Pulsemix 2nd Style

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Pulsemix 2nd Style

A new simfile collection with the hottest Bemani music and popular tunes!

Use the "Download Pack" link to get all songs or feel free to download any you are particularly interested in.

Updates will be posted to https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/thread?threadid=9968.

25 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
2 tribe 4 K5 months ago25813--------Pad MP3 BNBG
BREAK OVER (V) 4.7 months ago3591215-------Pad MP3 BNBG
Bug Thief (Full Song)2.4 months ago371217--------Pad MP3 BNBG
DDU-DU DDU-DU (V) 2.1 months ago2571216-------Pad MP3 BNBG
Dream drip macchiato4.7 months ago25913--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Egret and Willow4.7 months ago2571013-------Key MP3 BNBG
Ekineko No Waltz (V) 4.7 months ago361117--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Everybody's Rich7.1 months ago281215--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Fly you to the star (V) 2.4 months ago2471016-------Pad MP3 BNBG
FUTURE is Dead (V) 3.6 months ago491216--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Glitter Cube3.8 months ago2471015-------Pad MP3 BNBG
Hella Deep (V) 5.7 months ago25813--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Kill the Beat4.3 months ago361014--------Pad MP3 BNBG
MAKE ME SO4.1 months ago25811--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Never See You Again5.8 months ago371015--------Pad MP3 BNBG
On the FM8.2 months ago281113--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Pacify5.4 months ago171014--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Party Jumpin'3.4 months ago35914--------Pad MP3 BNBG
PULSE2.6 months ago24813--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Raw Crawler5.3 months ago461115--------Pad MP3 BNBG
ROCK ju2.9 months ago4101218--------Pad MP3 BNBG
THE SAFARI (STARDOM Remix)4.3 months ago26913--------Pad MP3 BNBG
THE WORLD REVOLVING3.2 months ago35912--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Unicorn Tail2.1 months ago271014--------Pad MP3 BNBG
Xronier4.7 months ago510141819-------Pad MP3 BNBG
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