Almagest (IIDX ver.) / Galdeira

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TypePadAlmagest (IIDX ver.)
Last Activity6.9 years ago (2009-11-27 12:29pm)
Last Updated ByTelperion
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Single BeginnerDone - Level 2Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 5Double BasicDone - Level 5
Single DifficultDone - Level 8Double DifficultDone - Level 8
Single ExpertDone - Level 10Double ExpertDone - Level 10
Single ChallengeDone - Level 13Double ChallengeDone - Level 13
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityPerfect
Background QualityPerfect
Other Information
CommentsAlmagest is an awesome song, but all the sims I could find for it were pure keyboard rape. (Some were even designed to resemble the IIDX [A] chart!)

Therefore, I'm making a pad simfile for us mortals. Two stops, no BPM changes. Enjoy!

In DDR X terms:
Single: 3-8-12-15-18
Double: X-9-11-15-18

11-21-09: Initial sim (S-Oni 13 only).
11-23-09: S-Heavy 10 and D-Oni 13 (Serious Hands Alert!) added.
11-26-09: The rest of the charts added.
11-26-09: Banner/BG added.
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Kyzentun Avatar
Kyzentun Hah, I'm 2 years late, but you should revise the DX chart for this.
m9 starts with a 16th doublestep.
m18 is kinda wat at this speed.
Are the jumps in m27-28 supposed to be hands?
Same question for the jump at the beginning of m31. Not enough time to stand up from previous hands.
m34 Have you tried playing EOTC on a high rate mod? Is that why you put in that crossover?
m64 starts with a doublestep.

4.5 years ago · Comment #3

Kynayo Avatar
Kynayo Try mine then Silver. It's not so rape unless you're doing the Challenge chart.
6 years ago · Comment #2

Silver Spirit Avatar
Silver Spirit Sims of the Mei IIDX [A] chart are also keyboard rape (no, really?); I know this firsthand because I tried making one.
6.9 years ago · Comment #1

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