September, 2016

"猫大樹 pack" released.
"Rainbow Tickets" will be withdrawn from sale on Oct 19th and will expire on Oct 26th.
Pre-orders start.
"吉田凜音 pack" released.
• 76th track update now live.
• New PUR and UR card available.
• New songs can now be unlocked via アゲッタモラッタ.
• Unlocking is now sped up from today onwards (疾走感拡張Festival!!!):
> Get more pc/blc depending on clear type, full combo etc.
> Unlock 5 random songs each day.
> You now get 3x BLASTER ENERGY until Sep 26th.
> Get up to 10 stamps each day until Sep 26th for pc/blc.
New songs can now be unlocked via アゲッタモラッタ:
• Invitation from Mr.C / C-Show
• Din Don Dan (Fusion Remix) / TAKU1175 feat.かなたん
• New EXTRA SAVIOR songs added:
> STERLING SILVER (U1 overground mix) / U1 overground

• New EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song now available:
> Come to Life / ARM (IOSYS) feat. Nicole Curry
• New Season Line song now available: 駅猫のワルツ / ミニョンヌ鉄道兄弟
• ONE MORE EXTRA now unlockable: NZM / The 4th
New GITADORA ROCK WAVE unlockable added: Pretty Trying / pw.a
Track previews now available.
CD jacket and some track previews now available.
42nd WEEKLY RANKING track is: subtractive / Expander
New unlockable songs available:
• SigSig / kors k
• たまゆら / 佐々木博史
• 轟け!恋のビーンボール!! / ダイナミック野球兄弟 v.s. クロスファイヤーPrim
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 43" released.
"KONAMI music pack 62" released.
An online update today addresses timing issues for the following songs:
• Anti-Matter / Orbit1 & Milo
• Chronos / TAG
• Elemental Creation / dj TAKA meets DJ YOSHITAKA
• Go For The Top / U1 overground
• New Decade / Sota F.
• tokyoEVOLVED / NAOKI underground
• Trigger / sonic-coll.
• Xepher / Tatsh
Final Season Line song will be available this Wednesday.
New song added: 時の妖花 / ゲーム実況者わくわくバンド
2016-09-09 · BEMANI Fan Site
CHECK! SONGS 2016 August page now available.
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