Z-I-v Summer Contest 2021

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Post #1 · Posted at 2021-05-30 07:49:16pm 1.8 years ago

Offline TonyAkita
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Last updated: 2021-06-05 09:25pm
It's been 11 years in the making...


Zenius-I-vanisher Summer Contest 2021
Hosted by Daff_4K and TonyAkita

Summer Contest? What is that?

The z-I-v Summer Contest is an annual event held each Summer where simfile artists have one week to create a simfile. Simfiles will be made in accordance to the week's theme. The theme changes every week, and the following week, artists vote on their favorite simfiles of the lot. There will be 10 weeks, 10 themes. Three extra weeks will be held for the top simfile artists in the VIP room with three themes each.

One week to make a simfile? Sounds fun! How do I do it?

In order to participate...

1. You must upload ONE simfile per week. More than one simfile will not be accepted.
2. The simfile must follow the week's theme.
3. Use the name of the week's theme in the SECTION title in order to sort your simfile for the appropriate week.
4. Upload your simfile to the Z-I-v Summer Contest 2021 Category (Coming soon!)
5. Entries must be uploaded by the deadline: every Sunday before 1 pm EST (7 pm CST) NO EXCEPTIONS!
6. In the case of a duplicate upload, the users must put their username in parentheses next to their song title.

Undercover (Daff_4K)
Undercover (TonyAkita)

Okay, sounds simple enough. How do I make my simfile?

1. No automatically generated steps. We will be checking!
2. Your simfile must have at least ONE chart. An exception to this would be if a chart is 16 or higher, in which a lower chart must be included.
3. Song format must be less than 2:30 in length (unless stated otherwise).
4. All charts will be judged on pad style, not keyboard.
5. New simfiles only. Do not submit a simfile that you've already uploaded in any other category or contest.
6. Make sure your simfile follows the theme/requirements of the week.
7. All submissions will be rated on the X-scale (1-20).

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines can have your simfile potentially DISQUALIFIED.

I've uploaded my simfile! Now how do I vote?

1. ALL simfiles will be voted on an x/10 scale, as with previous contests the year prior.
2. You cannot vote for your own simfile. Doing so may result in DISQUALIFICATION.
3. Votes must be sent in PM to Daff_4k or TonyAkita.
4. All votes sent are FINAL. Take your time in voting before submitting!
5. Everyone who has submitted a simfile MUST vote. Failure to vote will result in the user's simfile being DISQUALIFIED
6. In the VIP room, voting is still encouraged to those who are disqualified.

You keep mentioning the VIP room. What is that?

After ten weeks of submissions/voting, the top 15 players will be allowed to play and vote for an extra three weeks. This bonus section is referred to the VIP room. More than 15 can play in the event of a tie-breaker. The 15 player limit is subject to change depending on the amount of contestants (The more, the merrier!)

I can't wait to get started! When does it begin?

The contest will begin the following Sunday: June 6th, 1 pm EST/7 pm CST
The schedule will go as follows...

June 6th - June 13th: Week 1 announced, submissions open
June 13th - June 20th: Week 2 announced, Week 1 voting beings
June 20th - June 27th: Week 3 announced, Week 2 voting begins
June 27th - July 4th: Week 4 announced, Week 3 voting begins, Results for Week 1
July 4th - July 11th: Week 5 announced, Week 4 voting begins, Results for Week 2
July 11th - July 18th: Week 6 announced, Week 5 voting begins, Results for Week 3
July 18th - July 25th: Week 7 announced, Week 6 voting begins, Results for Week 4
July 25th - August 1st: Week 8 announced, Week 7 voting begins, Results for Week 5 (CUTOFF LINE ANNOUNCED)
August 1st - August 8th: Week 9 announced, Week 8 voting begins, Results for Week 6
August 8th - August 15th: FINAL WEEK announced, Week 9 voting begins, Results for Week 7
August 15th - August 22nd: Week 10 voting begins, Results for Week 8
August 22nd - August 29th: Results for Week 9


August 29th - September 5th: VIP ROOM members announced. VIP Week 1 begins.
September 5th - September 12th: VIP Week 2 announced, VIP Week 1 voting begins
September 12th - September 19th: VIP Week 3 announced, VIP Week 2 voting begins
September 19th - September 26th: VIP Week 3 voting begins

The final results will be posted on October 3rd.

That's a lot of information... is there anything else I should know?

As of late, there has been a lot of "drama" going on. Drama is unavoidable, but if you have a problem or a suggestion regarding the Summer Contest, feel free to let us know. But don't try to start a riot in the forum.

I hope I covered everything... Have fun! We'll see you in a week!

Click the banner to go to the category!

UPDATE 6/2/2021: Category is up and everyone who has replied is currently in. We are still accepting applicants! Special thanks to KexMix for providing the category!

Post #2 · Posted at 2021-05-30 08:17:50pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Marten
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hello yes I am in
ZIv Mod Squad: "Actual Florida Survivor"
Thanks for the amazing banner, Lord Toon!

Post #3 · Posted at 2021-05-30 08:21:32pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Sigrev2
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Post #4 · Posted at 2021-05-30 08:23:43pm 1.8 years ago

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Count me in, I should be able to put some stuff together

Post #5 · Posted at 2021-05-30 08:25:39pm 1.8 years ago

Offline forcednature
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Of course I am in!

Post #6 · Posted at 2021-05-30 09:06:00pm 1.8 years ago

Offline PenTA_
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Do crows smoke cigarettes? Yeah, yeah they do, put me in.

Post #7 · Posted at 2021-05-30 09:20:03pm 1.8 years ago

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Sign me up, yes

Post #8 · Posted at 2021-05-30 09:26:21pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Pandemonium X
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Im in.

Post #9 · Posted at 2021-05-30 09:47:50pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Peterrw9000
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I'm in

Post #10 · Posted at 2021-05-30 10:38:55pm 1.8 years ago

Online _|/-\43D
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Last updated: 2021-05-30 10:38pm
LET'S GO! I'm in!

Although if the deadline is at 1 pm EST, shouldn't that be 12 pm CST instead of 7?
deez nuts

Post #11 · Posted at 2021-05-30 10:52:19pm 1.8 years ago

Offline eataninja
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Post #12 · Posted at 2021-05-30 11:20:56pm 1.8 years ago

Offline djVERTICAI
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Heyooo, let's go another round! Also, that Undercover cameo, how dare you

Post #13 · Posted at 2021-05-30 11:41:50pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Lampshade
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i've been waiting for this, i'm in!
DDR Code: 61628944

Post #14 · Posted at 2021-05-31 12:28:51am 1.8 years ago

Offline K-Step
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You know what? Let's do it. I'm in.

Post #15 · Posted at 2021-05-31 12:51:54am 1.8 years ago

Offline chewi
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Post #16 · Posted at 2021-05-31 01:43:31am 1.8 years ago

Post #17 · Posted at 2021-05-31 02:40:13am 1.8 years ago

Offline talkion
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Sign me up I guess I'll submit if I feel like it lol

Graphics look really nice

Post #18 · Posted at 2021-05-31 03:41:04am 1.8 years ago

Offline vonafroa
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Add me in, though I’m moving so I may take a hiatus midway through.

Post #19 · Posted at 2021-05-31 09:51:59am 1.8 years ago

Offline Oni-91
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Can you make music? ZENIUS -I- MANIA 2022 NEEDED YOU

Post #20 · Posted at 2021-05-31 12:06:50pm 1.8 years ago

Offline Daffa212162
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Hello, everyone. Daff_4K here. One half of the host for this Summer Contest alongside TonyAkita. And I just made some graphics for this contest.

My first simfile pack, Daff_4K's Original Simfiles -1st Style- is up!
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