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Welcome to iamthek3n Selections!

If you just arrived here, this is where I put my simfiles here.
For the simfiles placed here, they'll usually be those submitted from past contests and/or songs that I liked.

The usual difficulties would be Light , Standard + Heavy . Beginner + Challenge are optional when not needed.
The usual time lengths would at minimum 1 min. to at maximum 2 min. 35 sec. (those longer than that will be saved for another time)5 min. (when a song is considered MARATHON length) 10 min. (anything longer than that... you probably know the answer).

I'm thinking for every 24 songs, it'll be as it's own pack since I want to use this category as a collection.

For the thread, click this word

The usual genres I'll be stepping (but not limited to):
House music (bass, future, commercial, progressive)
Dubstep (Garage music falls under here too)
Trance (Hands Up falls under here too)
Pop (mostly English songs, but it could be in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
Electro (I guess bass house + electro house can fall under here too)
Hip-Hop music (Trap falls under there too)
Future Bass
Hard dance music (hardstyle, happy hardcore, J-core, hardcore, etc.)
Indie dance music (synth music, nu disco)
Electronic music (so really anything that does not fit under a certain genre)
Rock (probably not going to be stepping much of this, but it's a possibility)
Drum & Bass (also probably not going to step much of this. Drumstep falls under here too.)

I l II l III l IV l V l VI l VII l VIII l IX l X l XI l XII

Selections I

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Backyard Animals6.9 years ago13468-------Pad
BALL SO HARD6.9 years ago2479--------Pad
Before You6.8 years ago1358--------Pad
Beyond the Seven6.9 years ago-4710--------Pad
Doi6.8 years ago24689-------Pad
Fade Away6.8 years ago1369--------Pad
Follow You -Fractal Chill Mix-6.8 years ago-478--------Pad
Hello, Hello7.2 years ago12478-------Pad
I Believe6.9 years ago12589-------Pad
J*zz from a Rose6.8 years ago-257--------Pad
Lies6.9 years ago136910-------Pad
Nothing's Over [V] 6.8 years ago1369--------Pad
Pick Me Up [V] 4.3 years ago2358--------Pad
Polyrhythm [V] 6.8 years ago1358--------Pad
Real Love6.8 years ago1368--------Pad
Replay6.8 years ago1358--------Pad
Rowdy7 years ago-369--------Pad
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites6.9 years ago-3710--------Pad
Searching for You ft. Karra & Eric Zayne7.2 years ago1269--------Pad
Superman [V] 6.8 years ago-4710--------Pad
Take Care [V] 6.9 years ago-358--------Pad
Take It Off6.8 years ago14789-------Pad
This Heart Attack6.8 years ago1368--------Pad
To Say Goodbye7.1 years ago-4710--------Pad

Selections II

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Ain't All Bad6.2 years ago12478-------Pad
All The Way6.6 years ago-468--------Pad
BagBak6.2 years ago3479--------Pad
Blueprint6.5 years ago12578-------Pad
Byte6.5 years ago1479--------Pad
Don't Matter6.3 years ago1358--------Pad
Freaky Boyz6.7 years ago2479--------Pad
I'm Sprung6.3 years ago13578-------Pad
Inside Out6.7 years ago-379--------Pad
Insomnia6.7 years ago1368--------Pad
Matches ft. Aaron Richards6.6 years ago-268--------Pad
Midnight (Pop Song Made in a Day)6.3 years ago1479--------Pad
Midnight Madness6.6 years ago1358--------Pad
Nightmares6.5 years ago-369--------Pad
One Last Time -1985 version-6.6 years ago1468--------Pad
PERFECT HUMAN6.2 years ago1368--------Pad
Quit ft. Ariana Grande6.3 years ago1358--------Pad
Revenge6.2 years ago2479--------Pad
Scribble (Extended Mix)6.6 years ago-269--------Pad
The Government Knows6.2 years ago35810--------Pad
The Right Thing6.2 years ago1468--------Pad
Turn Around6.2 years ago2479--------Pad
Virtual Virus6.2 years ago2589--------Pad
Wedding Bells6.3 years ago1379--------Pad

Selections III

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
9 (After Coachella)6.1 years ago13678-------Pad
BREAK OVER VIP5.7 years ago36810--------Pad
Diamonds5.7 years ago2479--------Pad
Everyday I Love You feat. HaSeul (ViVi)5.7 years ago1368--------Pad
Havana5.7 years ago1368--------Pad
HUMBLE.5.7 years ago2579--------Pad
I Could Be The One5.9 years ago1368--------Pad
Imya 505 [V] 5.7 years ago12689-------Pad
Just Dance [V] 5.7 years ago1368--------Pad
Kick Drums & Red Wine5.7 years ago2468--------Pad
LGBT5.8 years ago14810--------Pad
Middle (San Holo Remix)6.1 years ago1469--------Pad
New Bae6.1 years ago2479--------Pad
New Rules (Vicetone Remix)5.9 years ago1368--------Pad
No Problem ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz5.8 years ago2368--------Pad
POP TEAM EPIC6.1 years ago1368--------Pad
Queen of Your Heart5.7 years ago-358--------Pad
Sanctuary (William Black Remix)6 years ago1368--------Pad
Sugarless GiRL5.8 years ago2468--------Pad
The Spook ft. BassKillers & B3nte5.7 years ago1368--------Pad
Unbreakable [V] 5.8 years ago257910-------Pad
We Don't Talk Anymore [V] 5.8 years ago1368--------Pad
Wrecking Ball5.7 years ago1247--------Pad
YouTube Ads5.7 years ago2478--------Pad

Selections IV

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Black Moon Sympathy5.6 years ago1478--------Pad
Castle in the Sky5.7 years ago1468--------Pad
Cool for the Summer (Rich Edwards Remix)5.4 years ago1368--------Pad
Glow feat. Nikon5.4 years ago1368--------Pad
Glow feat. Nikon (Syzz Remix)5.4 years ago2479--------Pad
Kaze Ni Nare5.3 years ago2368--------Pad
Let Me Bang 20095.5 years ago147910-------Pad
Like I Do5.7 years ago2468--------Pad
Metal & Dust5.3 years ago1358--------Pad
Monophobia feat. Rob Swire5.4 years ago1257--------Pad
particles5.3 years ago2368--------Pad
PIENSO EN TU MIRA (Cap. 3 - Celos)5.4 years ago2469--------Pad
Real feat. Cecelia5.6 years ago1478--------Pad
Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma5.5 years ago2368--------Pad
STARGAZING5.6 years ago2578--------Pad
Synchronize (Acoustic) [V] 5.6 years ago1367--------Pad
TAP5.6 years ago26810--------Pad
This Time5.6 years ago1479--------Pad
Umbrella feat. Hyolyn & Gill Chang5.6 years ago1378--------Pad
Vulnerable5.6 years ago1357--------Pad
We Want Your Soul5.3 years ago1368--------Pad
Wide Awake feat. Ellie Lawson5.6 years ago14689-------Pad
WTF5.7 years ago2578--------Pad
Yume wo Miyou5.5 years ago15810--------Pad

Selections IX

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
360 No Hope3.6 years ago2479--------Pad
Able to Love3.4 years ago2478--------Pad
Apollo [V] 3.6 years ago2578--------Pad
Astronomia3.5 years ago1578--------Pad
B Who I Want 2 B3.5 years ago1478--------Pad
Because of You3.7 years ago13578-------Pad
Catch Me3.5 years ago-47910-------Pad
claws3.5 years ago2489--------Pad
Drumstick [V] 3.7 years ago25810--------Pad
Enjoy the Silence [V] 3.6 years ago23578-------Pad
fReAkY 4 Life3.4 years ago13689-------Pad
Kiss & Tell3.5 years ago2589--------Pad
MARENOL3.7 years ago25811--------Pad
Mine3.6 years ago2479--------Pad
Mm-ma-ma [V] 3.5 years ago1368--------Pad
My Heart Is Refusing Me3.5 years ago1478--------Pad
Never Letting Go [V] 3.5 years ago147810-------Pad
Pitbull Terrier [V] 3.7 years ago-479--------Pad
Prove Your Love [V] 3.5 years ago2368--------Pad
SKY's the limit3.7 years ago23689-------Pad
Spinning Around [V] 3.7 years ago13689-------Pad
Switch3.7 years ago257910-------Pad
Synthetic3.5 years ago1356--------Pad
Un monde sans danger3.7 years ago1357--------Pad

Selections V

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
1999 [V] 5.2 years ago1468--------Pad
9 (After Coachella) [R3LL Remix]5.2 years ago14689-------Pad
Bassa Sababa5.1 years ago1478--------Pad
BRING HER DOWN5.2 years ago2479--------Pad
BUTTS TITS MONEY [V] 5.2 years ago2589--------Pad
City Lights [V] 5.1 years ago1369--------Pad
Emoji5.1 years ago13689-------Pad
EverythingChanges [V] 5.2 years ago13589-------Pad
Har kommer Rebecca (Top3! Remix)5.2 years ago1468--------Pad
Hi Izuru Basho [V] 5.2 years ago2479--------Pad
Hold On5.2 years ago1368--------Pad
i like [V] 5.1 years ago24678-------Pad
interstellar travel5.2 years ago35910--------Pad
Love Druggie (Addict)5.3 years ago1479--------Pad
Make U Bounce [V] 5.3 years ago1479--------Pad
Monday A.M. (Airbase Mix)5.2 years ago247910-------Pad
Never Give Up on You [V] 5.3 years ago1357--------Pad
OI F_KN OI5.3 years ago1359--------Pad
Play That Demo [V] 5.2 years ago2367--------Pad
Rererepeat5.2 years ago2579--------Pad
Song That Might Play When You Fight (sans.)5.2 years ago36810--------Pad
The Light5.1 years ago23589-------Pad
United We Are5.3 years ago1379--------Pad
Youngblood5.1 years ago2479--------Pad

Selections VI

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Away4.8 years ago13578-------Pad
bad guy [V] 5.1 years ago3468--------Pad
Breaking Your Heart4.8 years ago1468--------Pad
Call on Me5.1 years ago1468--------Pad
Chopper4.8 years ago347910-------Pad
Desert Rain5.1 years ago1358--------Pad
Discovery4.8 years ago1368--------Pad
Dream in Color [V] 4.8 years ago1478--------Pad
Feel the Love4.9 years ago1368--------Pad
Gossip4.9 years ago1468--------Pad
Hella Deep [V] 4.9 years ago35810--------Pad
Keep on Rising4.8 years ago1368-8------Pad
Kira Kira [V] 4.8 years ago247910-------Pad
Love Cherry Motion (Choerry)4.9 years ago3478--------Pad
OOO [V] 4.8 years ago2369--------Pad
Pon de Floor4.9 years ago2579--------Pad
Praying5 years ago1247--------Pad
Rendez-Vu [V] 4.8 years ago1258107------Pad
Sand [V] 5 years ago1257--------Pad
Sun Gets Down [V] 4.8 years ago1378--------Pad
Time Stops4.8 years ago1368--------Pad
Twinheart4.8 years ago1367--------Pad
Way Back Home5.1 years ago1357--------Pad
YA KIDDING [V] 4.8 years ago1368--------Pad

Selections VII

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
2019 Guy [V] 4.4 years ago236810-------Pad
Baby's on Fire [V] 4.4 years ago26910--------Pad
Back to You4.5 years ago136810-------Pad
Bounce Mechanism [V] 4.6 years ago1479--------Pad
BOYFRIEND4.3 years ago1479--------Pad
Bumpy Ride4.7 years ago1378--------Pad
Daddy DJ [V] 4.5 years ago1368--------Pad
Dancing in the Rain4.3 years ago1358--------Pad
Demonstrate 20184.3 years ago1368--------Pad
Desafio4.3 years ago1257--------Pad
Everytime (Above & Beyond's Club Mix)4.3 years ago13479-------Pad
Eyes on Me4.7 years ago2469--------Pad
Fais Beleck4.3 years ago1368--------Pad
February 20174.5 years ago1367--------Pad
Finally4.7 years ago2468--------Pad
Human Experience4.3 years ago2468--------Pad
I Know How It Goes (feat. Vera Blue & Ecca Vandal)4.6 years ago1478--------Pad
I Want You4.3 years ago3489--------Pad
Lose Control [V] 4.3 years ago2468--------Pad
N-Sao [V] 4.6 years ago1479--------Pad
Not About You4.3 years ago2489--------Pad
Signal4.3 years ago1368--------Pad
trigger [V] 4.3 years ago2489--------Pad
Viszlat nyar [V] 4.3 years ago-581011-------Pad

Selections VIII

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
100 Times3.9 years ago1369--------Pad
Dui Bu Qi, Zhi Shi Hu Ran Hen Xiang Ni4 years ago1358--------Pad
Freefallin' [V] 4 years ago1368--------Pad
Get Your Wish [V] 4 years ago13589-------Pad
Hurricane Venus4.1 years ago23789-------Pad
Lalala Remix4.1 years ago2468--------Pad
Language4 years ago1379--------Pad
Last Forever4.1 years ago1468--------Pad
Miss You3.9 years ago-5810--------Pad
Moonlight feat. Danyka Nadeau & Badjack [V] 4.1 years ago1378--------Pad
On Fire4 years ago1378--------Pad
Plot Armor3.9 years ago35810--------Pad
Ripped Pants [V] 4.1 years ago13578-------Pad
Secrets4.1 years ago-479--------Pad
Silver Cross4 years ago-489--------Key
Sweet Victory [V] 4.1 years ago1357--------Pad
take me higher3.9 years ago-4810--------Pad
TOY3.9 years ago2379--------Pad
Twinkle3.9 years ago2479--------Pad
Twitter for Android3.9 years ago-468--------Pad
unravel3.9 years ago2371011-------Pad
We Are Not the Same Person [V] 4.1 years ago1468--------Pad
Y.E.U (EDM Ver.)4.1 years ago-468--------Pad
Yummy [V] 4.1 years ago-578--------Pad

Selections X

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
+5 STAR+ [V] 3.1 years ago1368--------Pad
A Feeling of Tread3.2 years ago14810--------Pad
All I Ever Wanted [V] 3.3 years ago2589--------Pad
Bittersweet3 years ago247911-------Pad
Breathless2.9 years ago-468--------Pad
Carry Me (2020 Edit)3.3 years ago2489--------Pad
Coconut Tree feat. Nicole Scherzinger [V] 2.9 years ago2478--------Pad
Dark Sun2.9 years ago3479--------Pad
Don't Start Now [V] 1.7 years ago-4789-------Pad
Fresh3.1 years ago2479--------Pad
Hurt ft. Frida Sundemo2.9 years ago1358--------Pad
Ibiza 7AM3.2 years ago14899-------Pad
Kiss Me Thru the Phone [V] 3.1 years ago2489--------Pad
Life in Reverse3.2 years ago1368--------Pad
Lionhearted (Arty Remix)3 years ago1368--------Pad
new (Yves)3.2 years ago-368--------Pad
Ocean Dream (Radio Edit)3.1 years ago14799-------Pad
Pereobulas'3.2 years ago13689-------Pad
Play Odds [V] 3.2 years ago23689-------Pad
Pokinula Chat [V] 3.2 years ago2478--------Pad
Prelude [V] 3.1 years ago1378--------Pad
Rise (Leave Me Alone)3 years ago1368--------Pad
Silly Love [V] 3 years ago35810--------Pad
Union [V] 3.1 years ago1368--------Pad

Selections XI

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Blindside [V] 2.5 years ago2589--------Pad
Case of the Ex [V] 2.5 years ago1268--------Pad
Crossing the Valley2.6 years ago2368--------Pad
Cut the Rope2.5 years ago147910-------Pad
Di Ve Nha [V] 2.6 years ago1368--------Pad
Face Down [V] 2.1 years ago2479--------Pad
Fool's Holiday2.4 years ago1358--------Pad
God [V] 2.4 years ago13689-------Pad
Guyliner [V] 2.4 years ago2368--------Pad
How Much is the Fish [V] 2.4 years ago2479--------Pad
I Don't Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You2.4 years ago1467--------Pad
Immaterial2.4 years ago247910-------Pad
It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas Without You2.4 years ago1257--------Pad
It's Gonna Be Alright2.5 years ago26810--------Pad
Mobbin' Out [V] 2.6 years ago-4810--------Pad
Night of Core2.4 years ago-5911--------Pad
Rano-Ranen'ko2.6 years ago1358--------Pad
Santa's Comin' Down the Chimney [V] 2.4 years ago2369--------Pad
Somebody's Watching Me [V] 2.5 years ago2468--------Pad
Summer (Album Mix)2.6 years ago1368--------Pad
Taco Bell2.5 years ago2479-9------Pad
Vroom Vroom [V] 2.6 years ago12589-------Pad
WHERE'S MY JUUL [V] 2.4 years ago136899------Pad
wishlist (umru + gupi rmxc)2.4 years ago1479--------Pad

Selections XII

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
All the Lovers [V] 1.6 years ago1368-8------Pad
Antidote1.6 years ago1489--------Pad
Blessed Be [V] 2 years ago1379--------Pad
brighter days [V] 1.9 years ago1368--------Pad
Chrysanthemum [V] 1.6 years ago-5910--------Pad
DNA feat. SEBii2 years ago14699-------Pad
Good Feeling2 years ago2479--------Pad
Hanakotoba2 years ago1379--------Pad
I Can Fly [V] 1.7 years ago37911--------Pad
joy wave1.7 years ago25810-10------Pad
KARMA (Tatsujin Mix)1.7 years ago25810--------Pad
Monsters [V] 1.6 years ago1368--------Pad
My Agenda [V] 1.6 years ago1389--------Pad
NEONE [V] 1.7 years ago-5811--------Pad
Only Seeing God When I Come [V] 2 years ago1478--------Pad
Pinocchio (Danger) [V] 2 years ago2468--------Pad
Robotics [V] 1.6 years ago1368--------Pad
Sekret [V] 2 years ago1489--------Pad
Take Me Away (Into the Night)1.6 years ago1478--------Pad
Thank You [V] 1.6 years ago12578-------Pad
The Question is What is the Question [V] 1.6 years ago2489-9------Pad
Thousand Drums [V] 1.6 years ago-4810--------Pad
Threshold feat. Melisa Whiskey [V] 1.9 years ago1358--------Pad
TRIP3331.7 years ago2591010-------Pad

Selections XIII

24 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Accidents Happen [V] 1.2 years ago1378--------Pad
ALL I GOT [V] 11.4 months ago25798-------Pad
All I Want1.1 years ago1368--------Pad
ANTONYMPH [V] 9.6 months ago25798-------Pad
Apollo feat. Amba Shepherd [V] 1.2 years ago14798-------Pad
Circle with Me [V] 1 year ago25811--------Pad
Dead Bae [V] 1.2 years ago2369--------Pad
Drakaina [V] 11.4 months ago-3699-------Pad
Fairy Tale9.1 months ago268910-------Pad
First Class Bitch [V] 9.1 months ago1469--------Pad
Flux [V] 9.6 months ago25810--------Pad
Hyperballad [V] 9.1 months ago1368--------Pad
Just for me [V] 1.1 years ago1378--------Pad
Kammy (like i do) [V] 1.2 years ago1368--------Pad
Lipgloss feat. cupcakKe1.2 years ago13698-------Pad
Lost Soul [V] 9.1 months ago13898-------Pad
Moteur Action (SOPHIE & A. G. Cook Remix)1.1 years ago-589--------Pad
One Last Time [V] 9.6 months ago1368--------Pad
PONPONPON [V] 11.4 months ago24788-------Pad
The Dressing Room1 year ago2579--------Pad
The New Kings feat. Luciana9.1 months ago13799-------Pad
Vandalize [V] 1 year ago24810--------Pad
Vesnyanka [V] 1.2 years ago258911-------Pad
Without Words1.1 years ago2489--------Pad

Selections XIV

21 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
ALLES VORBEI [V] 1 week ago-37910-------Pad
Asigiz [V] 6.9 months ago2479--------Pad
Cobra [V] 6.9 months ago3589--------Pad
Di Du Dua Di [V] 6.9 months ago2478--------Pad
Euphoria [V] 6.9 months ago13688-------Pad
Got Me Started [V] 1 week ago2478--------Pad
Helikopter3 months ago25911--------Pad
In copore sano [V] 3 months ago1368--------Pad
It's Crazy, It's Party [V] 3 months ago247910-------Pad
Long shot [V] 6 months ago258109-------Pad
Mephisto [V] 6 months ago1578--------Pad
Miracle [V] 4.8 months ago2689--------Pad
OTONABLUE [V] 6.9 months ago25810--------Pad
Particles (Original Mix)4.8 months ago-4689-------Pad
REFLEXION4.8 months ago-4898-------Pad
Silly Boy [V] 1 week ago14578-------Pad
SOUL LADY [V] 6.9 months ago2489--------Pad
Strong [V] 4.8 months ago2378--------Pad
Synchronize [V] 1 week ago13688-------Pad
Towa no Kizuna [V] 6 months ago269109-------Pad
Wooly1 week ago-5811--------Pad
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