The Rhythm and Dance: The Long, Lost Korean(?) 4-Panel Dance Game?

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Okay, so this machine is called The Rhythm and Dance. It was a dance game that had Korean songs on it, similar to PIU and DDR 3rd Korean. In 2006, this machine was at the theme park Dollywood. It was removed some time after this, and I have never heard of it again.

I want to know this still exists. Has anyone seen this machine?

Information from 2006 (when I had access to this game)
Game: The Rhythm & Dance (DM 9600)
Slogan: Dance Dance Together!
By: PlayWorks
Country Of Origin: Korea
Release: 1999
Known Operational Machines in U.S: 1, DollyWood/Tennessee Tornado Arcade
Preceded By: Dance Dance Revolution
Succeeded By: The Rhythm & Dance 2

\Easy Freestyling
\Four Dancers
\Had A Sequel
\Rare In USA

/No extra fee for Doubles, just select song then hold left and right while pressing SELECTION.
/Cue Zone Arrows flash every half beat (blue arrows in DDR).
/One Fat Man Dancer in a Cockroach suit.
/FailEndOfSong, if you fail it tells you "YOU NEED MORE PRACTICE"

+Slightly smoother framerate
+Extreme difficulty, predating even the Cata Rating. One song even rivals Sakura in difficulty!
+3rd-style/5th-style merged interface, predating both by at least a year
+No extra fee for Doubles, just select song then hold left and right while pressing SELECTION

-One song (Chiri Bim Bom) starts out on beat, then slowly falls offbeat
-Alot of the songs are somewhat easy, averaging at about 4-5 feet, with some in the 6-8 range.

The Rhythm & Dance Songlist
(possibly incomplete, Korean letters labeled as "X" and "x", respective caps. I took pics of these songs and artists, I should have them up later.) ["?" equals unknown artist, "?..." equals I forgot the artist name ^^;;]

Come Back To Me - Xxx *Clon
Chiri Bim Bom - D.J Rabbi
Rough Enough - Popsie
Dance Romance - Stock Aiken Waterman
Tenacity - XXxxx
One Mind - Xx * Xxxxx
The Rule of Game - Xxxxx Goofy
Call Girl - ?...
Because I Love You - Shanon James
Rockawillie - Sabbrina Salerno
Shaki Shaka! (Techno Version) - ?
No Seas Malo - Minerva
Gimme Gimme! - Xxxxx
Kungddari Shabara - Xxxxxx Clon
EDIT: Pure Love - ?...

Covers (no artist name):
It's Raining Men
No Limit
Twilight Zone

The only listings that I can find on Google that pertain to this game is it showing up in a list of approved games for Hong Kong game centers.

I would love to know if anyone has more information on or better yet, has seen this machine. Is there anyone else out there who has seen The Rhythm and Dance?
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Oh darn it is no longer available at Dollywood. There goes that trip.
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