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STULTI, but harder. I'm not 100% sure about Heavy's rating, but it sure is a tiring chart.

05/12/2019: Re-rated Light 9→10, Standard 14→15, Heavy 18→19.
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Peterrw9000 Avatar
Peterrw9000 the expert chart is more of a 19 with all the 16ths at 234 bpm requiring some fast movements. it's just below harpuia challenge and himiko challenge (which should be changed to a 19 as well thanks to those streams) which makes this the easiest 19 but still a 19. (which makes rebellio have the hardest and easiest 19) difficult is more of a 15 with the lack of breaks from the 234 bpm 8th streams. basic is more of a 10 or 11 for the same reason except with 4th streams.
6.4 months ago · Comment #2

Peterrw9000 Avatar
Peterrw9000 that challenge chart is dangerously close to being a 20, almost as hard as maximized overkill and for most of the same reasons. (except for the bursts, rebellio doesn't have them) what seems to keep it at just below a 20 is the bpm and the maximum notes-per-second speed. with this bpm you can put on a more comfortable speed mod to make the slow sections easier to read without worrying about the fast section or sudden speedups. as for the nps speed, this chart's streams only go up to 15 nps while maximized overkill goes up to 22 nps with it's ending stream. with these differences the challenge chart is stuck just on the lower part line between 19 and 20 making this the hardest 19 in all of the final impact. plus the shorter song length means you don't need as much stamina to last through the whole song. (this comment is too big now so i'm gonna talk about the other charts in my next comment)
6.4 months ago · Comment #1

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