[Qualifier] - Shellfie / Chirpy Chirps

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TypePad[Qualifier] - Shellfie
Last Activity10.9 months ago (2019-09-11 09:43pm)
Last Updated ByGameoson
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ZIPZIP (7.08MB) 10.7 months ago
SMSM (27.56KB) 10.9 months ago
SSCSSC (28.5KB) 10.9 months ago
OGGOGG (5.66MB) 10.9 months ago
BannerBanner (137.49KB) 10.9 months ago
JacketJacket (431.55KB) 10.9 months ago
BackgroundBackground (887.26KB) 10.9 months ago
CD TitleCD Title (11.77KB) 10.7 months ago
Simfile Progress Information
Single BeginnerDone - Level 1Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 4Double BasicNone
Single DifficultDone - Level 6Double DifficultNone
Single ExpertDone - Level 9Double ExpertNone
Single ChallengeDone - Level 10Double ChallengeNone
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityCustom Made
Background QualityCustom Made
Other Information
CommentsX-SCALE: 2/5/8/12/14

EDIT: Reduced the size of the cdtitle because it was actually intrusive in some SM themes. Sorry about that!
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Gameoson Avatar
Gameoson 99% of my submissions go to Bad Stepmaniacs eventually, yes, sometimes with a few edits here and there. The only files that don't make it are collaborations (although I've redone a few collabs as solo projects) and a handful of submissions from during Simfile Shuffle/Simfile Tycoon that I really didn't like all that much.
10.6 months ago · Comment #5

Spirit of Nightmare Avatar
Spirit of Nightmare On an unrelated note, do your simfiles submitted to the contests get added to Bad Stepmaniacs later on? (currently considering checking this out)
10.6 months ago · Comment #4

Gameoson Avatar
Gameoson Actually to be fair, my old cdtitle was significantly smaller and I didn't realize just how much of a size difference there was at the time I made the new cdtitle. So that's totally a legitimate complaint.

Simply Love doesn't even display cdtitles so something like that was bound to fly right over my head. I'm actually gonna go make a smaller cdtitle now.

EDIT: My old cdtitle was 128x45, so I adjusted the new one to 127x57 - slightly taller but about the same length.

10.7 months ago · Comment #3

tamtamino Avatar
tamtamino Oh, I posted that image on discord not intending to complain but just to point out that a lot of the CDtitles are showing up large. I'm unsure if it is an issue with the theme, and if some Stepmania themes resize CDtitles. Doesn't really matter to me in the end of everything!
10.7 months ago · Comment #2

CuzcoBlocko Avatar
CuzcoBlocko Hi.

Some people in Discord are actually complaining about the size of your CDTitle.


In this particular screenshot/theme it completely blocks out the character in the right of the banner. Maybe you could use a 108x49 copy in the future?


Sorry if this comment irks you.

10.7 months ago · Comment #1

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