REFLEC BEAT 10th Anniversary

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As of November 4th, 2020, REFLEC BEAT turned 10 years old. To celebrate, I decided to start a simfile project (that'll be probably be cancelled within the next month or so given how I am)

REFLEC BEAT 10th Anniversary


Here's how this will work:

The pack will be split into 8 parts, 1 for each REFLEC BEAT game (colette will be split into 5 parts itself; 1 part for each season).
Each part will get 5 songs that haven't been featured in any official DDR game*.

*Some songs that have already been featured in an official DDR game will get [RENEWAL] versions, that aim to be harder than the original charts, or just different from the originals.

Forum Thread

Update (09/26/2021): Hi I'm still alive. I removed Twinkle Wonderland because when I was making the pack I actually had planned on including Twinkle Wonderland as a sort of "fuck you DDR A for scrapping the song", but guess what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
FLOWER [RENEWAL]3.4 years ago------------Pad
robin3.4 years ago------------Pad
SEED3.4 years ago------------Pad
Sunshine Girl3.4 years ago------------Pad
クシコス☆ポスト -青春SKAパンク ミックス!-3.4 years ago------------Pad

[2] limelight

3 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
meme3.4 years ago------------Pad
The Sampling Paradise3.4 years ago------------Pad
威風堂々 ~チュートリアルより~3.4 years ago------------Pad
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