ledgam3r1279's Simfiles Vol. 1

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ledgam3r1279's Simfiles Vol. 1
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Welcome! All simfiles in this category are in the style of DDR with full singles and doubles difficulties included, and ratings are based on the DDR X (current) scale.

For all of my simfiles/packs, please visit this Google spreadsheet:

38 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
8 -eight-2.2 years ago481116---81116--Pad MP3 BNBG
B L A C K O U T6.6 years ago2691215--691215-Pad MP3 BNBG
Battle (VS Trainer)5.1 years ago15912---5912--Pad MP3 BNBG
Benibotan [V] 5.1 years ago36912---6912--Pad MP3 BNBG
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- [V] 4.8 years ago69131618--9131618-Pad MP3 BNBG
Connect (Night of Drum'n'bass PandaBoY remix)6.5 years ago3591214--591214-Pad MP3 BNBG
Cosmical Rhythm [V] 3.5 years ago1581113--581113-Pad MP3 BNBG
Dadadadadadadadadada [V] 4.3 years ago47111316--7111316-Pad MP3 BNBG
Dumb Dumb [V] 2.2 years ago2691214--691214-Pad MP3 BNBG
Escape6.9 years ago47111317--7111318-Pad MP3 BNBG
Fancy (Dabin & Apashe Remix)4.6 years ago16812---6812--Pad MP3 BNBG
Force of Ra [V] 3.5 years ago48111317--8111318-Pad MP3 BNBG
gentle stress wobble rmx5.8 years ago38101315--8101315-Pad MP3 BNBG
Get Lucky6.6 years ago146810--46810-Pad MP3 BNBG
Go Back [V] 3.5 years ago136912--46913-Pad MP3 BNBG
Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)5.4 years ago2591214--591214-Pad MP3 BNBG
INSOMNIA [V] 6.5 years ago27101318--7101318-Pad MP3 BNBG
Irony (JAKAZiD Juke Edit feat. Fatman Scoop)5.5 years ago125913--25913-Pad MP3 BNBG
Jousou dystopia2.2 years ago381215---81215--Pad MP3 BNBG
Just Be Friends [V] 4.8 years ago24811---4811--Pad MP3 BNBG
Leia (8#Prince Remix) (Double Edit)6.9 years ago-------71013--Pad MP3 BNBG
Leia (8#Prince Remix) (Single Edit)6.6 years ago26913--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Light up my LOVE6.4 years ago2691213--691213-Pad MP3 BNBG
Maware! Setsugetsuka -kaite'n'bass mix-6.1 years ago4610131618-59131618Pad MP3 BNBG
Midnight (Pop Song Made in a Day) [V] 5.6 years ago14711---4711--Pad MP3 BNBG
Mitotsudaira3.5 years ago3691215--691115-Pad MP3 BNBG
Pursuing My True Self [V] 5.6 years ago1369---369--Pad MP3 BNBG
Reach Out To The Truth (Moonbug REMIX)6.6 years ago2581114--581114-Pad MP3 BNBG
Read My Code4.8 years ago47912---6912--Pad MP3 BNBG
Renai Circulation [V] 4.8 years ago147116--47116-Pad MP3 BNBG
Renaikansoku4.1 years ago481013---81013--Pad MP3 BNBG
Renaikansoku -VENUS Mix-4.1 years ago48101316--8101316-Pad MP3 BNBG
Shungiku4.5 years ago37101217--7101217-Pad MP3 BNBG
Sugar Conspiracy Theory [V] 3.5 years ago48111315--8111315-Pad MP3 BNBG
Twinkle Wonderland [V] 4.4 years ago36913---6913--Pad MP3 BNBG
Utakata ai no mahoroba [V] 4.8 years ago25811---5811--Pad MP3 BNBG
Weed Circulation [V] 4 years ago1471113--471113-Pad MP3 BNBG
Yume no sora, yakusoku no basho5.6 years ago13610---3610--Pad MP3 BNBG
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