A Happy Birthday to Al2k4!

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Post #21 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 06:11:08am Hace 9.3 años

Offline Diziyyuki
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Offline Arctic Wolves
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Happy Birthday, Al! I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for the BEMANI community. You really helped bring us together and helped us get excited for SuperNOVA at a time when it seemed like the community was in danger of waning and letting it pass them by. Congrats, and happy birthday! Big Grin

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Offline FELMDemon
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Happy Birthday Al! ;D

Don't get too drunk now. Tongue
The Heavens! The Earth! And a million squirrels call to me! Huh? What...they don't?

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Offline jch02140
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Happy Birthday to you, al2k4 Smile

P.S. Thanks for the arcade banners



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Offline e-s-g
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I think I speak for everyone when I say I love you. Smile
Eat lots of cake and have a good day remaining half hour. Smile
gay for kors k

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Offline Pandemonium X
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Quote: Xepher2010
that cake looks awesome! happy b-day Al!
Dibs on player 1's right panel.XD
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Offline Rmix
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Happy B-day!

Have a good one

Post #28 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 09:24:15am Hace 9.3 años

Offline prince_je07
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User ImageUser Image
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments & Graphics" />
A decade of pure dancing..not only on the pad but the centerstage itself

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f358/prince_je07/Stepmania%20Stuff/ThePrincesDancefloor.png http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f358/prince_je07/The%20Prince%20Dancefloor%202nd%20Groove/ThePrincesDancefloor2ndGroove.png

Post #29 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 10:17:44am Hace 9.3 años

Offline silenttype01
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Offline jC
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OMG! It's your B-DAY too AL that's so kool IT'S MINE TOO LOL I turned 19 and u?


Post #31 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 12:00:11pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline nggakmirip
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Happy Birthday Al! Thanks for everything you've done for this site!
Will you help Wikipe-tan?

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http://varg-nggak.blogspot.com/ (Serious Blog)
http://ariscyel-nggak.blogspot.com/ (Why So Serious? blog)


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Offline Azure Kite
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"y u no remberer mi naem?"
Happy Birthday!

-hands cookie-

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Offline kwangjae
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Happy B-Day, now go and destroy Betson with age 21 awesomeness.

Post #34 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 01:04:51pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline xohshitztonysbackx
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Happy Bday!

I want some cake now. Can you please pass me a piece?
By the way, I want beer and not soda.Green Grin

Post #35 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 01:55:46pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline boomba
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Happy B'day Green Grin

Post #36 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 02:04:42pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline Son Rose
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I know it's super late, but happy birthday! I hope you had a good one. ;D

Post #37 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 06:36:07pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline kcchia80
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Quote: al2k4
Oh god, you just reminded me of that song from JSRF. >_<

That Cibo Matto song? That's a great song! And happy 21st! Sadly, it all goes downhill from here.

Post #38 · Publicado en 2008-03-04 08:23:31pm Hace 9.3 años

Offline ziv348
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"proud to be #2400"
Happy birthday! Smile
http://zenius-i-vanisher.com/ddrsig/2400_2.png?t=1243751914http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c113/lordtoon/User Names/ziv348.png
My Simfiles - Thanks to Lord Toon for the User Banner

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Offline Justican
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Happy Birthday Alan, Have a great day Smile
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Post #40 · Publicado en 2008-03-05 12:15:25am Hace 9.3 años

Offline MarsPhoenix
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*shoves your face gently into some delicious cake* ^^ Happy birthday, guy who fills my Stepmania with official simfiles!
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