September, 2013

Announced, release due in Fall 2013.
2013-09-09 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
New song added: 0時20分のRoulette / ApachE with T_da
A campaign will take place on September 12th where playing REFLEC BEAT or beatmaniaIIDX will boost the number of animals obtained for the わいわいポップン動物園 event speeding up unlocks. Some pop'n parts will also unlock by playing the two other games.
New items for customisation will be available on September 12th as well as a Lincle LINK collaboration event where one play on REFLEC BEAT will unlock a Lincle LINK song.
"Road to SPADA" event announced for September 12th. First Lincle LINK card pack will be available at the same time on the e-AMUSEMENT GATE portal for those that have not unlocked the Lincle LINK songs.
Second phase of the collaboration event between beatmaniaIIDX, pop'n music and REFLEC BEAT will begin on September 12th.

The song Zirkfied by iconoclasm has been announced for all games.
Three songs have been added.

♥Love2 シュガ→♥ / dj TAKA feat.のりあ
Private Eye / atomsoak ft. cerol
ふしぎなくすり / 上野圭市 feat. SATOE
"EXIT TUNES PACK vol.3" released.
"EXIT TUNES pack vol.2" released.
Seven more songs added.

ありふれたせかいせいふく / ピノキオP
ハローラフター / Last Note.
ウサテイ / あまね+ビートまりお(COOL&CREATE)
Starlight Vision / 矢鴇つかさ feat. 三澤秋 (SoundOnline)
VERSUS!! / しけもく
Booths of Fighters / RoughSketch + DD"ナカタ"Metal
Quietus Ray / xi
Released today! Priced at £36.99 in the UK.
New Capcom music game produced by Naoki Maeda has been announced for release sometime in the Autumn.
"おニャン子クラブ pack" and "うんどうかい pack" released.
43rd WEEKLY RANKING track is: Liberation / dj TAKA
New EXTRA STAGE: New Generation / 鍋島 圭一
Five more songs have been added.

U.N. Owen was her? (Hyuji Remix) / Hyuji
愛くるしフール -Not EASY!!- / 2ボス如きに負けるかぼちゃではなyうわー
Lunartic Dial / Shiron
赤より紅い夢 -lucid dream Mix- / くるぶっこちゃん
太陽はやめて!ぼくらのスカーレット警察 / 七条レタスグループ starring ココ
"ALI PROJECT PACK" released.
"ALI PROJECT pack 2" released.
2013-09-02 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
New song added: solitude / TAG

August, 2013

2013-08-29 · FLOOR INFECTION
The 6th FLOOR INFECTION event announced. The REFLEC BEAT colette × SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- event will take place from September 3rd until September 17th.
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