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TypePadField Kaerezu no Chi
BPMNon défini
Dernière activitéeil y a 1.2 années (2019-05-12 08:46pm)
Dernière mise à jour parDMAxel
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OGGOGG (4.14MB) il y a 1.2 années
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Info sur la progression de la chanson
Single BeginnerDone - Level 5Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 10Double BasicNone
Single DifficultDone - Level 14Double DifficultNone
Single ExpertDone - Level 18Double ExpertNone
Single ChallengeDone - Level 19Double ChallengeNone
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
Qualité du MP3Perfect (High Quality)
Qualité de la bannièrePerfect
Qualité de l'arrière-planPerfect
Autres infos
CommentairesFrom the 明星デストピア album. Illustration by 冬雪*.

I won't lie: this was pushed back because it was a PAIN to sync. Even now I think it isn't 100% perfect. Charts are a bit weird, fitting with how chaotic the song is.

05/12/2019: Re-rated Light 7→10, Standard 12→14, Heavy 16→18, Challenge 18→19.
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DMAxel Avatar
DMAxel Thanks as always for your detailed comments! I'm going to re-rate this song (and a couple more) soon.
il y a 1.2 années · Comment #2

Peterrw9000 Avatar
Peterrw9000 jeez that challenge chart is ridiculous, it's like a combination of almost all the brutally difficult boss songs in ddr. it's got Valkyrie Dimension's tricky patterns and brutal crossovers, Over the Period's 24th bursts and varying bpm, Paranoia Revolution's jackhammers and high bpm 16th bursts, Paranoia Hades' tough 12th note section, afronova walks at 230 bpm, tricky to time slowdowns, reverse stepjumps, mini jumpstreams, hard to read slow sections, jackhammers into jumps, lengthy streams, and lack of breaks throughout the song with 757 notes. all of this makes challenge a 19, and one of the hardest if not the hardest 19 in final impact/final impact append. expert should be an 18 with the many streams, the tricky jump placement, afronova walks and crossovers everywhere in the fast sections, tough 12th note section rivaling Paranoia Hades' 12th note section, low amount of breaks, frequent bpm changes, and 12th note stepjumps. difficult is more of a 14 or 15, easily rivals at least Healing-D-Vision expert, with frequent bpm changes, 8th note gallops and streams in the fast sections, and 12th note gallops and streamlets in the 161-175 bpm section. basic is a 10 or 11 with the bpm changes (again), the nonstop streams during the fast sections, and the jumping section towards the end. the sync is pretty good but there is a lot of misrating here.
il y a 1.2 années · Comment #1

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