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TypePadYagmurum Ol
Last Activity1.5 years ago (2022-05-07 06:21pm)
Last Updated Bytsugaru7reveng
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ZIPZIP (30.94 MiB) 10.3 months ago
SM SM (32.19 KiB) 2 years ago
OGG OGG (3.59 MiB) 2 years ago
Banner Banner (47.05 KiB) 2 years ago
Jacket Jacket (106.64 KiB) 2 years ago
Background Background (247.98 KiB) 2 years ago
MP4 MP4 (26.97 MiB) 10.3 months ago
LRC LRC (0.98 KiB) 2 years ago
LRC LRC (0.98 KiB) 2 years ago
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Single BeginnerDone - Level 1Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 5Double BasicDone - Level 5
Single DifficultDone - Level 6Double DifficultDone - Level 6
Single ExpertDone - Level 8Double ExpertDone - Level 8
Single ChallengeDone - Level 14Double ChallengeDone - Level 14
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityPerfect
Background QualityPerfect
Other Information
CommentsHere's a Turkish pop song released in July 2020, initially featured in DDREvolved Presents Year-End Pack MMXX with the following changes:
- Graphics are based on the music video instead of the bootleg XANADU ones (found in the custom .zip!)
- Video quality is the more t7r mix-compliant one (1280x720, 4000kbps)
- Audio is .ogg

This was an attempt to impersonate multiple simfile artists in one file while keeping the song choice very t7r.

I mainly decided to step something in a different language since someone decided to step the Russian song I did before in the same pack. This is also to gauge how many have said "this is t7r" but thought twice because everything else don't seem to be t7r.

Also stepped Söz Yaşları months ago as part of the t7r time trip event corresponding to t7r mix05 so check it out too.

Lütfen eğlenin.

Update log:
2023-01-27: Replaced AVI with MP4
2022-05-07: Video quality update
2021-12-23: Second to the last preview before the year ends. Released.
2021-11-16: Initial upload
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tsugaru7reveng Avatar
tsugaru7reveng Thanks for playing! Unfortunately I don't exactly intend to tweak the 14 anytime soon if needed. For something similar with a better difficulty curve I suggest this file if you haven't played it already https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/viewsimfile.php?simfileid=47688
1.6 years ago · Comment #2

AngledLuffa Avatar
AngledLuffa It's a very unique song, which is cool. I wish there were some steps between the 8 and the 14, though. The 8 is not particularly challenging, whereas the 14 has a lot of additional notes beyond what the music suggests to me. Any chance to get a version of the 14 which is slightly dialed back?
1.6 years ago · Comment #1

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