COSMIC CYBER / BEMANI Sound Team "Captain Sonic"

Informations générales sur les chansons
Dernière activitéeil y a 11.1 mois (2019-12-30 10:25pm)
Dernière mise à jour partsugaru7reveng
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ZIPZIP (54.74MB) il y a 8.2 mois
SMSM (59.29KB) il y a 11.1 mois
OGGOGG (3.35MB) il y a 8.2 mois
BannerBanner (151.57KB) il y a 11.1 mois
JacketJacket (418.49KB) il y a 11.1 mois
BackgroundBackground (923.34KB) il y a 10.2 mois
AVIAVI (50.71MB) il y a 1.1 années
Info sur la progression de la chanson
Single BeginnerDone - Level 5Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 11Double BasicDone - Level 11
Single DifficultDone - Level 13Double DifficultDone - Level 12
Single ExpertDone - Level 16Double ExpertDone - Level 17
Single ChallengeDone - Level 18Double ChallengeDone - Level 18
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
Qualité du MP3Perfect (High Quality)
Qualité de la bannièrePerfect
Qualité de l'arrière-planPerfect
Autres infos
CommentairesStepcharts inspired by both GRADIUSIC CYBER ~AMD G5 MIX~ and LEADING CYBER. I'll think of something to work with the OG GRADIUSIC CYBER from the CLUB VERSION mixes and for the heck of it Cosy Catastrophe, Prey, and toy boxer since more or less we know who did this song anyway.
Beginner and Light have a deliberate pause to uhh match the video.

2019-12-30 update: and this is the song where I used that one song by the same composer as the inspiration for Challenge, and some Cosy Catastrophe, and all 3 CYBER songs. DPLight may seem like a 9 but it's an 11 because it's inspired by the earlier CYBER songs too.

Update log:
2020-03-27: Audio updated #2
2020-01-30: Audio updated
2020-01-28: Widescreen background added
2020-01-08: Added to Season 1
2019-12-30: Updated graphics; new Challenge and Doubles added
2019-10-15: Video updated
2019-09-28: Audio updated; deliberately unticked "Update Time" for this
2019-09-18: Initial upload
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