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Last updated: 2018-02-13 02:32am
Quote: from simfile category
Welcome to iamthek3n Selections!

If you just arrived here, this is where I put my simfiles here.
For the simfiles placed here, they'll usually be those submitted from past contests and/or songs that I liked.

The usual difficulties would be Light , Standard + Heavy . Beginner + Challenge are optional when not needed.
The usual time lengths would at minimum 1 min. to at maximum 2 min. 35 sec. (those longer than that will be saved for another time)5 min. (when a song is considered MARATHON length) 10 min. (anything longer than that... you probably know the answer).

I'm thinking for every 24 songs, it'll be as it's own pack since I want to use this category as a collection.

For the thread, click this word

The usual genres I'll be stepping (but not limited to):
House music (bass, future, commercial, progressive)
Dubstep (Garage music falls under here too)
Trance (Hands Up falls under here too)
Pop (mostly English songs, but it could be in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
Electro (I guess bass house + electro house can fall under here too)
Hip-Hop music (Trap falls under there too)
Future Bass
Hard dance music (hardstyle, happy hardcore, J-core, hardcore, etc.)
Indie dance music (synth music, nu disco)
Electronic music (so really anything that does not fit under a certain genre)
Rock (probably not going to be stepping much of this, but it's a possibility)
Drum & Bass (also probably not going to step much of this. Drumstep falls under here too.)

So yeah. I got my own category now. Just click the image(s) above to take you to the simfile category.
Selections I l Selections II l Selections III (to be planned)
Selections I (Feb '17--->July '17)
Now to start off this category... the first simfile!
Dubstep (subgenre: Brostep)
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex
Light - 3 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 10
1st of 24 for Selections I

Yes I'm aware there are a simfiles of this on this site, but I personally want to do this one. I probably screwed up the audio file at the end as I want to do a fade out at the end, but it doesn't really take away the gameplay.

Feedback is appreciated as I'm starting to get the hang off the simfile making scene.

16/02: SONG Added
Electro House
Real Love by Chris Lee -李宇春-
Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 8
2nd of 24 for Selections I

First revision file to the pack, this was originally submitted in Summer Contest '16.

I felt like reworking this file in an attempt to improve on a few things, such as the steps.
I also change the graphics for the banner and BG as I wasn't exactly as fond of them like I was before. Also the MV has improve that doesn't totally look like it was made in Movie Maker.

23/02: SONGS Added

These songs were submitted for the Summer Contest '16 before and I want to fix them up. I'm pretty satisfied with their improvements made.


Songs 3-5 of 24 for Selections I
Max Elto - Backyard Animals [Deep House]
Mari Ferrari - Hello, Hello [Deep House]
Perfume - Polyrhythm [Electropop (or J-Pop)]

12/03: SONGS Added

One new + one old.

The old file being...
Nothing's Over by Infinite

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 9

Just fixed up a few things for Heavy and Challenge is completely axed. Also changed the audio file to .ogg. Honestly I like this file a lot even if it has its own fault.

Now the new one...

When I heard this song, I thought I'll try stepping it and see how it goes. Unlike Pluto is an amazing producer and this is actually the 2nd song in his "You" trilogy which are released on Monstercat.

Well... I guess it's time to reveal a new song, huh?

Superman by Eminem
Light - 4 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 10
8th of 24 for Selections I

This was actually going to be my entry for Z-I-v Battle Royale 2017 MISSED CONNECTIONS in Round 1 (as well as another song I had in mind), but my internet was down and the deadline has past already. That being said, this is going to be a part of ROOK's upcoming community pack entitled "TRVPHOUSE COLLAB PACK".

Heavy mainly follows Marshall's rap while Light goes to the beat. I have a soft spot for hip-hop music.

This does contain a video file so let me put a warning for those going to play this one...
No seriously. Even if the MV is censored, it still shows exposed breasts and a grotesque scene with Eminem and loads of women in bikinis near the end of this MV cut.
I would say the lyrics are also dirty, but it's obvious why I wouldn't really need to say why.
The video does have a young, shirtless Marshall, so... I guess that's a plus? Confused

Well I thought doing late night simfiling was a good idea, so here's two of those.
Drake ft. Rihanna - Take Care

Light 3 / Standard 5 / Heavy 8
Future Bass
slushii - To Say Goodbye

Light - 4 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 10

Those add to a total of 10 songs of the 24 for Selections I. The slushii simfile was actually one of the older ones (same can be said for Take Care, but it was a bit later down the line) I was working on, so a lot has been revised for both as it began around I didn't have much of a clue at making stepcharts.


Emilia de Poret - Pick Me Up

Beginner 2 / Light 3 / Standard 5 / Heavy 8
11th of 24 for Selections I
submitted in Battle Royale 2017.

Ponicz - Rowdy

Light - 3 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 9
12th of 24 for Selections I

Rowdy is another old file I worked on. I'll admit that file (or that genre, specifically) was a bit difficult to make charts out of. Its Standard + Heavy charts contain rolls. The whole simfile uses scrolls, mines, and a warp + stop.
16/06 BONUS Song during Summer Contest phase
Well since it's been a while since the simfile category is updated, I'll give you guys a bonus song to keep you occupied.

Nhato - Beyond the Seven

Light - 4 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 10

I first listened to Nhato when his album Etude was released. The first track I heard from him is Hello World (which was promoted on the YouTube channel Tasty Network).

Now that I heard this song, it was really good. And the extended mix of it was really great.

I'll admit it's not perfect, so it may need some fixing up to do. It has rolls too for Heavy. It does have its IIDX video in the custom .zip, so enjoy.

18/06 ANOTHER BONUS Song during Summer Contest phase

Jan Level - I Believe

Beginner - 1 / Light - 2 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 8 / Challenge - 9

Old file I had been working on for months now. So this adds to the total of 14 of 24 for Selections I

24/06 THE UPDATE during Summer Contest

Lots of fixing went into the two recent simfiles. Namely...

Jan Level - I Believe
Challenge 10 -> 9
New graphics for banner + background

Nhato - Beyond the Seven
Light 5 -> 4

and now a new file.


Beginner - 2 / Light - 4 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 9

Yep. Another one of those old files I had laying around in my WIPs. This is the song that somewhat got me into the world of trap music.

UPDATE 01/07: ANOTHER UPDATE during Summer Contest phase

Fixed patterning for:
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (all charts)
Drake ft. Rihanna - Take Care (all charts)
Max Elto - Backyard Animals ( Beginner + Light )

BIGBANG - 거짓말 (Lies)

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 9 / Challenge - 10

The song I first heard of BIGBANG. Bloody hell that was a long time ago by now.

The Challenge charts follows heavily on vocals. Standard - Challenge has rolls.

UPDATE 19/07: Update b4 the Selections I RELEASE
Well Summer Contest is over and I didn't make it into the VIP room (well I wasn't going to make it in anyway). I'm going to upload the SC files (and a fresh simfile) that are, what I felt, ready for Selections I at some point in the near future. For now, I made some changes to some of those that have been uploaded in the category. They're mainly fixes for the patterning to fit for pad play.


Go ahead and re-download these files if you have those already. I'll probably make a separate post for Selections I release when the remaining 8 are uploaded.

UPDATE 21/07: The day Selections I is finally released!
Yes you read the title update right. Selections I is now complete!

The 7 files from SC '17

you know the deal, click one of the jackets and it should take you to the simfile page.

Now for the last song to be on Selections I... actually I'm not even going to bother with the big reveal. Here it is, anyway.

Parody (and Blues?)
Funhaus - J*zz from a Rose

Light -2 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 7

...yeah it's probably for the best if you don't ask why I stepped this.

Actually, it's better if you do ask because I was basically testing this as a joke for myself (honestly was hoping there was a [You Won't See This in DDR] for this year's SC so I can submit this, but unfortunately that didn't happen).

If you don't know who Funhaus are, they were Inside Gaming during the Machinima days and are now under Rooster Teeth.
They are a gaming channel, mainly, where they usually do Demo Disk (where they play video game demos on a disk), Open Haus (where the fans ask questions provided on Reddit), Dude Soup (their own podcast where they talk about the current things in video games), and so on and so forth.

This is basically a parody on Seal's Kiss from a Rose and I made a cut of this from their gameplay video of Back in 1995: which you can view here:

I think maybe rating Heavy as a 7 may be a bit too generous. Probably an 8.

Selections II (Aug '17--->Feb '18)

Annnd I'm back!

This is going to kick off the start of the journey to Selections II. I actually got a lot of WIPs I'm working on at the moment, but I got four ready to start us off.


Songs 1-4 of 24 for Selections II (also basic info)
Donk Terrorist - Freaky Boyz [Scouse] (old file that started around late 2015. This is from Rhythm Control 2)
Britney Spears - Inside Out [Electropop] (them dubstep wubs in this)
Jason Derulo - Insomnia [Electro R&B] (unreleased autotune song from JASOOOON DERUUUUULO)
Boyinaband ft. Veela - Midnight (Pop Song Made in a Day) [Electropop] (recommend downloading the custom .zip in its simfile page)

These 4 are more of a taster for what's to come for Selections II.

Commercial House
Hellberg - All The Way

Light - 4 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 8
UPDATE 16/09: ONE Update + 3 NEW Songs

Made some patterning fixes for Hellberg's All The Way across all difficulties.

I also got 3 songs to be put into Selections.


Songs 6-9 of 24 for Selections II (also basic info)
Ephixa & Stephen Walking - Matches ft. Aaron Richards [Tropical House] (tropical vibes from the 2 Canadian producers. Released for Monstercat's 5th Anniversary)
The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness [House] (shorter ver. of "Electronic Battle Weapon 10")
Ariana Grande remixed by TRONICBOX - One Last Time -1985 version- [80s Pop] (what happens when you place a modern popstar in an 80's setting?)
Sidenote: I have decided I will enter Z-I-v Simfile Tycoon that is coming up soon. Not sure if I will do all weeks, but I'll see (it's basically dipping your toes into foreign waters, you know what I mean?). Adding on to that, when the contest ends I will upload the simfiles made during the contest into the category (if I think it's good). I also will upload a my skeletons into my archive category (fittingly titled "iamthek3n's Cutting Room Floor". yeah that's news to you, huh?) Okay? Okay.
27/09: NEW Song
Progressive House
Scribble (Extended Mix) by Puppet feat. The Eden Project
Light - 2 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 9
10th of 24 for Selections II

This marks the first long song for Selections. And it's in full. I love this song. It's emotional and the shift in tone from the beginning to the end, fantastic.

Special thanks to darkanine for syncing this one. Without him, this simfile won't happen. It has 60 BPM changes in this simfile thanks to him.

also I updated Midnight Madness' heavy chart since the beginning patterns were wonky as hell
22/10: NEW Songs
UK Bass House
Nightmares by Chris Lorenzo

Light - 3 / Standard - 6 / Heavy - 9

Bass house music from the UK. Underground vibes from Night Bass labelmate.

Wedding Bells by The-Dream

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 9

Wedding bells were heard in this simfile. Which is why Beginner mainly follows that.
12/11: NEW Songs from the DUTCH
a couple of extras that i stepped during my spare time. this is the dutch update, apparently.

Progressive Trance
Blueprint by Ferry Corsten

Beginner - 1 / Light - 2 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 7 / Challenge - 8

Future Electro House
Byte by Martin Garrix & Brooks

Beginner - 1 / Light - 4 / Standard - 7 / Heavy - 9
01/08: NEW Song to start off the year
welcome to 2018, me (and everyone else). Here's the first simfile for the year in this category with a taste of autotune and hip-hops

I'm Sprung by T-Pain

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 7 / Challenge - 8


fixed that one note in Heavy for I'm Sprung that disrupted the flow and patterning.
and now for the new simfile...
Don't Matter by Akon

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 8

raggae + r&b really do fuse well together, huh.

thanks darkanine for the cut and sync!
UPDATE 05/02: After Simfile Tycoon Update

Well. Simfile Tycoon just finished. Apparently I have 9 free spaces available to fill for Selections II, so I'll upload the ST files to my category after some adjustments and playtesting. For now, I'll just add the 16th simfile for Selections II. First things first, though:

- Midnight (Pop Song Made in a Day): Tidied up the steps a bit in Heavy and add some notes near the end that goes to the beat.
- Wedding Bells: Fixed the patterning a bit and adjusted the note placement in Heavy.

Just redownload .sm + .scc files and replace the prev. ones if you have those two already.

Alright, now for the simfile.

Quit ft. Ariana Grande by Cashmere Cat

Beginner - 1 / Light - 3 / Standard - 5 / Heavy - 8
wow the grey really does go well with the jacket <3

One of my faves from Cashmere Cat's debut album '9'. Very melodic and euphoric. Heavy mainly follows Ariana's vocals.

UPDATE 13/02: The day Selections II is finally released! (a.k.a After Simfile Tycoon Update Pt. II)
...and with the simfiles from Simfile Tycoon, Selections II is now complete!


Page for Selections II will come shortly...

It's here!
Simfile Category
Selections II now available! Thread
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