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"aka seth"

Last updated: 2018-12-06 07:22pm


A new simfile collection with the hottest Bemani music and popular tunes!

All simfiles contain Beginner to Expert charts unless otherwise noted. Created for dance pad play.

Project completed 12/06/2018.




Current Songlist:

Popular Music:
Bug Thief (Full Song) / IGLOOGHOST

Videogame Music:
THE WORLD REVOLVING (From Deltarune) / Toby Fox

Konami Original Songs:
2 tribe 4 K / Remo-con
Dream drip macchiato Bemani Sound Team "TAG"
Ekineko No Waltz / Minyonnu Tetsudoukyoudai
Egret and Willow / Dirty Androids
Everybody's Rich / REMO-CON
Fly you to the star / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
FUTURE is Dead / C-Show
Glitter Cube / Bemani Sound Team "dj TAKA"
Hella Deep / Masayoshi Iimori
Kill the Beat / lapix
Never See You Again / Bemani Sound Team "U1 overground"
On the FM / C-Show
Pacify / Bemani Sound Team "SYUNN"
Party Jumpin' / KO3
PULSE / 319
Raw Crawler / Masayoshi Iimori
ROCK ju / C-Show
THE SAFARI (STARDOM Remix) / Bemani Sound Team "SYUNN"
Unicorn Tail / DJ Yoshitaka
Xronièr / Camellia as "fluX Xroisé"


Update Log:

6/16/2018 - Initial release!! BREAK OVER, Ekineko No Waltz, and On the FM simfiles uploaded.
6/20/2018 - Simfile released: Fly you to the star / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
6/24/2018 - Simfile released: Pacify / Bemani Sound Team "SYUNN"
6/28/2018 - Simfile released: Egret and Willow / Dirty Androids
7/01/2018 - Simfile released: DDU-DU DDU-DU / BLACKPINK
7/20/2018 - Simfile released: Everybody's Rich / REMO-CON
8/10/2018 - Simfile released: Kill the Beat / lapix
8/29/2018 - Simfile released: Never See You Again / Bemani Sound Team "U1 overground"
8/31/2018 - Simfile released: Hella Deep / MASAYOSHI IIMORI
9/07/2018 - Simfile released: THE SAFARI (STARDOM Remix) / Bemani Sound Team "SYUNN"
9/08/2018 - Simfile updated: Pacify / Bemani Sound Team "SYUNN" graphics and sample music updated.
9/11/2018 - Simfile released: Raw Crawler / Masayoshi Iimori
9/16/2018 - Simfile released: Xronièr / かめりあ as "fluX Xroisé" (S-CHA only)
9/21/2018 - Simfile released: 2 tribe 4 K / Remo-con
9/22/2018 - Simfile updated: Xronièr sync updated. S-DIF, S-EXP added.
9/27/2018 - Simfile updated: Xronièr title and artist data updated. S-BAS, B-BEG added.
9/28/2018 - Simfile released: Dream drip macchiato / Bemani Sound Team "TAG"
9/28/2018 - Background images for some songs updated for consistency.
10/10/2018 - Simfile updated: Kill the Beat and THE SAFARI (STARDOM Remix) graphics updated with higher quality jackets, banners, and backgrounds.
10/16/2018 - Simfile released: MAKE ME SO / YELLOWCARD
10/26/2018 - Simfile released: Glitter Cube / Bemani Sound Team "dj TAKA"
11/03/2018 - Simfile released: FUTURE is Dead / C-Show
11/06/2018 - Simfile released: Party Jumpin' / KO3
11/14/2018 - Simfile released: THE WORLD REVOLVING / Toby Fox
11/18/2018 - Simfile released: Unicorn Tail / DJ Yoshitaka
11/23/2018 - Simfile released: ROCK ju / C-Show
11/30/2018 - Simfile released: PULSE / 319
12/06/2018 - Simfile released: Bug Thief / IGLOOGHOST
12/06/2018 - Simfile updated: S-CHA added for Fly you to the star.


Newest songs:

New release for 11/23/2018


ROCK ju / C-Show
Single: [ 4 / 10 / 12 / 18 ]

Another energetic C-Show song. Seemed fitting to make a fun level 18 chart out of it. Enjoy!

Download this simfile here:

New release for 11/30/2018


PULSE / 319
Single: [ 2 / 4 / 8 / 14 ]

This is the theme song of Pulsemix!!!

This was one of the first simfiles ever created for Pulsemix 1st Style. It was originally intended to be the final song of the project, however, I left for the military before completing the simfile pack as intended. I decided to revive it here because it seems like a fitting choice for one of the last songs of 2nd style. (All of the stepcharts here are new. Perhaps I'll release the original arrangement from 2009 later on.)

Download this simfile here:

New release for 12/06/2018


Single: [ 3 / 7 / 12 / 17 ]

This is the final song of Pulsemix 2nd style. You can download the simfile pack in its entirety at the link at the top of this thread. Thank you for your support! (small updates will be made if needed in regards to sync or simfile consistency)

As a bonus, I added a Challenge chart to Fly you to the star. It is a level 16.

Download this simfile here:

All stepcharts and custom song graphics created by Amorite.
DDU-DU DDU-DU song edit and Ekineko no Waltz background graphics provided by (x).
All Bemani original songs and related graphics are owned by Konami.

Special thanks:
Thanks to PureBlue for providing great feedback and for requesting MAKE ME SO.
Also, big thanks to Kei for additional feedback and for suggesting Xronier.
Shoutout to Round 1 Broadway Mall and the Powdered Arrow discord chat.
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