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Información General Del Simfile
TipoPadTheory of Eternity
Última ActividadHace 4.4 años (2013-06-26 12:45am)
Última Actualización Porrazorblade
Descarga De Archivo Simfile
ZIPZIP (3.21MB) Hace 2.1 años
SMSM (36.77KB) Hace 2.1 años
OGGOGG (2.74MB) Hace 2.1 años
BannerBanner (34.04KB) Hace 2.1 años
JacketJacket (133.38KB) Hace 2.1 años
BackgroundBackground (313.77KB) Hace 2.1 años
Información De Progreso Del Simfile
Single BeginnerDone - Level 3Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 6Double BasicDone - Level 6
Single DifficultDone - Level 9Double DifficultDone - Level 9
Single ExpertDone - Level 12Double ExpertDone - Level 12
Single ChallengeDone - Level 10Double ChallengeDone - Level 11
Calidad De MP3Perfect (High Quality)
Calidad De BannerCustom Made
Calidad De FondoCustom Made
Otra Información
ComentariosAudio, jacket & sm files: Official data.
Banner: Cropped from official site.
Background: silverdragon754


2013-06-26, 01:40 updated with official data (razorblade)
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al2k4 Avatar
al2k4 Hate to burst your bubble but all DDR X2 banners are 256x256. Not 512.
Hace 6.5 años · Comentario #5

DDR Addict Avatar
DDR Addict No, no, I meant that the others were clearly sourced at at least 512x512, but this one comes from the website, which is only 256x256.
Hace 6.5 años · Comentario #4

Silverhawke Avatar
Silverhawke @DDR Addict
This is the official Album Art for DDR, if you will see at the DDR X2 official site.
Somehow they decided to change the album art for DDR only.

Hace 6.5 años · Comentario #3

DDR Addict Avatar
DDR Addict How do we have "I'm so Happy"'s official Album Art and not this? Also, do the mp3's for these two come from the machine?
Hace 6.5 años · Comentario #2

Spirit of Nightmare Avatar
Spirit of Nightmare This simfile still lacks D-Basic and D-Difficult. Someone fix this ASAP!
Hace 6.5 años · Comentario #1

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