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Post #2581 · Posted at 2024-02-24 06:23:12am 3.6 months ago

Offline AppleArcade120
AppleArcade120 Avatar Member+
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"Wish I could change my username"
Quote: Sayamiyazaki
I have a request! "Bling bang bang born" from Mashle. Please and thank you!
This is for requesting simfile categories, not individual songs. Make a new thread in this category if you want to request individual songs.

Post #2582 · Posted at 2024-02-28 05:41:57am 3.5 months ago

Offline midone
midone Avatar Member
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Reg. 2014-11-16

Hey, got a category request!

"FUNKYZUKIN's Simfile Laboratory"

If I can't update my username officially, I can at least update it in spirit hahaha

Post #2583 · Posted at 2024-03-12 09:18:48pm 3.1 months ago

Offline al2k4
al2k4 Avatar Admin
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"BEMANI Sound Team"
Categories added.

Post #2584 · Posted at 2024-03-16 05:02:02am 2.9 months ago

Offline flashn00b
flashn00b Avatar Member
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Reg. 2023-05-28

Only got one category to my name right now. Can i have it renamed from "A Pad Pack Named Death" to "Dancing Stage Popestars"? Seems like the simpack I'm looking to make is taking a different direction than what I originally anticipated xwx

Post #2585 · Posted at 2024-03-20 07:05:05pm 2.8 months ago

Offline martycappucci
martycappucci Avatar Member
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Reg. 2020-10-05

Category request!

"Cookin' Up Sims"

Please and thank you! Smile

Post #2586 · Posted at 2024-03-29 09:49:25pm 2.5 months ago

Offline mariomixxer
mariomixxer Avatar Member
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Reg. 2023-11-21

Last updated: 2024-03-29 09:50pm
Hello, please , i need category request: "Mariomixxer Club" I have many edits songs. thanks in advanced...
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Post #2587 · Posted at 2024-04-27 08:19:19am 1.5 months ago

Offline -YOSEFU-
-YOSEFU- Avatar Member
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I'd like to request a category named "Yosefu's Simfile Depository - Courses" please. Thanks! Smile

Post #2588 · Posted at 2024-05-05 10:10:03pm 1.3 months ago

Offline Monty_Usui
Monty_Usui Avatar Member
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Reg. 2021-10-24

Hello! I would like to request a new category named "NonStopDance Yellow Ver.". Thank you very much!

Post #2589 · Posted at 2024-05-22 10:07:55pm 3.1 weeks ago

Offline al2k4
al2k4 Avatar Admin
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Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-6451-2397-9509
"BEMANI Sound Team"

Post #2590 · Posted at 2024-05-26 03:55:12pm 2.6 weeks ago

Offline TyTigeriku
TyTigeriku Avatar Member+
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"Magic Parade with me!"
Request for a contest!

E. TN Machines!
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