Z-I-v Summer Contest 2018

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Post #1 · Posted at 2018-05-01 10:59:31pm 4.8 years ago

Offline Pandemonium X
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Last updated: 2018-05-07 05:29pm
Click on the banner to go to the caregory.

What is the Summer Contest?
The Z-I-v Summer contest is a yearly event that started in 2010. It is a 3-4 month long simfile competition where users must create a simfile within one week depending on a theme. This goes on for 10 weeks until the top 15 enter VIP room, a 3 week finals event where the winner of that will be the winner of the contest.

Summer Contest will start with a theme each week for 10 weeks. (Odd weeks picked by Gameoson, Even weeks picked by Daffa212162). After 10 weeks, the contest will enter “VIP Room” where 15 of the top members will throw down for 3 weeks, the most points at the end of VIP Room will be declared the winner of the 2018 Summer Contest.

We will also have an overall leaderboard. Points are earned by placing top 10 each week. Keep in mind leaderboard points will be different from vote points.

1st: 20 points
2nd 15 points
3rd 12 points
4th 10 points
5th 8 points
6th: 6 points
7th: 4 points
8th: 3 points
9th: 2 points
10th 1 point

How do I get in the VIP Room?:

1. Placing first in a week will get you a spot in VIP room.
2. The top scorers who have not won a week but have broken the top 15 by the end of 10 weeks will be in VIP room. It's like the back door way of getting in. Tongue
3. NEW If first place already has a spot in VIP room and 2nd doesn't, the spot will go to 2nd. If 1st and 2nd are already in, the spot goes to 3rd. After that, the spot will open up another spot for the leaderboard to get in the VIP Room.
4. If there's a tie on votes in a week, then it's decided by most +5 votes, if there's still a tie after that, then it's most +4 votes and so on.

You can get into VIP room by either placing high enough during a week or being part of the top 15 in the leaderboard once the 10 weeks are finished.

VIP Rounds will be all free weeks.

1. You are required to vote. Failure to vote will void your entry for that week.
2. You are not allowed to vote for your own song.
3. ONE file per week.
4. Entries must be uploaded by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS!
5. The entries must be named accordingly: [Name of the Week's Theme] - Song Name. This is so the simfiles are well organized and easy to get to.
6. In the event of duplicate entries from multiple contestants, use the above format, while adding your name in parentheses.
Example [WEEK THEME] – Butterfly (Pandemonium X) and [WEEK THEME] - Butterfly (Gameoson).
7. One member = One vote. Do not make alternate accounts to get more votes. We will find out and violation of this will result in being removed from the contest.
8. Don't make a ton of pointless drama in the thread. We will give you a warning if it starts becoming an issue.

1. At least one chart is required. More than one is optional.
2. Songs must be rated in DDR's old scale of 1-10 or ITG's scale of 1-13. This is so ratings are consistent
3. Songs are required to be less than two minutes and thirty seconds, unless otherwise stated.
4. No keyboard charts. Pad style charts only.
5. Automatically generated steps are not allowed.
6. New simfiles only. Previous publicly released simfiles are not allowed.

Any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the week's theme or the contest itself.

Voting will be done ala PM. You can PM Pandemonium X, Gameoson, or Daffa212162 your votes. PLEASE PUT THE WEEK’S THEME IN THE PM SUBJECT. Votes will be revealed at the end of the week along with the official results.

1. Each member will get 15 points to distribute between as many songs as they want. All 15 points must be used when voting.
2. The max number of points you can give one file is 5.
3. Once your PM is sent, your votes are final.
4. You can still post your votes publicly and/or give feedback like before, but they will not officially count until the PM is sent.

Link to PMs for voting:

Pandemonium X

Only send your votes to one of us.

Week Deadlines will be SUNDAY 5pm UTC/1pm EST. No exceptions!

The contest will start SUNDAY MAY 6th! You can sign up by posting in the thread or sending me a PM. If you have signed up and still can't upload a file when the contest begins, let me know.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Ask sooner rather than later.

Post #2 · Posted at 2018-05-01 11:06:32pm 4.8 years ago

Offline Damox
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Last updated: 2018-05-01 11:50pm
I'm Joining
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Post #3 · Posted at 2018-05-01 11:13:54pm 4.8 years ago

Offline TikalFan9000
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Post #4 · Posted at 2018-05-01 11:21:33pm 4.8 years ago

Online CuzcoBlocko
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"[Art by LilyBreez]"
Hi. Sign me up!

Post #5 · Posted at 2018-05-01 11:43:43pm 4.8 years ago

Post #6 · Posted at 2018-05-02 12:03:16am 4.8 years ago

Offline paperpeach
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Might not be able to participate every single week, but sign me up and I'll do what I can Happy

Post #7 · Posted at 2018-05-02 01:07:42am 4.8 years ago

Offline djVERTICAI
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Sure, what the heck, I'll do what I can here~

Post #8 · Posted at 2018-05-02 01:42:26am 4.8 years ago

Offline SupremeX
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10 years OMG. 10 years in this forum. I can't believe this!!!

Post #9 · Posted at 2018-05-02 01:56:38am 4.8 years ago

Offline NuVirus
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I've completely lost control of my life, so yeah...I'm in.
"I never really got better, I just learned to accept that some people aren't meant to be happy in this world. It makes it easier when you're not hoping for something that will never come." -IndependentThinker2

Post #10 · Posted at 2018-05-02 02:42:16am 4.8 years ago

Offline HealingDMax300
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I'm in. The last weeks of college are hitting me hard right now so I probably won't be submitting anything the first couple rounds.

Post #11 · Posted at 2018-05-02 02:43:24am 4.8 years ago

Offline Marten
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I'm in.
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Thanks for the amazing banner, Lord Toon!

Post #12 · Posted at 2018-05-02 02:57:27am 4.8 years ago

Offline darkanine
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Post #13 · Posted at 2018-05-02 04:31:21am 4.8 years ago

Offline DigitalBasic
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Post #14 · Posted at 2018-05-02 04:35:58am 4.8 years ago

Offline SZ64saulius
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I'm in!

Post #15 · Posted at 2018-05-02 10:42:46am 4.8 years ago

Offline K-Step
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Last updated: 2018-05-02 10:43am

But yeah, seriously let's do this.
Also, hey graphics for this contest!





I don't know which banner I like more when I made the graphics set, but you can use either one if you need to add graphics but don't have spare time to compose one for your simfiles in this contest.

Post #16 · Posted at 2018-05-02 01:13:59pm 4.8 years ago

Offline Braeden47
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Post #17 · Posted at 2018-05-02 03:56:06pm 4.8 years ago

Offline KittyBox
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Post #18 · Posted at 2018-05-02 08:28:27pm 4.8 years ago

Offline 01angel
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Post #19 · Posted at 2018-05-02 09:41:26pm 4.8 years ago

Offline chewi
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Throwing my tiara in the ring.

Post #20 · Posted at 2018-05-02 10:01:37pm 4.8 years ago

Offline _|/-\43D
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You know, I think I'll try this.
deez nuts
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