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Welcome! I’ve been making simfiles for a while now, and I decided it was time to share them with the world. Here's where you’ll find Bemani songs and remixes since that’s most of what I listen to at this point. Graphics have all been edited by me unless otherwise noted, using the official data whenever possible (jackets, videos, etc.) Ratings are derived from my own internally consistent formula (roughly equivalent to X-scale). No Doubles charts, I honestly have no idea how they work but I don’t think anyone’s really complaining anyhow.


8 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
AETHER -Try To Sing Ver.-6.7 years ago-61216--------Key
bass 2 bass (dj MAX STEROID Remix)6.7 years ago-61114--------Key
Colors -sasakure.UK Futurelogic Remix-5.9 years ago361013--------Key
Drivin' (undulated mix)5.8 years ago25812--------Key
Prism Heart (RED CARD GENIUS Mix)5.9 years ago24812--------Key
Setsugekka -Double Dragon Mix-5.8 years ago25912--------Key
The Sky of Sadness -vastitude remix-6.8 years ago-61114--------Key
{albus} (Silver ver.)5.9 years ago----17-------Key


1 SimfileLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
All is vanity6.9 years ago-6811--------Key


2 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Aki nation [V] 6 years ago46121413-------Key
Sky High [V] 6.4 years ago34912--------Key


21 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
1n2 years ago24811--------Key
800nm5.9 years ago14813--------Key
Anmonochrome6.2 years ago35913--------Key
CASSANDRA [V] 6.4 years ago461013--------Key
cosmic agenda5.8 years ago14710--------Key
Crack6.9 years ago-4811--------Key
Dynamis [V] 6.3 years ago36913--------Key
Egocentricity [V] 6.4 years ago13710--------Key
heliodor [V] 6.4 years ago461014--------Key
Hoshiyume6.5 years ago13710--------Key
humming rabbit2 years ago36914--------Key
Kodomo no rakugaki chou6.8 years ago-71116--------Key
LEMON & SALT [V] 6 years ago35913--------Key
Metallic2 years ago471114--------Key
Predator's Crypto6.2 years ago361015--------Key
Purple storm [V] 6 years ago371014--------Key
Raikun6 years ago45913--------Key
Rush!!5.9 years ago35913--------Key
TENGU [V] 6.2 years ago361013--------Key
Walnuts2.1 years ago271216--------Key
Yamikura6.5 years ago34912--------Key


37 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
#The_Relentless [V] 6 years ago3581317-------Pad
ANDROMEDA [V] 6.4 years ago35811--------Key
BABY LOVE6.2 years ago351012--------Key
Back Into The Light6.9 years ago-5812--------Key
Best of Me2.1 years ago46913--------Key
bluemoon [V] 5.9 years ago2591214-------Key
Caterpillar6.5 years ago46111616-------Key
Central Station2 years ago46814--------Key
Chocolate Dancing [V] 6.4 years ago14712--------Key
Clione [V] 6.4 years ago3571114-------Key
DEADHEAT2 years ago581117--------Key
Dendrobium [V] 6.4 years ago34912--------Key
double thrash [V] 6.4 years ago35913--------Key
Dreaming Sweetness [V] 6 years ago13811--------Key
Duration2 years ago24611--------Key
EMPTY OF THE SKY [V] 5.8 years ago35812--------Key
GIGANT [V] 5.9 years ago471015--------Key
Hollywood Galaxy (DJ NAGAI Remix)5.7 years ago451014--------Key
La dolce primavera6.7 years ago-61113--------Key
LAB6.7 years ago-61014--------Key
memories6.6 years ago-4811--------Key
Night sky [V] 5.6 years ago3681217-------Key
No Limit 2 dAnce feat. Aimi Oyama6 years ago25813--------Key
Nocturnal 20972 years ago36914--------Key
NPC World5.8 years ago34712--------Key
Reflection Into the EDEN [V] 6.2 years ago1361015-------Key
Seaside Labyrinth [V] 6.4 years ago35812--------Key
Shining World6 years ago14711--------Key
Smashing Wedge2.7 years ago---15--------Pad
Snake Stick [V] 5.7 years ago2581216-------Key
Space Time [V] 6.4 years ago24812--------Key
spiral galaxy -L.E.D. STYLE SPREADING PARTICLE BEAM MIX-6 years ago34812--------Key
State Of The Art [V] 5.9 years ago25812--------Key
subtractive [V] 6.4 years ago36111318-------Key
Temple of Anubis5.6 years ago3581216-------Key
THE SAFARI6.9 years ago-581217-------Key
Venom4.4 years ago---16--------Key


12 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Ai no uta6 years ago25812--------Key
Alive in my Soul5.6 years ago25812--------Key
AREA 515.8 years ago461014--------Key
Entrapment6.9 years ago-71217--------Key
FLOWER (BEMANI SYMPHONY Arr.)2 years ago36914--------Key
Giant Otter Family6.5 years ago-5913--------Key
Hunny Bunny6.8 years ago-5101215-------Key
Lead Me6.5 years ago35811--------Key
Love km6.5 years ago471113--------Key
Sacrifice for Justice5.7 years ago571115--------Key
Starlight Parade6.8 years ago-4811--------Key
Sulk6.3 years ago46914--------Key


2 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Beyond the Ocean6.5 years ago24711--------Key
Frozen Ray [V] 5.9 years ago24812--------Key


5 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Chippin Break6.7 years ago-6914--------Key
Debug Dance3.3 years ago---14--------Pad
If7 years ago-71014--------Key
[AZAKA]2.8 years ago---13--------Pad
{albus}6.9 years ago-61217--------Key

pop'n music

29 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
2nd ADVENTURE6.5 years ago1369--------Key
2nd ADVENTURE (AGAIN)6.5 years ago35912--------Key
Blaster6.9 years ago-5711--------Key
blue moon sea6.5 years ago24710--------Key
Boku mo watashi mo movie star6 years ago24812--------Key
Boku no hikouki5.9 years ago24812--------Key
Break on Through [V] 6.4 years ago24711--------Key
CHIP'N'RIDDIM5.6 years ago471216--------Key
Cocytus6 years ago14711--------Key
EPIC2 years ago35712--------Key
Haisui no jin6 years ago461013--------Key
Hata6.5 years ago23711--------Key
I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU5.9 years ago14710--------Key
Lapistoria no yakusoku6.5 years ago46111316-------Key
Little Rock Overture6 years ago36912--------Key
Marigold [V] 6.4 years ago25712--------Key
Meikyoushisui [V] 5.9 years ago35912--------Key
Mikkatenka monkey6.2 years ago14710--------Key
Muyuu7 years ago-5811--------Key
Nataradin (Raja Maharaja mix)5.8 years ago34912--------Key
PEACEFUL PLANET PARTY4.4 years ago---13--------Key
Sabrina6.3 years ago14711--------Key
Shock Me6.2 years ago46111513-------Key
Spring Comes Around (In Like a Lion)5.6 years ago25812--------Key
Throat5.9 years ago35812--------Key
Tooku5.9 years ago14811--------Key
Ultra boy5.8 years ago13711--------Key
WHITE BIRDS (Mirage Mix)6 years ago25812--------Key
Zero to ichi no kagi no uta6.4 years ago461114--------Key


18 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
anqad6.4 years ago24711--------Key
ARACHNE (DJ Noriken Remix)5.8 years ago461014--------Key
BOMBER BOMBER6 years ago37913--------Key
Crafty Savior6.3 years ago35913--------Key
Crystalia5.9 years ago471015--------Key
DAWN OF FALCON6.2 years ago25813--------Key
Genesis At Oasis6.9 years ago-7111518-------Key
Gimme a Big Beat (Hommarju Remix)6.8 years ago-71215--------Key
Iris5.6 years ago461114--------Key
Kurobeni sukui6.5 years ago25812--------Key
Playing With Fire (Sota Fujimori Remix)2 years ago36813--------Key
Point of No Return5.8 years ago351014--------Key
SPARKLE6.5 years ago451014--------Key
Super Duper Racers5.9 years ago46913--------Key
THE LYCANTHROPE6.5 years ago34813--------Key
THE SAFARI -DJ TOTTO mix-6.4 years ago46914--------Key
Towards The Horizon6.7 years ago-61015--------Key
XiNX6.9 years ago-61013--------Key


30 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
.59 -BOOTH BOOST REMIX-6.5 years ago571115--------Key
20942.1 years ago---15--------Key
3y3s (JMBS FUNKOT RMX) 6.5 years ago571114--------Key
Absolute Domination2 years ago691216--------Key
Adrenaline Rush2 years ago371016--------Key
ALBIDA Powerless Mix6.8 years ago-61014--------Key
Arcade Prison4.4 years ago---14--------Key
Blue Forest (NightBounce Remix)2.8 years ago---16--------Pad
concon (picom'n'bass rmx)6.6 years ago-6101218-------Key
croiX4.4 years ago---16--------Key
Daily Lunch Special (tpz Overcute Remix)2.1 years ago---17--------Key
Daisycutter2 years ago481216--------Key
Dyscontrolled Galaxy2.7 years ago---15--------Pad
EMPIRE OF FLAME2.1 years ago58121619-------Key
EOS -INFINITE EDIT-6.5 years ago24811--------Key
ERROR CODE6.8 years ago-51013--------Key
Fox4-Raize-4.4 years ago---17--------Key
freaky freak5.8 years ago241013--------Key
Goodbye-bye Planet4.4 years ago---16--------Key
JUGGLE6.5 years ago46914--------Key
Line 4 Ruin -kohumix-4.4 years ago---16--------Key
Mind Mapping (hard liquid remix)5.8 years ago35101316-------Key
Noisy Minority2 years ago481016--------Key
ouroboros -twin stroke of the end-2 years ago47101519-------Key
Pure Evil (Kobaryo FTN-Remix)2 years ago68131720-------Key
Royal Judgement2 years ago47101418-------Key
Shounen wa sora wo tadoru Prog Piano Remix5.8 years ago36101418-------Key
Virtual Sunrise6.5 years ago35812--------Key
Virtual Sunrise (xac remix)6 years ago35913--------Key
XROSS INFECTION6.2 years ago371116--------Key
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