Stylo (Z-I-v edit) / Gorillaz, Mos Def featuring Bobby Womack

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-Viper-: Hello reader, how are you today? I volunteered to do both the S-Light and S-Heavy steps for this song. Since this is a rather slow song, I thought it would be best to have the notes follow the song a lot more directly than I would usually do with a simfile. However, I made sure not to go overboard or make something that was stupid and forced. What I got was a rather bouncy style 8-footer. Obviously the light chart is much more simple and casual while at the same time being fun. Play them!

Lord Toon: Both Banner & Background are from the Stylo Music Video. It was a lazy move but I feel that it was the way to go, Graphic-Wise.//

Good evening!

I was asked to make the singles Standard chart for this song. It is a nice slow electronica song, suitable for many long freeze arrows! It can be very hard to make a Standard chart interesting at times, but I think the chart carries a uniqueness while still retaining a level of simplicity suitable for those playing on the Standard level. I know that many players do not play charts below Heavy, but I hope you will try the Standard out and tell me what you think of it!


silenttype01: I bought the Plastic Beach album on the day it came out. I listened to the entire album and I fell in love with it. So much so, that I decided to make a simfile for their first single, "Stylo". This time around, I decided to make a collaborative effort and asked various people to step individual charts to make this simfile as unique as possible. Production went rather fast, and as usual, the syncing was left for last. I hope I did a good or decent job at syncing this time around.

Telperion: I rarely chart tracks that are as slow as Stylo, but writing the D-Std and D-Heavy on this song gave me a little practice trying to write genuinely interesting footwork. D-Heavy is my attempt at really capturing the feel of the music without being complicated. If you're feeling like doubles but don't want to jump for it, D-Heavy keeps your feet on the ground. D-Std is meant to be a bit easier on the eyes and free on the feet.


-Viper- - S-Light, S-Heavy
Lord Toon - Graphics
Pie-kun: S-Standard
silenttype01 - S-Beginner, D-Light
Telperion - D-Standard, D-Heavy

2011-04-18, 17:29: CDtitle added
2010-04-09, 13:47: simfile released!
2010-04-08, 00:45: D-Standard added
2010-04-07, 11:39: S-Standard added
2010-04-06, 23:17: uploaded background
2010-04-06, 22:02: S-Light, S-Heavy added
2010-04-06, 17:10: switched D-Standard to D-Heavy
2010-04-06, 16:57: uploaded banner
2010-04-06, 14:37: S-Beginner, D-Light added
2010-04-05, 17:00: D-Standard added, better sync
2010-03-27, 12:24: started simfile
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Aegis Avatar
Aegis Sounds like something to pick up.
Will download later.

14.1 years ago · Comment #1

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