August, 2016

New PREMIUM ENCORE STAGE now available: 垓 / cosMo@暴走P feat.96 & 肥塚良彦
"ニコニコ・ミュージック pack 08" released.
• New area added to pop'n Star Maker: ポップンパーティー
• New back-area added to pop'n Star Maker:: ジュディ・やぐらどん
• MISSION 23rd Episode now available: 宿命を超えて
• 72nd track list update now live:
> FLügeL《Λrp:ΣggyØ》 / かねこちはる
• GITADORA ROCK WAVE 「達成率チャレンジ!」 starts.
• Players can now unlock the following song via total achievement rate: Forever Young / Rookie.F
New EXTRA SAVIOR song added: S!ck / Eagle
Creator Matching event "FLOOR ARTIST WARS" starts today, ends on Aug 28th.
New QUBE now available: 2016 Summer dig dig 祭
"prop pack 6" released.
"MUSIC PACK 83" released.
The following two songs have been removed from software versions beginning with KDM:J:A:A:
• メグメグ☆ファイアーエンドレスナイト
• 恋するフォーチュンクッキー
New QUBE now available: 猫大樹 夏のパーリーピーポー
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
Pastel Challenge! Challenge Cards 11 and 12 added. New unlockable songs include:
• スカイダイバー / ヒゲドライバー feat.ヒゲドライVAN
• 怒りと共に去りぬ!! / 96 feat.すわひでお
"DJ YOSHITAKA展" event has started. New unlockables include:
2016-08-10 · BEMANI Fan Site
CHECK! SONGS 2016 July page now available.
• 37th WEEKLY RANKING track is: Devil's Gear / DJ Myosuke
• New Season Line song available: か・し・ま・し☆PUMP UP! / miko
Sixth album will be titled: 今何度? What Temperature Is It?
"Migimimi sleep tight pack" released.
Released today.
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