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Oni-91: Hey, it's Oni. Apparently, a mix-up in meanings lead to this being made. It's not very often that it's the original, not the Speedycake remix, that's being stepped, so here it is for ya. As you can guess, it's the full version, but the steps are fairly straightforward, with fun being the main emphasis. GFX are pretty crap, but that's what's expected from extended procrastination. So this has been delayed for a month because of my laziness. I AM KONAMI OF EUROPE. Also, what did I get in my advent calendar this morning? Galaxy Caramel. God, it's a sign.

silenttype01: The first simfile to be up for this category. This simfile was conceived from a misunderstanding!! Originally it was supposed to be a birthday gift for Kyzentun, but it has passed and it took me a while to get the chart the way I wanted it to be. At least it's in time for Christmas (for those that celebrate it). Looking around sites that hosts simfiles I saw that there weren't any for the original one. I suppose that this simfile is the first out there to be on the original. Surprisingly, this is 2 simfiles in one: adjust the song's speed to x1.2 and you get the speedycake remix, though be warned that there's a ringing sound because of the speedup.


Oni-91 - Graphics; S-Heavy
silenttype01 - Syncing; S-Beginner - S-Standard; D-Beginner - D-Heavy

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2009-12-14, 01:50: switched to an sm file
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2008-12-20, 19:10: uploaded simfile
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