · Comment #2

TikalFan9000 Avatar
TikalFan9000 Just me, or this simfile is very offsync?
Enphasis on "very".

6.7 years ago · Comment #1

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