January, 2016

7th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Wheel of Journey / Vivian
CHALLENGE11 added.
January songs now available.
"POSSESSION (EDP Live Mix)" and unlocks from "怪盗BisCoの予告状!!" are now available on EXTRA ATTACK.
"Popular Song Pack 9" released.
45th track list update now live:
• 激アツ☆マジヤバ☆チアガール / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• 激漆黒のスペシャルプリンセスサンデー / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• 地方創生☆チクワクティクス / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• neko*neko / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• フラッター現象の顛末と単一指向性の感情論 / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
Three songs added:
• エアポートシャトル / Chilt Featuring AquesTone
• 現代のヘイヨエ祭り / mazuka153
• ACCELERATION / モリモリあつし feat.RYOHEI
• Five Drops 02 -honey lemon- 和泉一舞 out today!
• Track previews added for 03 and 04.
Out now!
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 6th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Nowhere / Nhato
Location tests announced for Jan 7th.
2016-01-01 · Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

December, 2015

More songs revealed and previews available.
2015-12-29 · BEMANI Fan Site
CHECK! SONGS 2015 December now available.
January distribution songs revealed:
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type "Forza" / 朱雀
• THE SAFARI / Lion Musashi
• V / TAKA
and more...

Players must have beatmania IIDX INFINITAS Basic Subscription during January to obtain the songs, players will keep the songs for consequent months. If in the event the player does not have the Basic Subscription for January, the songs will not be available until Konami decide to redistribute them.
"Kimagure Gentle" event starts.
More songs revealed and previews available.
New song added: Help me, ERINNNNNN!! 小林幸子さん ver.「くーくり博麗お祭りえーりん!」 / ビートまりおと小林幸子
Site updated. Music List and Special sections updated.
Announced for Mar 16th release.
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