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CommentsHere's the remake of my Round 4 entry from Z-I-v: Curse of Lost Eyes. I was under the alias "infamousicecream", where surprisingly nobody spotted the "bing chilling" reference that should've been a giveaway.

This was my attempt at experimenting whatever tikal. did in SC2021 Round 9 and made it easy easier by putting all the memorization sections in the "You Can't See Me" parts of the song. Get it?

Speaking of the "bing chilling" references, I did consider inserting references to the two China meme songs I've stepped but neither seem to be rhythmically appropriate.

I've been wanting to step a few WWE entrance themes back in 2012 starting with Nexus' theme song and even CM Punk's theme before Cult of Personality. Plans change.

Changes-- memorization parts are gone; everything but Challenge is the original version of the file. Did the DDR-compliant one first before placing the memorization gimmicks for CoLE.

Oh and how I charted Challenge goes everything against what I stand for as a chart author (purely karaoke is a sin) as a slight homage to the CoLE entry going everything against what I stand for as a chart author (make the file playable)

Challenge is best played before or after Karl with a K's Backseat Freestyle file from the same contest to further appreciate rap music charting.

2023-12-30: Added Doubles
2023-01-27: Replaced AVI with MP4
2022-05-07: Video quality update
2022-02-02: Released
2022-01-24: Initial upload
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