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Updates, won't be frequent, so please bear with me. qwq

I have also included a Google Drive link containing all of the CDTitles this category uses. As a result, all of the files prior to the 04/04/2024 update have had their CDTitles removed to save some space. Sure it's not a lot of space, but every bit helps, right? Smile
Also, when downloading the CDTitles, please extract them to the category folder. Do NOT change the folder containing them, as all files' CDTitle paths direct to that folder.

Recently Added CDTitle
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When saving the CDTitle, save it as shown above.

Changelog I guess
05/12/2024 - Added 8 songs from Z-I-v BR 2024
05/02/2024 - Updated 13 songs; patch notes included in the update zip
04/30/2024 - Added 9 songs, all from Z-I-v Summer Contest 2023
04/04/2024 - Added songs from Z-I-v BR 2023, Cafe Cursed 3, and two additional files; totaling 12 new songs
12/25/2023 - Merry Christmas! Seven songs added!
12/13/2023 - Added five songs, all from Z-I-v Simfile Tycoon Platinum
09/19/2023 - Eight new songs added to the pack
09/10/2023 - New songs, "Capitalism Cannon" and "駅猫のワルツ"
08/15/2023 - Songs from Z-I-v SC 2023 out of "Private Un-private Purgatory"; New song, "& Intelligence"
04/11/2023 - Pack created with 5 songs.

Cafe Cursed Series + CC What Ifs

8 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
AI no shiji ni shitagatte kyoku o tsukuruzunda mon [V] 2.6 months ago---1819-------Pad
BEST DROP OF ALL TIME2.6 months ago----18-------Pad
BPM=RT2.6 months ago--16181920------Pad
Cold Pizza2.6 months ago----18-------Pad
f--k it [V] 2.6 months ago---918-------Pad
Horse (Bouncecore Edit)2.6 months ago----18-------Pad
Kuru Kuru kuruin2.7 months ago----1418------Pad
o i i a i o o o o o i a i2.6 months ago---1718-------Pad

Christmas 2023

7 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Freezing atmosphere [V] 2.6 months ago13712--------Pad
frost1.6 months ago13711--------Pad
Icicles [V] 2.6 months ago381315--------Pad
JINGLE DEATH2.6 months ago912151819-------Pad
snow motion1.6 months ago58121416-------Pad
snow storm -euphoria-2.6 months ago610141718-------Pad
Votum stellarum -forest #25 RMX-1.6 months ago37111517-------Pad

DDR Edits

2 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Poseidon (kors k mix) [Yosefu's DDR Edit]1.3 months ago----17-------Pad
voltississimo [Yosefu's DDR Edit]1.3 months ago----18-------Pad

Forgotten Relics

2 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
nostos -ark remix-1.6 months ago512141618-------Pad
THE GENERATOR2.6 months ago131618192020------Pad

Individual Releases

3 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
& Intelligence [V] 2.6 months ago381316--------Pad
Capitalism Cannon2.6 months ago610131517-------Pad
Ekineko no Waltz [V] 2.6 months ago38121618-------Pad

Summer Memories

8 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Key of timepieces1.6 months ago371115--------Pad
Mogu Mogu YUMMY! [V] 2.6 months ago14812--------Pad
Programmed World2.6 months ago261114--------Pad
resoLve2.6 months ago5101416--------Pad
SIN [V] 2.6 months ago261115--------Pad
Stellaria1.6 months ago47131518-------Pad
Tie-Dye Sky2.6 months ago261013--------Pad
Xronial Xero2.6 months ago1114161819-------Pad

Z-I-v Battle Royale Series

14 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Dawn Saga [V] 2.6 months ago46101417-------Pad
Daydreama1.3 months ago510131517--10131618-Pad
Friction[!]Function [V] 1.3 months ago47121517--8121517-Pad
GloriosA [V] 1.3 months ago610131618--11141718-Pad
Inu ni amagasa [V] 1.3 months ago471115---81215--Pad
L.F.O [V] 1.3 months ago491316---91315--Pad
MAGICAL RENDA STADIUM1.6 months ago4712161819-813171819Pad
n-a [V] 2.6 months ago510141618-------Pad
Nobo -outflowing heart-2.6 months ago57111417-------Pad
Playing With Fire (Sota Fujimori Remix)1.3 months ago591316---91616--Pad
Rising on the horizon2.6 months ago510141718-------Pad
See The Light1.3 months ago381114---81114--Pad
Somnidiscotheque [V] 1.3 months ago510151718--11151718-Pad
YAMINABE!!!! [V] 2.6 months ago101316181920------Pad

Z-I-v Simfile Tycoon Series

12 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
98767341232.6 months ago912161819-------Pad
After School Dessert1.7 months ago361113--------Pad
Believe (y)our Wings {VIVID RAYS}2.6 months ago471214--------Pad
Candy Crack Curtain Call1.7 months ago6111417--------Pad
CHROMA IMPULSE2.6 months ago61014161818------Pad
Cypher Gate1.7 months ago571015--------Pad
Devilz Staircase2.6 months ago61115171819------Pad
GRAVITON1.7 months ago510131517-------Pad
Halogen1.6 months ago1013151718-------Pad
Rainbow Rave Parade1.6 months ago3913161819------Pad
Ride or Die1.7 months ago381214--------Pad
waxing and wading1.7 months ago691214--------Pad

Z-I-v Summer Contest Series

14 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
3y3s1.6 months ago58131618-------Pad
AA1.7 months ago491417--------Pad
Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit)2.6 months ago25101516-------Pad
Axium Crisis1.7 months ago491214--------Pad
Celestial Horizon2.6 months ago36131518-------Pad
ehe te nandayo pt11.7 months ago361214--------Pad
ehe te nandayo pt21.7 months ago151013-13------Pad
GammaRay Burst1.7 months ago510131618-------Pad
Line 4 Ruin1.7 months ago251013---5913--Pad
Lucid Traveler1.7 months ago48131518-------Pad
OMG2.6 months ago248121518------Pad
POLKAMANIA2.6 months ago71013161819------Pad
VERY NOISE1.6 months ago610151718-------Pad
Wicked Plastik1.7 months ago36101315-------Pad
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